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Quick Hits – Lions

Quick Hits – Lions

I have a good feeling today. The Packers are going to dominate.

Here's how things went down.

Gameday Conditions: Just had the storm of the decade last night. The Metrodome has collapsed and there is no way I am going anywhere today. Going with coffee, no Packers gear, and possibly a Red Baron Brick Oven pepperoni. We'll have to see.

Metrodome Collapse

Metrodome Collapse


Packers 3 Lions 7

Watch the Packers NFL highlights.

Watch the Packers highlights.

Quick Hits

First Half

That's how you start a drive.

Dammit Quarless. Rodgers is pissed.

Aaron Rodgers Pissed Off

Aaron Rodgers Pissed Off

Pissed Off

Nice fake by Stanton totally fooled me.

Packers still cannot tackle as of this moment.

Wow Stanton, you are a dumbass. Tramon with the easy pick.

Tramon Williams Interception

Tramon Williams Interception

Tramon FTW

Daryn Colledge is hurt. Blessing in disguise.

Seriously, why are you NOT running on third and one. What the hell, stupid.

I see the psycho is alive and well and working.

"I'm already bored of this game. - Aaron Nagler" I agree dude.

Wow, the play calling is terrible.

Thank god our defense is good, and that this is the Detroit game. My lord.

Greg Jennings, fail. Man.

Greg Jennings Drop

Greg Jennings Drop

Come on Greg

McCarthy is mad as hell.

McCarthy Mad

McCarthy Mad

Mad as Hell Mike

Nice stop on 3rd-and-1. C.J. Wilson stepping it up.

Now it's time for Nance to have a shot. Sigh.

Wow, 22 yards in the first quarter.

False start on Clifton? Who would have thunk.

Clay Matthews makes an appearance. Huge sack.

Clay Matthews Sack

Clay Matthews Sack

Nice Sack Clay

Drew Stanton, you suck. Charlie Peprah you rule. First career interception.

Charlie Peprah Interception

Charlie Peprah Interception

Way to go Pep

Our running game totally sucks. So do Clifton and Wells right now.

Matthews got schooled on the Stanton fake.

Tramon just made something out of nothing. Take him out? No way.


Tom (Clark) Crabtree is NOT going to stop huge dudes. Figure it out.

Someone needs to put Aaron Rodgers in his place. This isn't on Mike. There is a Favre moment brewing. Hate me now.

Embarrassing first half for Packer fans.

Oh shit, Rodgers out for the game. Time to get Flynn killed now. Let's see what all the hype is about.

Mike McCarthy Mad

Mike McCarthy Mad

Get it done Mike

Dumb Comment of the Half: "If Jennings had caught that it was a touchdown."

Second Half

Matt Flynn time to make your money.

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn

The Flynn Era

If you don't like what I have to say, you can fuck right off. Got it? Thanks.

When Sitton starts to play bad I really start to worry.

I would have challenged, why not? Field goal. Yay.

Tramon Williams is just a complete and total stud.

James Jones is mailing it in today.

James Starks is not the answer I guess.

Slide for god sakes. Slide. What the hell. Come on Flynn, think.

Terrible decision by Matt Flynn after a nice drive to the red zone.

Dave Rayner still sucks. Cool.

Dave Rayner Sucks

Third and one, the down from hell.

Our offensive line is terrible, plain terrible.

A.J. Hawk is having a nice game. So is Raji. Thank god for defense.

The Packers defense is starting to get tired in the middle of the fourth.

It's 7-3 Lions. Eighty yard drive, defense can't do it all game.

I'd like to think differently, but this game is over.

Clutch third down from Flynn to Jones.

That's the ball game. Terrible play calling with two chances to get one yard. Pathetic.

Dumb Comment of the Half: "Way to pretend you're the media."


The Defense for at least showing up.

Final Thoughts

I don't even know what to say anymore. You homers can keep all the hope of running the table against some of the best teams in the NFL, but this is probably it for the Packers.

Blame whoever you want, but I blame one guy, who didn't slide, because he thinks that he still has something to prove.

Now he does.

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PackersRS's picture

Really? You blame Rodgers? I mean, REALLY? You are actually blaming a guy for getting more rushing yards than all his rbs combined, and for getting injuried?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Yep, he knows better. No different than throwing a pick. Not the first time he has been told. You know you are the key to this team, protect yourself.

PackersRS's picture

How about the coach protect the QB, with, you know, passing patterns that work, so he doesn't have to take off?

How about the OL not blocking anyone, forcing Rodgers to take off?

How about the receivers actually catching the balls, not making it a 0-0 game, and forcing Rodgers to take off?

If the game isn't so close, Rodgers slides. If the offense is at any rythm, if they're not getting 3rd and longs because the stupidass coach can't figure out the team can't run, Rodgers doesn't have to make something out of nothing.

Should Rodgers have slided? Yes.

But it's a freaking cheap shot to blame the loss on a guy that was injuried trying to save his coach and his teammates' asses.


Alex Tallitsch's picture

Disagree. Guy not listening to his coaches maybe.

Jordan's picture

YES!!! he's a dumbass for not sliding. His job at that point is to get the first, get as much as you can safely, and get the fuck down. That was at least as dumb as Jennings forgetting to catch the ball earlier in the game.

NickGBP's picture

So much fail to go around but I agree. Rodgers is an idiot.

bkshimada's picture

I wouldn't say he's an idiot, but he definitely made a very STUPID decision not to slide. I don't understand why he feels the need to prove he is tough - he is the franchise quarterback and needs to protect himself a lot better than he did today. It basically cost us the game by having to put in Flynn.

Adam Czech's picture

That last part about blaming Rodgers was satire, right?

threefold520's picture

Eh, you take the good with the bad. This game was clearly not won by Rodgers, but you can't shoulder the loss solely on him. Was the non-slide stupid? Yes. But so was Jennings dropping a potential touchdown and Flynn throwing straight to DeAndre Levy. Both plays had a huge impact on the outcome of the game and occurred because of a split second decision that ended up going awry, much like Rodgers not sliding. To be honest, the whole offense looked like it was to blame for today's loss, as nice as it would be to blame one person.

cubFan90's picture

I dont blame Starks. Everytime he touched the ball there was already one or two guys in his face

SpartaChris's picture

Funny- Same thing happened to Jackson in the game vs. Atlanta, but everyone wanted his head on a stick..

lebowski's picture

It is painfully obvious to everyone but McCarthy that Campen is accomplishing nothing. Someone actually COACHES these guys??? Spitz hasn't gotten any better in three years. Ditto Colledge, whose only strong point is his availability, and now that's gone too. I think they just stick Clifton out there and hope for the best. I worry that Bulaga's potential will be severely sapped after getting 'coached' by this team for a year or two. Bob Sanders' firing came a year too late, Campen's is already two years late and counting.

PackersRS's picture


The only player that actually improved in that line is Sitton, but that might be his natural ability.

Maybe everyone's just not talented.
But chances are that if 10 guys aren't getting it done and aren't imrpoving, it's the position coach.

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