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Quick Hits – Patriots

Quick Hits – Patriots

These are obviously late and thus not your usual quick hits. I watched the game, but was working throughout. It didn't leave me short of opinions.

Packers 27 Patriots 31

Watch the Packers NFL highlights.

Watch the Packers highlights.

Quick Hits

There is no doubt that the Packers played inspired football. I'll give them that. Outside of the last 30 seconds it was a great game plan, and outside of special teams great execution.

Speaking of execution, Shawn Slocum needs to lose his job this week. It's really that simple. You let the biggest guy on the planet almost take one to the house. It was stupid to not scrap the entire Stock generation a long time ago, just get it done already.

I really wonder how ready Aaron Rodgers was or wasn't? After the whole Favre drama last night, I wonder if the Packers waited on the afternoon games before actually deciding to sit Rodgers?

Everyone has been hollering for the next "Grave Digger" for years. You have one. His name is B.J. Raji.

Get a life if you are calling for Mike McCarthy's head because of this weeks loss. Give me a break. Mistakes were made, but he called a near perfect game.

That said, the same game plan should be used for Aaron Rodgers. I guarantee Rodgers audibles out of far more plays than Flynn did. When Flynn stuck to the plan, the Packers got some consistency and some rhythm. This is something that has been sorely missed for weeks. Everyone says that Matt Flynn forced Mike McCarthy to call a balanced game. Who's to say he doesn't always call it that way?

If you want to blame anyone for a crucial mistake, blame Bulaga. He cost us a key, key sack.

James Jones is starting to piss me off now. I have been a huge Jones guy, but his lack of effort is embarrassing.

On that note, we also know why Charlie Peprah is always a street free-agent.

I said all along that if the Packers were going to win it was going to be a shootout. They got mighty close to doing just that. I'm not much for moral victories at all, the Packers don't get a special ribbon for almost winning that game, and quite honestly they should have. The reasons for losing are pretty clear, and more importantly look a lot like the reasons for losing we have been talking about for years.

Again, the Packers could not convert a simple third and one from the goal line, took a questionable field goal, failed to manage to clock, and gave up game changing plays on special teams. These are the same exact things we have been talking about forever. Mike McCarthy had a brilliant game plan called. Unfortunately, for the umpteenth time, he failed to close the deal.

I think before you call for McCarthy's head you have to separate his game plan this past week from his execution and discipline of the football team as a whole.

Do I think Mike McCarthy should be fired for this week's loss? For the love of God no.

Do I think Mike McCarthy should be fired for his inability to field a disciplined and well coached football team with the talent he has been given?

Without a doubt.

You have to be a closer. All great coaches have been.

Mike McCarthy can't get out of the ninth.

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Chad Toporski's picture

"If you want to blame anyone for a crucial mistake, blame Bulaga. He cost us a key, key sack."

For all the bitching about McCarthy and Flynn failing horribly on the last play, everyone seems to forget that Bulaga basically threw them under the bus with that missed coverage.

It forced them to use a timeout, which was crucial. And it was the eventual downfall of the drive.

Robert Greenfield's picture

That was the best game of the year, wasn't it?

I'm embarrassed by our ST. Again. Yes, there was really only one MAJOR lapse this game, but it's happened over and over again for 2-3 years now.

JohnRehor's picture

If Slocum has a job after the season, i may need some recommendations on a place to get a new kitchen table. I've already dented the one I currently own so much because of him, his keeping a job should be the final thing that causes the judo chop effect from my head slamming down on it, cracking it in half.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"If Slocum has a job after the season, i may need some recommendations on a place to get a new kitchen table".

You and me both brother. You and me both.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Ya know, most of the time I'm fine with Coach. I generally like the way he handles his team/buisiness. BUT, he's gotta start winning these games decided by a TD or less, GOTSTA. Lose a couple by 3 or 4 points and it's understandable, lose damn near everyone that's decided by that amount and you know what it's called? There's a word for it. A "TREND". I don't know what it is or why he can't win these close ones (not just this year, so don't even go to injuries), but it's real. Tangible.

I'm not calling for the guys head, but he's gotta figure this shit out... soon. This is the Not For Long league, and the proof is in the pudding. He's been here long enough that his system is firmly in place, these are all his guys, no excuses. START WINNING THE CLOSE GOD DAMN GAMES or you will be out of a job sooner rather than later, guaranteed.


David's picture

“If Slocum has a job after the season"

You can add Campen to that list. For the love of God, can anybody drive block on that line with you only need a yard or two?

On a side but related note, HBO has a feature documentary on Lombardi and there is a re-telling of the famous Ice Bowl. The point of the story is that Lombardi wasn't even thinking of a pass or FG. In his own words, "If we can get a yard, then we don't deserve to be champions" They should force the current coaching staff of the Packers to watch that over and over.

Chad Toporski's picture

At least some of the players are watching it. And I know from his tweets that Tom Crabtree has seen in multiple times.

Let's hope that trend spreads to the coaches, as well.

oldironnow's picture

After every loss, I've torn out some landscaping. Detroit killed the podocarpus... New England did-in the spiky SOB that scattered seed pods everywhere... I didn't think it would get this bare here this season.

Watching Flynn play wasn't painful. But it seems that his arm isn't as strong as Rodgers, so he can't jam the ball into a closely defended receiver, which leads to the collapse of the play.

But I don't blame him; your comments above cover the issues right on.

ALso - got queasy "cheering" for MInnesota Monday.

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