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NFL London

NFL London



Just a quick word about all the NFL team to London talk this morning as I take a break from packing up my house. Personally, I think it's a hell of an idea.





I can't understand why anyone wouldn't be for this. If you aren't, it's just ethnocentrism talking. I say spread the love. You know the city would be behind the team and it actually would be financially successful. In fact, it would be a team for sn entire country. I find that much more appealing than the Jacksonville's and Minnesota's out there. In fact, since they aren't going to dissolve the Vikings like they should, wouldn't London make a great place to send them?


Having a team in London might also start the ball rolling on having professional football in the summer Olympics, something that has been sorely missing all along. I would like nothing more than to see the Pro Bowl 2.0 in the next summer games. This coupled with the fact that hopefully more people pay less attention to soccer, and it's a total win-win.


I say let them have a team and do it now. But only if they call themselves the "Werewolves."


Yes, I know this has nothing to do with the Packers. We are playing the third string, flu infested Browns. The only thing to talk about is how much we will bitch at not scoring more.

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Erik's picture

What's with the hating on the beautiful game? The soccer season doesn't even take place at the same time as football for the most part. Plus it's a damn fine sport. I know I'm in the minority on the latter here in the states, but I'd love to see soccer knock down baseball and give us great sports almost year round full of competition, skill and teamwork rather than selfish, overpaid, anti-parity sports.

PackersRS's picture

Well, speaking from a soccer-driven country (Brazil), I would say this idea could only be sucessful for so long. I don't know how it is in England, but Soccer is the #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 sport in here. And they still have Rugby. There're a lot of football fans in here, and the SNF and MNF are a HUGE sucess. But the sunday afternoon games, not so much, as they go on in the same time as soccer...

Erik's picture

Like I said in response to Martin (response 2), I was talking more US side in terms of soccer and football cohabitation and just suck at communicating.

Martin's picture

i live in europe(germany). The team in London won't work! Imagine: They play against a team from the westcoast. 8 hours difference between both places.
And europeen people would NOT pay less attention to soccer because of a team in will be always the most important sport (especially for the Britains, they invented it!) in Great Britain and Europe. After the first few games the stadium (whererver they could play...they wont allow a whole season in wembley) would never be full again.
edit: @erik: The soccer season in England starts at September and ends in may... and between may and september there are every 2 years World and Europeen Championships!

And why should Football be olympic? There is no competition for the USA even if they play with collegeteams...I watched footballgames here and it's like highschoolfootball...

Erik's picture

Sorry, Martin, I started mixing my nations a little bit without talking about it.. When I referred to having year round great games, I was back in the United States talking about MLS competing against MLB for basically the same season. I am well aware that the Premiere League started their season in August as I'm a big Man-U fan.

Stan's picture

You could reform a kind of Europe Football League and then when the playoffs come the best of the NFL and the best of the EFL would play in the playoff race. Then the SuperBowl would truly be a WORLD championship (which I always thought a bit of a silly title when it's only played here).

Of course this would need some massive ass backing..... but then what the hell I wanna see a London Werewolves - Green Bay Packers SuperBowl.

PackersRS's picture

The europeans would never won a game. AFL x NFL, but 50 times the disadvantage...

I think it would be a better idea to play pro bowlers x pro bowlers...
BTW, I think the world champions thing is more of a copy from the MLB, which has Canada. Still dumb, but less dumb.

Stan's picture

"We are playing the third string, flu infested Browns."

- LOVE IT!!!

Asshalo's picture

I am against having the Super Bowl there but it would be a great way to expand the sport with a team. My only concern is jet lag from traveling there for away games.

An LA franchise seems more likely now that the construction of a stadium has been approved. Jacksonville is really hurting right now. Makes more sense than the vikings to me.

BTW, if another packer D lineman gets an INT on sunday, you won't hear a peep out of me.

beebster1571's picture

I really don't think this will go over well in the UK. I have some English friends who insist that with few exceptions, US citizens working and living in europe would be the only regular attendees. In addition, what time would they have the games? A once-a-year game is fine, but should a London team get only night game tekevision slots in the US? There would be one hell of a home field advantage, with all the jet lag and all. I'm really OK with football staying the way it is:ours. This isn't the 1st time the NFL has tested the water in europe. I kind of liked the europe league-as farm system for US concept, but they couldn't sell tickets for that either.
PS. If you had to name a London team, how about the Redcoats?

beebster1571's picture

The Redcoats, Werewolves, Beefeaters? hahaha

Asshalo's picture

The Wankers

FITZCORE1252's picture

I'm all for global domination. Show them fools across the pond what "FOOTBALL" really is! Never really considered the whole Olympics take, but, my first thought upon reading it was... INJURIES. I'm usually not a doom and gloom guy, but if A-ROD was in the Olympics, I'd cringe every time he dropped back (much like I do now)!


FITZCORE1252's picture

How 'bout this for a name... "53 men with terrible teeth"?


Stan's picture

How about you get a life and stop talking shit?!

Hofschneider's picture

How can anyone here talk about Olympics, if it's a problem for you and your league to extent your season for just 2(!) games. Oh, not 2 extra games. No, just in an exchange for 2 preseason-games.

BTW; isn't it wired to see for you, that the season is shorter (incl. playoffs), than the off-season. It's like work at weekends. Only on weekends and having a holiday, monday to friday. The propotions aren't right, right?!

Jim Rome's picture

Bedard said it best:

"Memo to NFL: Why don't you guys zip it about London until you get a new CBA/avert a lockout in 2011 to save the game for your current fans?"

Rack 'em

RonLC's picture

Soccer in the US=Football in Europe! Dead on arrival.

Mr. Bacon's picture

What are you talkin bout Willis, US is just as good as Mexico on the National Team.

We won the CONCACAF Regionals 2 straight now.

Gordon Winslow's picture

There used to be a minor league baseball team called the London Werewolves in London, Ontario. I have the t-shirt to prove it!

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