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Packer Player Twitters

Packer Player Twitters



The only Packer player who ‘tweets’ that I know of  is Nick Barnett, and it’s hilarious. Imagine if others joined the internet sensation.






10. @Harrell91 I stubbed my toe on my weight bench this morning. It hurts pretty bad. I can barely move my leg. I don’t want to tell coach.
about 4 hours ago from web


9. @Brennen_Carvalho I really am on the Green Bay Packers.
about 2 hours ago from txt


8. @Pickettfence meatloaf wit gravy and cornbread and a pot pie and chickn tenders and a diet coke. I love lunch.
about 3 minutes ago from Twitterberry


7. @MMcCarthy I don’t like Alexandra’s undisciplined boyfriend. I think I may send Jolly to visit him.
about 10 hours ago from Tweetdeck


6. @DaReel36 I downt git this theng. Whuts tha point? Im pooping write NOW!
about 1 minute ago from txt


5. @ARodg12 A tip to all my fans: Do not date strippers. Just don’t do it. If you see me scratching ‘down there’ in the huddles this year, you’ll know why.
about 7 hours ago from web


4. @BrianBrohm Took some more pills and oxycontin today or as I call it “The Backup Special.”
about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon


3. @AJHawk Another kid asked if I played Rocky Dennis in “Mask.” I hate people.
about 4 hours ago from Tweetdeck


2. @TedThompsonGM I totally like fired Kathy. Free agency started February 27th, which is totally not what she said! OMG! Now I have to work miracles during the draft. Sigh…noobs.
about 2 hours ago from web


1. @GJ85 I saved a bus full of kids from getting hit by a train on my way home from stopping a nuke launch in North Korea. Just another day.
about 2 hours ago from TwitterJennings

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IronMan's picture

LOL at #10.

Pack93z's picture

It would be even more hilarious if it wasn't about dead spot on, if the kid comes into Training Camp unable to participate.. you might see someone go all Gilbert Brown on his ass. lol.

Andyman's picture

Ha - this is great.

Although I can't figure out which you are ripping on more - certain Packers or Twitter.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

This is a gem.

BobbyOShea's picture

@MossyCade where my auntie at?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

@Jar_da_bush that has to be a mistake.

ReadyforSomeFB's picture

He just started a couple of weeks ago, or maybe that's when I found one. Greg Bedard was skeptical, but then he said he was going to the MKE-Lakers game, Greg found him and interviewed him. There was a blog post on JSOnline the next day. It really IS nick lol.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Actually, he started back last season. I was talking to him then. Then he dissappeared until two weeks ago.

coreyb's picture

thats true. cuz we've had an acct since last May and he was on around the whole Brett fiasco

IronMan's picture


I landed a plane in the Hudson today. Gonna go grab some lunch now.

Asshalo's picture

Dale, something we finally agree on. Barnett's use of LOL reminds me of AIM in gradeschool. "LOL Fav Breakfast? Mines bisc and grav LOL...and Bacon LOL!!"

ReadyforSomeFB's picture

That's prolly why then. He just appeared one day - found him by looking at someone replying to. That said, he has followers, but not to many he follows.

You rock Alex.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Well thanks RFSFB, you're not too shabby yourself. @ReadyForSomeFB

jeremiah's picture



not, but really, thanx for the laugh. this was great. especially on a woeful morning where i find myself becoming more and more concerned aout the status of our offensive and defensive lines, this was a nice break from reality!

p.s. my LOL fav was LOL, DAREEL36. ay thenk yoo nayld that won!

Wamzlee's picture

Hahaha, hilarious. My favorite is #3.

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