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Some Bears Don’t Suck

Some Bears Don’t Suck

We've spent a lot of time around here lamenting the horrible things that have happened when fans of opposing teams do terrible things to each other inside and after the big game. From the San Francisco Giants fan, to Eagles's stadium, and anywhere else tempers flair unnecessarily, I sometimes lose a little hope in fans and humanity in general.

Enter Chris Harris of the Chicago Bears.

As you may have heard, my father is a HUGE Chicago Bear's fan. Raised in Chicago, he's spent the last 40 years in central Wisconsin never turning down a friendly bet against the Packers. Not even once.

As you may also know from my writing, the last few decades have not produced the father-son relationship most would hope for. As the years pass, things inevitably get better, but this year I really wanted to do something special for Dad's birthday. Although I despise the whole tweet me Happy Birthday thing, I thought if I could find a Chicago Bear to call my father and thank him for fighting the good fight, that would mean quite a bit to him.

I contacted Chris Harris on Twitter and asked him for a follow so I could send him a message. He did, and through the course of our conversation he knew full well I was a HUGE Packers fan, asking a favor of a Bear's fan, who had no obligation to me whatsoever.

Chris Harris didn't hesitate in saying yes.

He called my Dad this morning and Dad was so shocked that he couldn't even figure out who it was at first. They spent a few minutes talking about the season, got some congrats in, and had what I understand was more than just a vanilla conversation. It made Dad's day, probably his year.

Personally, I have never understood the hate that transpires between fans at games. No matter how hardcore I am, or the opposing fan next to me, I have never once considered being vile, threatening, or derogatory to any of them. In addition, I will never understand those that are.

I hope Packer fans, and all fans for that matter, take a good look at what the Chicago Bear's Chris Harris did for this die-hard Packer fan today.

Although I will always hope the Packers take down the Bears on the field, off the field I will try harder to respect the fans and players as the human beings that they are.

Like Chris Harris did.

Some Bears don't suck. I said it, and I mean it.


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@steve99schu's picture

Awesome Alex, just awesome.

sundevilpeg's picture

That's very cool. You picked a good one to ask, no question - Harris is a keeper.

PackersRS's picture

I don't despise the Bears' players. Actually, they've shown class over the years (I remember Tommie Harris preventing to fall on Rodgers' leg, which would've caused quite an injury). They also seem to have a friendly rivalry with the Packers players, Cutler and Rodgers are actually friends. There's respect between the two teams.

Contrary to the vikings' players.

But regarding the fans, I can't say the same. Remember the incident with Nick Collins?

Elwood's picture

I was born and raised in Chicago, been a Bears fan my whole life. I know that people on both sides can take the rivalry between the Pack and the Bears over the line, but to me there always seems to be a little bit of respect in the whole thing. It's too bad assholes tend to spoil the fun.

I now live in Boston, and the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is pervasive. It is pretty disgusting actually. I think these guys hate the other team more than they like their own most of the time.

Anyway- back to the point of your article: Harris is a class act. I appreciate the guys on the Bears for being respectful of the Packers. I have a lot of Packer fans for friends, and love the banter we have throughout the season. But rivalries should never be taken too far. Fighting over what team you support is stupid.

As for the Collins incident - if the racial slur was used then the Bears fan was an asshole. Players shouldn't react to those antagonists though. There's assholes everywhere, and unfortunately a good number of them are football fans. They exist on both sides of this rivalry. We all need to keep it in check and keep it respcetful.

Chad Toporski's picture

Awesome story, Alex. Thanks for sharing.

JohnRehor's picture

What Chris Harris did was pure class. He in no way sucks.

To double back to what PackerRS said, it's not the Bears players that cause people to say The Bears Still Suck. It's their fans, the morons who try to stick it up everyone's a$$ every chance they can.

I applaud Chris Harris today. I would never cheer for him when he's in blue and orange for the Bears, but he earned my respect today.

PackersRS's picture

It also needs to be noted that it's not the Bears players of today.
Back in the 80's, the teams hated each other perhaps more than the fans...

asshalo's picture

"No matter how hardcore I am, or the opposing fan next to me, I have never once considered being vile, threatening, or derogatory to any of them. In addition, I will never understand those that are."

The same people that are degenerates at stadiums are degenerates outside of stadiums. It generally involves people who have had to much to drink and are feeling a little too tough. NFL and college stadiums have got out of control in that regard. If the NFL really wanted to get serious they would have stricter penalties for fans that harass other fans. I don't think this is the case with the packers, as it's one of the fan-friendliest stadiums for any sport in the country.

Don't get me wrong, I have got drunk at games before, but I never ruin anyone else's fun and I actually enjoy talking to opposing fans. I just like talking about sports. I don't understand people who just talk shit and harrass other people without any regard logic or self-respect.

aussiepacker's picture

Thats a pretty cool thing Harris did. My hat goes off to him.

Dru's picture

Kudos to Harris for that.

I once met Cedric Benson when he was still a Bear. He went to my rival high-school, my rival college, and then was drafted to the Bears. First thing I said to him was "Man, I am really supposed to hate you." He nodded at the Packers shirt and kinda chuckled. I explained the college/high school connection to and we ended up chatting for a good while.

Of the Bears that I have met, three were nothing but professional. Urlacher, Muhommad, and Benson. One was nothing short of douche-tastic. Some Bears Don't Suck: Clearly Mr. Harris amongst those. Some Bears STill Suck: Jay Cutler. End of story.

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