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Jayme Does Dallas - The NFL Experience

Jayme Does Dallas - The NFL Experience

So I totally forgot to mention in yesterday’s installment about the rolling black outs. So before I delve into the fun that was more time on the ice and snow, allow me to back track just a little bit.

On Wednesday morning, as Alex and I fought through the morning after Jager bombs haze, the power inexplicably went out. Good times. Deciding not to panic, or perhaps just too lazy to, we waited it out and about ten minutes later light was restored. Alex did a little research and we learned that rolling black outs were affecting the entire Dallas Fort Worth area. With my history of living in Los Angeles, I had a little experience with the fun; apparently Dallas residents really just wanted to keep turning their heat up.

In his research, Alex learned that both the stadium and Dallas convention center were not going to experience black outs. Makes sense, but apparently this sent Dallas residents into a blind rage, that Alex had a lot of fun arguing with them.

The power went off and on about 5 times that morning. We tried to get ready quickly when given light, but of course, the power went out when Alex was in the shower. Which was immediately followed by a few choice words from Alex and some laughing from me. The power also went out as I was getting ready and I was tasked with the chore of applying makeup via my iPhone flashlight app. It dawned on me later that perhaps simply opening the drapes and using natural light would have worked a lot better.  Facepalm!!

The most difficult thing about the black outs is that we lost all phone and internet service during each one. For people trying to call a cab and plan out a day’s events, this was not helpful.

Now people think I like to drink a few beers, but my real addiction is to diet coke. Alex and I developed a nice little routine in the mornings; he would go out for a smoke and get me a soda. Guess what you can’t do when the power’s out. Use the vending machines. AND use the electronic door locks. Good times!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, where was I??  Oh yes, Thursday morning, the day that Alex and Jayme would do work!

Number one, we woke up at a normal time. Number two, we had our car ready and available. And number three we both continued to say how much warmer it was (the difference between 4 degrees and 14 degrees is great!!).

So we got ready, grabbed the camera and the magnets and were off to the stadium.

Jayme: Should we call and get tickets?

Alex: No, we’ll just get them at the gate.

This is an important conversation to remember.

So we headed out for the long trip to Arlington. In Dallas, to get to the stadium or the Steelers side of town you have to drive through the airport. The roads were still horrible, and honestly the ones around the airport were the worst yet. Seems like those roads outside of the airport would be at least a little important to a town expecting thousands of people, but I guess not.

Cowboys stadium/North Texas Stadium/whatever you want to call it, is massive. You can see it on the horizon as you drive closer. First off, the main exit for the stadium, according to google maps, is under construction. So Alex and I fight the construction and the very crazy traffic and make our way to the main gate where we find out that tickets for the day are SOLD OUT. Now, this is not me saying, I told you so, but let’s just say, I mentioned it before.

It was still relatively early in the day, around noon, so we quickly changed plans and headed the long drive back into Dallas to go to the NFL experience. I tried to call the stadium tour ticket line, only to learn that while on hold they make you listen to Cowboy highlights from the previous season. I listened to the same 8 plays on a loop for nearly 10 minutes. If that’s not taking one for the team, I don’t know what is. My ears still haven’t fully recovered.

Eventually we made our way into Dallas and found the convention center. For some reason the parking lot of the NFL experience is about 10 miles away from the entrance. (okay, that MIGHT be an overstatement). We would spend the next two hours moving from one line to another waiting to enter the event.

Alex was on the lookout for any and all Packers super fans and recorded them loving Cheesehead TV; I held our place in lines.

Once inside, Alex was a man on a mission; he was going to kick a field goal. He was on such a mission that he completely missed the fact that we were walking past the NFLN crew getting ready to go on air. I nudged him and did the whole head tilt look over there thing.

I was able to catch Sapp getting upset at Prime Time preshow. “I don’t even know who you are when you say stuff like that.”  It was pretty classic.

But I could not deter Alex for long, and we ended up at the field goal station, where Alex was 1 for 3. The kick he made was spectacular, as was the belt afterwards, but I’m waiting for the outtakes version because that second kick…well let’s just say, it didn’t go very far.

After that it was determined that Alex would run the combine. After all, he talks more smack on the players than anyone else, so he should at least try to do what these guys do day in and day out. I opted out of the drills and took on the role of full time camera woman. You can check the footage of Alex’s pro day workout here.

A couple of other things we learned at the NFL experience:

I have small hands. Or Bubba has big hands

I have small feet. Or Woody has big feet.

I tried to pose behind this to look like I was a Packer. I kind of failed at that, as my Achilles was shaking waiting for Alex to snap the picture.

Batman was there. Had I known ahead of time, I would have brought my Green jersey (which was back at the hotel room). Facepalm number 5 (I think we’re on five now).

The NFL experience is HUGE. I was exhausted from walking around and I didn’t run any of the drills. So Alex and I made the executive decision to head back toward Lewisville. Before leaving the convention center though we needed to get a picture of the huge XLV sign outside the NFL experience.

I love this picture because you can see all the people struggling to make their way across the ice.

I managed to make it up to the sign, but for the life of me could not turn and face the camera. I would have fallen and probably slid down the hill. Therefore I decided to pose like this.

Of course we got lost on our way to the car and then failed as we tried to find where JFK was assassinated. We drove by it, but with all the snow on the ground it was hard to see the spots. Alex and I had a week long debate as to whether it is the Texas Book Depository or Repository. I think we all know I am right with Depository, but I will let the readers decide.

So worn out and tired we headed back to our hotel to order a pizza and do some editing. Guess what, there apparently was still TOO much ice on the roads for pizza guys to come out. We rolled our eyes and headed back out to Olive Garden. When in Texas, go big!

Went to sleep that night knowing that Friday would bring tweet ups and then end of Brian having to work his tail off, meaning we might actually see him.

Would the ice and snow ever melt? Would Alex and I ever find the throws of fans that were promised to us? Stay tuned to find out.

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Comments (4)

Wiscokid's picture

Hi Jayme, I can't tell you how happy I was to meet you. This doesn't have anything to do with your article but you really need to hear this and make sure Alex hears it too. I was out at the Pioneer Press web site and found this audio that is too funny. It talks about the possibility of the Packer starting a new dynasty. Great stuff.

PackersRS's picture

Right there. That delusional asshole right there getting all angry that the guys are saying the Packers have the makings of a dynasty, and talking about Rodgers getting concussed.

That is why I hate the vikings and their shitty fans, and that's why they'll never win a SB.

Wait a minute! Is that Todd?

Wiscokid's picture

It was one of the Viking sports writers. I thought it was funny as hell that they are so freaked out. I found an article on the Chicago Sun Time site that was at least that funny. The article is entitled "Bear Fans Worst Nightmare: Hated Packers Figure to be Even Better". Check it out.

The Detroit Free Press is taking a different approach. They think that they should use Green Bay as model.

packerslounge's picture


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