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Knee Jerkers

Knee Jerkers

This might anger a lot of people, because they will realize it’s about them. It’s not being called out that will hurt their feelings, it will be admitting that they’re a knee jerker.

When the team wins, we’re awesome! When the team loses, we suck!

When we shut the Bears out and allow only 3 points, Sanders is awesome! When we allow 51, fire his ass!

When Aaron has a great game, looking off safeties, throwing darts, running the ball at the right times, Aaron Rodgers is the second coming of Jesus Christ. When he plays like a first year starter, he’s no Brett Favre and we should have brought in a veteran QB!

This is what I have to deal with every day it seems. It’s not the fact that people look at things with such a “black or white” attitude and ignore that these things, like life, are a shade of grey. That’s not it. What annoys me is how QUICK people do it! I’ve seen people want someone fired one play, then get a contract extension the next.

Now let me make this clear, I do NOT care if your opinions differ from mine. It seems the majority DOES disagree with me, and that’s fine. But like this Green Bay Packers team, you need to keep it consistent. Don’t like McCarthy’s playcalling? Fine. Then hate it when it works too. Hate it when the toss you hated or the FB dive you dislike gets into the endzone. Try to understand not every play is going for 20 yards or getting into the endzone.

Have respect for yourself. If you boo’d McCarthy’s playcalling and the team as they exited the field down 11 during the Panthers game, that’s cool. You made a hell of a statement there as you embarrassed yourself and Lambeau Field. But that was your choice and you made it. You are an unhappy fan, but you better keep your mouth shut and your right to cheer the team disappeared and for those who cheered when the Packers came back and eventually took the lead in that game, should be ashamed of themselves. Boo them every time, because apparently that’s how you feel. Right?

Now I’m not saying you can’t change your mind, but you should be sure about it. I used to like James Jones for example. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, then he showed me he’s not that great and he lost my love. Since then he’s been on my list. Hopefully he can change my mind, but it’s going to take more than a couple TDs and a couple good games to do so. I won’t be hate\love\hate\love\hate\loving James Jones anytime soon.

Hating on the team and predicting the season’s end one week followed up by predicting playoffs is silly. I understand a lot of people wear their hearts on their sleeves and believe me, NOBODY likes to lose, but you should keep things in context. Realize a game is 60 minutes. Realize a season has 16 games. Realize it’s not black and white, and try to see the shades of grey. Understand you’re not the coach and you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Love them or hate them. Trust them or not. These things shouldn’t change week to week depending on the score. Let these people, from GM to backup long snapper, show you who they are, and make your judgments on them and go from there. Love them or hate them. Trust them or not.

Nobody likes a flip flopper, nobody likes “that guy.” Don’t be “that guy.” You’re better than that, you’re a Packers fan.

And yes, you ARE a Packers fan, so don’t fly off the handle if you think I’m questioning your fanhood. I’m just doing my part trying to help you look at things from a more logical perspective.

I believe this is the part where people reply to this saying I’m a blind follower or something.


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