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The Bears Still….Suck?

The Bears Still….Suck?

I am not a good trash talker. I’m not. I can usually throw out one good line and then I cower in the corner. I also care way too passionately (some might say to a level that requires mental help) about my team, and so after a loss, I don’t want to talk trash, I cry. I’m probably not supposed to admit all this, but it’s the truth.

But last night I found myself in bed watching old episodes of The Office on my brand new fancy blu-ray player (thanks to my current, much better boyfriend than the one mentioned in my previous post) and I heard a wise, wise quote from Ms. Kelly Kapoor:

I don’t talk trash; I talk smack.  Trash talk is all hypothetical; like, ‘Your mama’s so fat she could eat the Internet.’ But smack talk is happening like right now; like, ‘You’re so ugly and I know it for a fact because I got the evidence right there.'

It was as if a light bulb went off in my head. I don’t talk trash. I talk smack. And THAT, I am good at.

All year long, Packers and Bears fan have been sparing off on twitter, yet for some reason I woke up on Monday morning to letters of truce. What planet do I live on?

This is a monumental game, and I agree that both teams competing in it have earned the right to be there. But suggesting Bears fans, Packers fans not talk any trash/smack seems almost unnatural.

I currently work with a lady from Chicago. She’s beyond nice and has helped me adjust to my new job famously. We also talk a lot of smack. It’s definitely all in good fun. We both care passionately and do everything with a smile.

As an SC fan, I once worked with a Notre Dame fan. We would talk all sorts of nonsense the week leading up to the game, Monday morning, not a word.

In week 17, in the comment section of my previous Bears Still Suck post, I received a comment suggesting I weighed 350 pounds and that I should eat more cheese. Eat more cheese has now turned into a mantra of sorts. And seeing as I weigh dramatically less than 350 I wasn’t shaken by the comment.

I’m all for respecting this game, but where did the fun go this week? I’m not out to hurt anyone’s feelings, or say that their mom could eat the internet, but where are the Packers fans pointing out the potential lack of Chicago receivers to catch anything against this Packers secondary? Where are the Bears fans joking about how Starks will have trouble running on the crummy turf at Soldier field? Where is everyone?

I’m not asking for a war, lord knows, I don’t have the balls to take it. But where did the good ol’ fun of rivalries go? Isn’t there a way to make fun of Jay Cutler and the stupid way he wears his helmet perched on top his head and still respect the game?

I respect the game. Heck, I even respect knowledgeable Bears fans. (Anyone who can stick around that team deserves some sort of recognition – ZING!) But I’m going to be respectful by not putting away my smack talk. I’m going to honor the game in the only way I know how. By taping a Bears decal to my garbage can, searching for videos of kids singing The Bears Still Suck, and emailing my co-worker pictures of Cutler getting sacked.

And if that means I’m breaking some truce, or respect, or whatever, oh well. That I can live with. Just like I can live with the fact that the 6th seed is favored over the 2nd seed on their home field.

It’s on.

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JimR_in_DC's picture

Cutler's going down seven...I times Sunday. Green Bay's bringing the Sack Lunch to Soldier Field.

Oh yeah, duhBears still suck. :)

JohnRehor's picture

Should I be hanging my head in shame right now?

Jayme Snowden's picture

No no no! :)

I just feel like being feisty.

JohnRehor's picture

Something tells me this wont last all weekend. I'm giving it until Friday

packersplanet's picture

Here's some ammo

An anxious woman goes to her Dr & says "I'm a bit nervous...can you get pregnant from anal intercourse? "

"Of course", he replies, "Where do you think Bear fans come from?"

Tom's picture

Didn't this 6th seed team (the packers) knock off the number 1 seed (atlanta) I THNIK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

stephanie's picture

Where can I go to get pictures of the packers making fun of the bears ?

Scott's picture

Living in IL is torturous around these games. The amount of ever-flowing crap-talking bear fans dish out explains the stench coming from the streets of their horrid city.

Bearmeat's picture

It's because both fan bases are SCARED out of their wits! They are afraid to talk smack because they have never seen a game this big between their arch-rivals, and probably never will again.
The winner gets to Lord it over the loser for a lifetime. And. It. Will. Be. A. Lifetime. Of. Razzing.
The loser has to go home in shame and cry.. and try to pick up the pieces... (man, I shuddered when I wrote that last sentence).. please let us WIN!

Oppy's picture

You just nailed it on the head, dead to rights.

This one might be a bigger emotional investment, and a bigger potential let down, than either team's fanbase would face in the Super Bowl, due to the nature of this rivalry.

And, even more pressure is heaped upon the Bears and their fans due to the fact they are playing at home and the Halas trophy is on the line. If they do indeed lose (And they will!), this loss will provide years, maybe a lifetime, of motivation for the Bears to step it up when facing the Packers. "IT IS YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT THE HALAS TROPHY" could become a Bears mantra.

Go Packers!

Kimorazr's picture

With the way the Pack is playing as of late, I'd be scared to be a bears fan. There are too many playmakers in the secondary. The bears won a manageable game against a sub-.500 team. Big surprise!! The Packers are on a roll and will continue it this Sunday. Not predicting a blowout. Green Bay 27-Chicago 23

john's picture

Sat 4:55pm We are going to effing kill these guys.

4:56 pm Shit I hope we don’t lose

4:57pm The Bears still suck


4:59pm This is going to be a close game

5:00pm We should blow this sorry ass team out


Anyone else having a day like this?

Killa's picture

That's been my day everyday this week.

packfan4u2c's picture

yep i have little panic attacks in the middle of a game when someone gets hurt, Rodgers starts getting under pressure, when the pack lets the other team gain points, ect.

Its sad to say that sometimes when the packers lose against a bad team or an team at all I feel like their playing a completely different sport...

MsQuarter's picture

Personally, all of my friends who are Bears fans (2) were trash talking last week while I refrained from any smack talk. Bearmeat is correct - the game was too big to risk smack talk coming back around and smacking me on my behind if the Packers lost (not that I thought they were going to, in my heart of hearts).

Instead I get to relish a little bit of throwing their trash talk back in their faces.

THAT is the ultimate in smack talk.

packfan4u2c's picture

It does seem that the rivalry thing is just not there any more sometimes. For example, one of my friends, a bears fan, textedme right after the championship game. She said "the packers and the bears had a good game..i hope they win the superbowl"

The fun of a rivalry is talking "smack"... what ever happened to that????

VegasPacker's picture

The NCAA men's BBall tourney just kicked off. As I am keeping up my bracket, a thought occurred to me: Its March and the Bears Still Suck.

Go Pack!

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"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "
"The Bears still suck!"