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Quick Hits Lions

Quick Hits Lions



Call me a pessimist if you will, but even in a shutout victory I'm not all that excited. Some progress was made, but hardly enough to breathe any easier. Here are my quick hits.





Packers 26 Lions 0


Watch Game Highlights HERE

Watch Aaron Rodgers Highlights HERE

Watch Donald Driver's amazing catch HERE


Quick Hits


Congratulations to Donald Driver for becoming the Packers all-time reception leader. Can't think of a better guy.

As always, Ryan Grant sucks, hard. Garbage yards in garbage time.

The above means that Brandon Jackson was not the savior and of course barely got the ball.

That catch by Driver was amazing.

I called a James Jones touchdown. Yay for me.

Right now Donald Driver is greater than Greg Jennings. However, Greg had a spectacular grab in the first quarter.

I've had it with the penalties. If you're out there IronMan let's get it done this week. Ridiculous.

The offensive line gave up 5 sacks to the Lions. The Lions... it's the Lions.

I like T.J. Lang, since Clifton isn't going to stay healthy (like we already knew) I'm glad Lang is the guy. He plays with some fire.

Cullens Jenkins is a stud.

So is Johnny Jolly.

Kampman also had a solid game, some pressure, and looked great to see him in alot of four point stances.

Clay Matthews is the the real deal folks. He is everything that A.J. Hawk isn't.

Did A.J. play is this game? I must have missed it.

Nick Barnett showed some hustle today, he also got a penalty and then stuffed a guy and hit the Samurai. I ain't saying nothing. He reads this.

Finally, the secondary is tight. Great play against third string receivers today. No one got burned. I take it back Atari.

Bottom line on the defense... you beat up on some scrubs.

Did I mention Ryan Grant sucks? Cannot beat a guy, ever.

Rodgers still held the ball too long on more than one occasion.

That game should and could have been 49-0. Mental mistakes, penalties, and sacks. Good luck "fixing" that again this week Mike.

Mason Crosby made his money today.

Spencer Havner did too.


Like I said, I am not all that excited one way or another. It's better than a loss, but doesn't leave me feeling better about how we are going to perform against real teams. One of the sloppier games I have watched in some time. Please, trade for Steven Jackson. Half of the reason we are giving up so many sacks is because everyone knows we can't run the ball. Do something, anything.

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Comments (24)

Mr. Bacon's picture

A win is a win, so I aint bitching.

But with Favre winning, I bet Jerimiah is going to shit on this article.

Asshalo's picture

Grant would be a good no. 2 back-- not a starter.

Penalties are one of the many reasons this team is fundamentally unsound. It's flat-out dumb play that only contributes to losses.

I like TJ Lang as our future Right Tackle. Draft an LT this year, dump, Barbre, Clifton, Trauscher and the entire offensive coaching staff. Five sacks against the lions is ridiculous.

Matthews is putting together a great rookie season. I bet he gets at least 8 sacks this year, maybe even double digits. Glad we got him locked up for 5 years.

Hawk and Barnett are solid, just not playmakers. No reason who shouldn't be looking at an ILB in this year's draft for the first three rounds. I would love Brandon Spikes in the first round.

I would take Steven Jackson, but an OT is probably more realistic. Keep Lang on the field, get Barbe out of there.

Realistically, we have way too many bunnies on the schedule to get a grasp of how good we are. Next week is CLE. If we win, so what. If they loose, we can really start to worry. Really not going to know what this team is capable of until Nov: MN, SF and Dal. 9-7 or worse and I want a new coaching staff. Way too many bunnies on this year's schedule.

TD's picture

"Realistically, we have way too many bunnies on the schedule to get a grasp of how good we are."

Unless of course we start losing to those bunnies ... in which case it should be fairly east to get a grasp on how good we aren't.

Asshalo's picture

hence the... "Next week is CLE. If we win, so what. If they loose, we can really start to worry. " I agree tho

IronMan's picture

I have come to grips with the fact that as long as Mike McCarthy is the coach, we will always be an undisciplined, average football team, that cannot correct mistakes.

Clifton had 4 pre-snap penalties and he doesn't get benched? With the score heavily in our favor, that would have been the perfect time to sit him and show the team that this shit will not be tolerated.

More evidence that the players don't take penalties seriously, was Barnett actually laughing after he was called for a blatant facemask. I didn't find it too funny myself.

TD's picture

"More evidence that the players don’t take penalties seriously, was Barnett actually laughing after he was called for a blatant facemask. I didn’t find it too funny myself."

Yes, he actually was laughing,and you're right, it wasn't funny. It was 2 plays later that he stopped someone for a 1 yard loss and pulled out the Samurai shit. He's just not very bright.

Stan's picture

yeah, Nick if you're reading this PLEASE stop with the samurai celebration. It's the sort of thing an 8 year old would do.

Stan's picture

Not the most convincing of performances despite the score. This was a Lions team with lots of injuries. We should have beaten them to the tune of 40+ points. However our O-Line has to be one (if not THE) worst in the NFL right now. The biggest offender for this one was Clifton who I think is about done for Green Bay, then you have Barbre still making dumb errors (consistency is the key for him). Wells is also not that great and I'd much prefer Spitzy back.

Aside from all the sacks this unit can't run block all that well. Meaning we need a back with speed and elusiveness that can burst through the smallest of gaps.... Ryan Grant isn't that guy, he's seems slow, he has no moves, he just tucks his head down and plows forward until tackled (god that Steven Jackson trade sounded good :( ).

Thought our D played well. Some good plays from the front guys (Jenkins, Jolly, Kampman and Mathews). Although I'm not sure if there wasn't some communication issues on a few plays... but that will get fixed.

Jersey Al's picture

I really felt going into the Vikings game that we would see the unleashing of Clay Matthews and Kampman given opportunities to rush as a defensive end. I was disappointed. Glad to see it happen now, but for me, it’s a game too late. Why did we hold back against the Vikings?

RonLC's picture

Definetely Al! I still can't figure out just what they were trying to accomplish in that game. On both sides of the ball.

Packnic's picture

yet again, there is only one problem on this team. Its the Offensive Line. With competent blocking and pass pro, this team is one of if not the best team in the NFC. We dont have it. Ryan Grant doesn't suck (hes not a legend or anything either though). He is getting hit in the backfield and plays are getting blown up in the first level. There are no holes, there are no second levels to hit. We gave up 5 sacks to a injured Lions team. There is nothing, garbage, or mediocre or penalty ridden on this team.... except the oline. Clifton accounted for like 30 penalties yesterday. I mean you guys will obviously bitch and moan about anything if you arent happy with a 26-0 beating... but there is only one bad thing about this team and its the Oline.

and the Packers are 16th in the league in penalty yards... just so you know. Hardly the epic struggle its made out to be. and of those yards i would say about 78 percent of those are on the offensive line. Lang / Colledge / Spitz / Sitton / Tauscher next week being coached by someone who has a clue is about our last hope for the oline this year.

Jersey Al's picture

Don't know where you got your info, but...

Packers are 4th in the league in penalty yards and 5th in total penalties. And all the teams above them have played one more game than the Packers.

According to

Franklin Hillside's picture

Umm...Nick Barnett had a good game outside of that penalty, his best of the year. He looked much faster than any other LB.

Love the Samurai. Do you want Driver to stop doing the shimmy? Come on now.

Someone pooped in everyone's cereal today.

Stan's picture

Sorry but a grown man doing a samurai celebration looks ridiculous...

Donald Drivers is quick, neat and to the point. Nick's is long, drawn out and stupid (I was half expecting him to add some high kicks and karate chops to it).

... and yes someone did poop in my cereal today, most inconvenient as I had to throw the whole lot out (I may talk shit, but I'd rather not eat it).

Asshalo's picture

My cinnemon toast crunch tasted fine this morning. What you trying to say, Frank?

PackersRS's picture

"The offensive line gave up 5 sacks to the Lions. The Lions… it’s the Lions."
That's just so not true. It's not just the Lions. It's the lions without Sammie Lee Hill and Jason Hunter. And they lost Cliff Avril in the game. So they had 4 DL in the game. It's the Lions D, without rotation, and without a Starter, and his backup.
I'll ask here. When were those sacks when Rodgers held the ball to long. 3rd down? Or 1st and 2nd? 3rd down he's trying to make a play, not his fault. 1st and 2nd he should've get rid of it.
Barnett is back! There was some impostor playing for him against the queens and the bungals, but nice to see him back. That great run stuff!?!?! That's what allow us to blitz more often, and not have to commit to the run every single snap.

And Bigby. Oh Bigby, I missed you. While you were injuried, getting hoes, we were getting killed out there. You deserved your hoes sunday, man! ( I know it's a Dale Z refference, but it's just too funny!)

Jersey Al's picture

Over the last two games, of the 13 sacks, 6 were on first down, 4 were on second down and 3 were on 3rd down.

PackersRS's picture

Okay, Al, but which ones was on Rodgers? I think he has something to do with the sacks, but not as much as people think, because when you hold the ball too much on 3rd down, it means no receiver was open so you could get a first down, and throwing the ball away or up for grabs would be a much worse decision...

packerslounge's picture

Since we worked out Ahman Green today, we should be set. LMAO

Asshalo's picture

We could use a new running backs coach

Stan's picture

Ahman Green, are you kidding me? We got rid of him cause he's washed up, now we want him back? I read it's because they're looking for a backup RB..... erm, why? You give Brandon Jackson a few carries against the Lions and thats it? He's done? (actually thats the sort of thing Ted would do....)

Stan's picture

BTW My condemning of Atari Bigby seems to have worked as he had a pretty good game against the Lions. I would like to publicly apologise to Mr Bigby for my complete lack of faith, keep up the good work.

Graham's picture

Amazing we shut out a team that both the bears and vikings struggled with (granted down their two best offensive players) and you are not excited about it?? Crazy packers fans!!

Brad Chilldress' Hoe's picture

Anyone seen Brad? Dude booked a buff n' shine on his bald head.

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