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I have no idea what I am going to write. Seriously, I am just going to pen this post as it comes and whatever ends up here is going to have to work.

Every other blog seems to have something to say today. Of course, ten of them say the same exact thing as usual, but I have been enjoying the blog wars between PackerGeeks and CheeseheadTV today.

Personally, I think Ryan Grant blows the big one this year. I also am sick of watching our new favorite play the first and one yard carry. One thing is for sure, I hesitate to believe a whole lot about what I here on the podium in the off-season. If you ask me, Brandon Jackson is even a bigger bust than Grant if you follow the Mike McCarthy talk. I listened to the off-season chatter about how fantastic Jackson was looking. The minions were singing Brandon this and bigger and “badder” that. All I frickin’ see is “badder.” Yes, I know he was out this week, so don’t bash my knowledge on your websites.

As far as the Hawks game goes I really don’t have an opinion. We should have won the game and we did. We also should have blown them out too and we didn’t. That in mind, the only thing I truly take from that game is the luxury of not having to listen about how much we suck for at least a week. Outside of the pass to Jennings, the most exciting thing about that game was seeing “The Glove” in the press-box.

Moving on, why don’t we ever make a move like the Cowboys did today with Roy Williams? Don’t give me any of this building from within and through the draft twaddle either. Joe Johnson bent this organization over and plugged them from behind with the longest torn pectoral you have ever seen. Get some nuts and make a move once in awhile. Yes, I know we got Woodson and so does the entire universe, so I won’t press the argument. Let’s get more guys like Charles.

Oh, the trade deadline is over? Nevermind.

I’m totally happy with the news about Harris. But, how do go from out for the season to back in four weeks like that. Who the hell is reporting this stuff? Hopefully he comes back hungry, as hungry as Tramon has been.

I need a podcast guy and I’m pissed. The other guy up and decides to quit and I can’t find a single person in the whole Packer universe with a head-set microphone. Luckily I had an awesome fill-in for week four, but if I don’t have one by tomorrow I’m going to go solo until I do. Good thing the competition is pretty light.

I like Culver’s, they make a good burger.

I am excited to have something unique to offer this week. I get so sick of reading and writing the same crap over and over again that it is nice to have a diversion for a little while. This week, we will follow perhaps one the most avid Packer and forum fan on his trip to Lambeau Field to see the Pack play the Colts. We will follow him from his home in Missouri as he travels from airport to airport and restaurant to restaurant. We will post pictures as he travels and try to live his experience, literally. So, please watch with us as we follow this faithful fan from home to heaven and back again.

That pretty much finishes my rant for the day. I don’t feel like breaking it down, I don’t feel like arguing about Ryan Grant or the offensive line or the injury situation. I want to relish in a mediocre win for a moment. I’m not convinced quite yet that the opportunity will present itself as much as I would like it to.

As a final addition, Tony Kornheiser is a total douche. I’ll guarantee you’ll hear something about his comment on PTI today. Generalizing people with handicaps as freaks is cool Tony, real cool.

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IronMan's picture

I really wish Trom would stop being an ass bag and do the podcasts with you. Damn he's stubborn. I enjoyed listening to you two.

IronMan's picture

"from home to HEAVEN and back again."

Man I like the sound of that. Heaven indeed. I will send you an update later this morning.

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