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Never Hang It

Never Hang It



It’s a simple question on a Saturday that leaves me time to spend with my family, instead of with this never-ending bullshit of a story.





[poll id="8"]


My answer is firm and without hesitation.



(Stay Tuned)

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Comments (25)

packerslounge's picture

This poll makes me sick already.

MrBacon's picture

Yes. However, wait for a decade to go by.

JRA's picture

I don't think they need to wait a full decade, but I agree some time needs to pass. Give Brett one full season to actually stay retired and then re-evaluate.

rbuike's picture

Not if he wears Purple :) Seriously, if he were to walk away, as is today, I say hell yeah and I'll be first in line to attend that game/ceremony. But if I seem him in Purple at Lambeau, never ever ever.

packerslounge's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3518">

<strong><a href="#comment-3518" rel="nofollow">rbuike</a></strong>: But if I seem him in Purple at Lambeau, never ever ever.</P>

Andyman's picture

If he does play for the Vikings, it will be very hard for me to say "yes", but even with all that - you can still not discount what he did ON THE FIELD for the Packers. He brought us out of obscurity and back into the limelight. He has been a royal prick the last year, but you cannot discount what he has done for 16 years prior to that.

packerslounge's picture

If you are going to judge the bulk of a career then judge it. Also add, totally deceived the Packers, bashed the organization, openly admitted he wanted to stick it to the team, and god know what happens when he puts on the purple.

That makes the last 16 years pretty unremarkable.

Asshalo's picture

"totally deceived"? YOU ARE FULL OF CRAP. It was a two way battle, buddy and don't you forget it. You mean forced into making a decision last March and then surprise surprise, he does the same thing he did the previous three off-seasons. I guess it was a good idea to assume he wouldn't be indecisive around late June and not have a back-up plan should he have second thoughts. At least management didn't take almost two months to get it resolved either-- I mean that looming over the start of training camp would have been bad.

packerslounge's picture

Yes, deceived. There is no way you convince me this entire thing wasn't a plan from the time he left Lambeau after the Giants game. I think present history makes that a pretty realistic scenario.

LesleyInJax's picture

Yes, but NOT until he decides whether or not he's a Packer when he goes into the HOF.

Asshalo's picture

I couldn't help but laugh at the response after the third fourth self-righteous story in the last three days. Hell yes I want his number hung some day. He's not the one making this into a story. We all have. Just stop buying into this (mainly because bottom line is nothing seems to be happening-- why worry about it) and maybe ESPN will stop ruining sports center will these puff stories. Honestly, you really don't know what's going on. Railbird Central has ignored it and I wish EVERY packer blog would do the same. Stop contributing.

Enjoy the may weather and the Cubs revenge on the brewers tonight (effin' Braun). Enjoy the YouTube video of Raefer Alston pimp slapping Eddie House and hopefully, the follow-up pimp slapping of Rondo on Sunday.

Asshalo's picture

Alright, I take that back. Boycott every story but this one:;sportCa...

"Favre: "Coach Holmgren? Willie Mays? Barbra Streisand? What are all of you doing here in Hattiesburg?"

Mike Holmgren: "We're here for you, Brett."

Favre: "To celebrate my return with the Vikings? I knew people still believe …"

Holmgren: "No, Brett. No. This is an intervention. We are here to get you to stop. We -- people who care about you -- are here to tell you that you still will be liked, still can be liked, if you just step away from the game. Please. Please just let it go.""

Boothie's picture

ROFL!'s picture

The family voted an overwhelming 94 % for...NEVER !

Tyler Bohms's picture

Just like he shouldn't be bitter towards the Packers, we shouldn't be bitter towards him. His number should be retired for his past accomplishments, not rejected for his juvenile behavior in the present.

Paul's picture

I think he has done too much for the organization not to, As much as I despise him for his juvenile behavior the last couple of seasons he has done a lot not even including his stats or wins but he helped put Green Bay back on the map and did alot for the game of football, I can safely say I don't think I would be a Packer fan if it wasn't for him.

So even if he becomes a traitor and joins the Vikings he still deserves a spot on the wall and on the ring of honour.

Asshalo's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3529">

<strong><a href="#comment-3529" rel="nofollow">Alex</a></strong>: There is no way you convince me this entire thing wasn’t a plan from the time he left Lambeau after the Giants game.


Then you're paranoid and bitter. After a year's worth of hack reporting on this story, still nothing has really happened, yet you and a lot of other people are getting way to worked up on this.

Graffin's picture

Alex, I usually agree with you, but Favre wasn't planning on leaving the Pack right after the Giants game. When he came out of retirement and was told that he would not be just handed the team back, that's when he became angry and spiteful. What would be his reason for wanting out before that?

packerslounge's picture

We don't know that, nor will we ever. As soon as Favre threw that pick he had to know that he would never be given the same kind of free reign in Green Bay again. There is no doubt in my mind that is where the thought process began.

The reason would be the same as yours, the minute Webster grabbed that ball he knew things would never be the same; including being "handed" the team in 2008.

Graffin's picture

So if he didn't retire, he still wouldn't have been allowed back? I don't think that was the case, maybe once he retired then he realized there was a good shot that he wouldn't be allowed back.....Where would he get the idea he wouldn't have free reign? He didn't seem to have that idea when he came out of retirement and was told he couldn't play, and that's why he was so mad.(Not sayin I agree with his reasoning) I believe if he hadn't retired then we (obviously) wouldn't hand the team to Rodgers and probably wouldn't draft 2 more QB's. You think Ted would have tried to remove Brett even if he didn't retire? That sounds like Elmo talk. I dunno, I'll agree to disagree. Six in one, half a dozen in the other

ironarrow42's picture

Yes. Eventually. But only after annual public announcements that they're thinking about retiring his number, for several years.
And then when they finally do retire his number -
Unretire it the following year!
And then re-retire it.
It's only fitting.

Asshalo's picture

That would actually be kinda funny-- but it would never happen

Greg C.'s picture

I'm pretty sure that the Packer organization's plan is to retire Favre's number as soon as he is willing to attend the ceremony. Anything less than that would be seen as an insult, and it would make a lot of people--not just Favre--angry. There really is no middle ground for the organization here.

But if it was up to me personally, I would say: Let's think about it for awhile. Up until this most recent episode, I would've said that retiring his number is a no-brainer, but now I'm not so sure. It's disappointing, because I thought that in Favre we had a player for our own time who was right up there with the greats of the Lombardi era. Then he turned out to be just another weenie.

Bobby.O.Shea's picture

You're nuts, Alex.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

Yeah. And Ted Thompson had nothing to do with it.

You guys are so transparent, it's disgusting.

What, no hatred for the swine TT for his hand in all this?

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