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My New Favorite Packer Is…

My New Favorite Packer Is…

If you didn't already know, Mark Tauscher has been my favorite Packer since he became a member of the team. As a Badger fan, I was an early Tausch supporter and have continued to let him carry the honor of being my favorite Packer until now. With Tauscher now on IR, and most likely gone at the end of the season, he no longer meets my criteria as a favorite Packer candidate. He now goes on the list of all time favorite Packers.

He must be replaced.

Now I have spent some time thinking on this one, and even took the advice of the almighty Packer Ranter who stated, "Your favorite Packers pick you." That was good advice I think, so I took the time to really narrow it down to what I wanted and needed from a favorite player. This is how it went down.

1. I eliminated the most famous players from contention. In order to be my favorite Packer, you can't be everyone else's favorite Packer too. That's just my rule. So, off the top, these guys go.

Aaron Rodgers

Greg Jennings

Jermichael Finley

Charles Woodson

Clay Matthews

2. I decided to then eliminate some of the older guys. I really don't want to have to choose a new favorite Packer every year. The too old list is:

Chad Clifton

Donald Driver

Ryan Pickett

Howard Green

Brett Goode

3. Next, I crossed off all the guys that quite simply I don't like enough to be my favorite player.

Nick Collins

A.J. Hawk

Jarrett Bush

Ryan Grant

John Kuhn

Jordy Nelson

Korey Hall

Donald Lee

4. Next I decided to take out guys who either hadn't proven themselves quite yet, are still too young, or I felt would never rise to favorite player standards.

Matt Flynn

Justin Harrell (if he ever does play consistently, and consistently good, he will automatically take the spot)

Charlie Peprah

Jarius Wynn

Pat Lee

Tom Crabtree

Andrew Quarless

Quinn Johnson

Brad Jones

Brady Poppinga

Brett Swain

C.J. Wilson

5. Then I hosed the guys I think suck.

Daryn Colledge

Atari Bigby

Derrick Martin

Brandon Underwood

Brandon Chillar

Johnny Jolly

6. I then eliminated all the guys that I couldn't remember off the top of my head. If I can't remember your name, you can't be my favorite player. I obviously can't list them.

7. After all of this was over, I was left with the following players:

Brandon Jackson

James Jones

Josh Sitton

Bryan Bulaga

T.J. Lang

Scott Wells

Jason Spitz

B.J. Raji

Cullen Jenkins

Mike Neal

Desmond Bishop

Nick Barnett

Tramon Williams

Sam Shields

Frank Zombo

Tim Masthay

Mason Crosby

8. I then had to eliminate some of my sentimental favorites, or guys that people might look at me weird for thinking are awesome.

Brandon Jackson

Tim Masthay

Jason Spitz

9. The next four guys I eliminated not because I don't like them, but they just aren't my kind of favorite player.

Mike Neal

T.J. Lang

Frank Zombo

Scott Wells

10. Now my list was down to the final ten where it got pretty hard eliminating guys. This is the point I had to start going with my gut. Dropping off were:

Sam Shields

Bryan Bulaga

Mason Crosby

Cullen Jenkins

11. I was stuck with these six for a long time. So I had to start making illogical decisions.

Nick Barnett

Desmond Bishop

Tramon Williams

B.J. Raji

Josh Sitton

James Jones

12. I took out Josh Sitton. I think he is a pro-bowler, but he really doesn't have any ties to me one way or another so I had to take him off. Love the guy though.

13. I think James Jones is going to make all the haters look silly one day. I would LOVE to have Jones as my favorite player just to argue, but I guess that why he goes here.

14. It's always nice to have a favorite player who could also have a burger named after them. It was tough, but B.J. and the Raji Burger end their quest here.

15. I love Nick Barnett. He came on Packer Transplants, has been a great guy on Twitter, and will always be one of favorite Packers. Sorry, Nick. Call the show one more time and I'll bump you to the top again. I think if Nick had not gotten hurt, he would have won. I need a guy on the field though. Nothing personal dude.

16. Tramon Williams is a superstar in the making. If Ted Thompson fails to keep him around, I'll be super pissed. It would have been a popular pick, but Tramon just missed the cut.

So, after all that soul searching, Desmond Bishop is now my new favorite Packer. I always liked the way Desmond played hard in the pre-seasons, and now seeing him on the field going hard play after play is impressive.

He's tough and plays with passion, two things that are a must to be my favorite player. I also think Desmond is going to be around for a long time to come.

I hope so, this post took forever.

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foundinidaho's picture

I am not taking your poll. Of course I would have picked Korey Hall. I can't believe your lack of taste in not liking him more than Des. ;)

Pretty funny!

ron's picture

I thought for sure from the very beginning of the post it was going to be Sitton. Well, he got pretty far.

I'm in the same boat recently because Harris had been my favorite Packer for a number of years now.

I'm becoming a big Raji fan. He's good, has been playing a ton and working hard for the team this season, and he seems to be turning into a leader of that defense from what I have seen. Cool name too and it is fun to yell Raaaaaaji. I also like his celebration.

lmills's picture

This is kind of funny. I've been having the same dilemma as you picking out a favorite Packer. Matthews is probably my favorite Packer, but he's going to be everyone's favorite Packer if he keeps putting up these kinds of numbers.

I then eliminated most of the big names because I like being a little different than everyone else. A few weeks ago, my buddy and I are talking about getting Packer jerseys. He of course gets a Matthews jersey. I tell him that if the Packers sign "Bishop" to a contract extension, that's the jersey I'm getting.

I never thought I'd have someone pick the same guy with simalar reasoning as me. Good choice.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Great minds think alike.

Curt Cozad's picture

Where's the love for Havner? He's my pick. LOL

myfrienddanielle's picture

Mine (from this list) was James Jones until last week when James Jones started talking about James Jones in the third person...James Jones cant be one of my favorites until he stops talking about James Jones that way. haha

My favorite now is Matthews. I know he's popular but he has had to fight to get where he is and continues that fight on every single play. As a small scrappy kid and mom to two small scrappy kids...I love that quality in him.

Fun read, Alex.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Dez Bishop has chosen.....wisely.

Packnic's picture

These are the kind of articles that make the lounge awesome.

Des is definitely deserving, dude is the defensive Aaron Rodgers. Sat around behind a great player for what seemed like forever, didnt cry about it and when he got his chance, didnt just fill in but excelled. Gotta love that kind of story.

not that anyone cares but,
My top 5 that arent the obvious 5.

5. Donald Driver (honorary choice)
4. Tramon Williams
3. Des Bishop
2. Mike Neal
1. BJ Raji

JohnRehor's picture

Reasons for Bishop at the top:

-preseason fan and coaching staff favorite
-has backed up the talk with the walk this season
-Twitter friendly, always a plus
-Didn't let the fact he had to sit affect his play; looks like it only helped his cause

Agree with the choice.

Wonder where Jones would rank if he was anything close to consistent with his play.

Jer's picture

I was going to say my favorite is Clay Matthews because he's a beast, but I guess that's too easy. lol

bozz_2006's picture

I was pretty sure you were going to go with Josh Sitton. That would've been my pick.

Chris Carnall's picture

Really great article, and a fine choice!

Disappointed to see Scotty Wells drop out of contention, and puzzled that my man John Kuuuuuuhn didn't make it! ;-)

PackersRS's picture

So now I have to check the lounge daily again, huh? What a feminine presence doesn't do in one's life (yeah, I know, you have a life of your own, you're busy as fuck, we've been through this before)...

From your elite 6, I'd have to go with Barnett. I prefer D over O. Skill positions are wymps for the most part. It leaves Bishop, Raji and Barnett.

Then, it's about personality. Raji hasn't shown enough moxy to be the guy. Bishop is cool, but Barnett has the sweet 'fro and the big red going on, so he gets the nod.

My personal favorite is a cliché, it's the Claymaker, the Predator, a.k.a. bloodlines. And this sealed the deal for me:

BTW, I don't know what shocked me the most. Seeing Mason Crosby not making the final round, or the pick not being James Jones.

Just a question: If Tauscher isn't re-signed, and you do this self-scouting before the season, before James Jones starts fumbling and dropping balls, is he the one?

most unknown's picture

nice pick!!! tramon is my favorite player, but WILL NOT purchase his jersey!! take a look @ my jerseys do you hear anyones name mentioned on sundays besides brett fart

1.kabeer gbaja biamila 94
2.brett favre 4 harris 31
4.darren sharper 42
5.javon walker 84
6.aaron kampman 74
7.ahman green 30
8.nick barnett 56
9.ryan grant 25
10.jermichael finley 88

FITZCORE1252's picture

Solid pick.


aussiepacker's picture

tough choice to make. I think in a favourite player you want someone who is solid and dependable, but it is always good if your favorite player is flashy.

Don's picture

I am going to take the easy way out and say: Clay Matthews. Definitely, definitely Clay Matthews.

It's really unfair to have to pick just one, I love the entire team.

bryce's picture

I went Tramon, of the list you gave us. You think they're going to keep Bishop? Who are they going to get rid of in order to keep him, then?

Cuphound's picture

Donald Driver. Yes, he won't be around for much longer, but I don't care. I still remember him connecting with Voldemort back in the pre-season of 2001 and thinking, "Why don't they start Driver? He rocks." None of my friends believed that he was going to be the man. Antonio Freeman, yadda, yadda. But damn it, Driver was all that and a bag of chips. Undoubtedly, he was the best thing about the Sherman era and one of the few who survived the Thompson purges.

Mitch Ryder's picture

Paul Hornung, the Golden Boy is STILL my fav and will always is Max..just because...but on this team Bishop

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