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I Wish Favre Would

I Wish Favre Would




I know you’re thinking about coming back, Brett. You probably want to stick it to the Pack. Do it. I dare you.





Here we go again, Packers fans. Favre is up to his old antics. The Jets have released Favre making him available to any team in the NFL that wants him, including the Vikings. The question is, “Does Favre want to come back” and the answer is “yes.”

Favre is a competitive guy who looked great at times last year so he has the ability and drive, but that’s not why. After the 2008 edition of Favre-Gate, Favre publically stated he wanted to go to the Vikings just to stick it to the Packers - to stick it to us.

“I want to play for the Packers, if not, I want to play against them.” Yep, there was no moving on and going separate ways here. There was bitterness and pity vengeance, one of the many things that made me lose respect for my former favorite player.

Favre released a statement saying, "Nothing has changed. At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football."

It’s a good thing we can take Favre at his word. He would never lie.

In February, the Vikings said they were not interested in the newly re-re-re-retired Favre but a lot can change in a couple months, especially after a draft where your team has improved and looks good at every position except the one that matters.

I hope he does come back and help us get two wins against the Vikings. I hope he comes back and further proves that Green Bay made the correct move to go with Aaron Rodgers.

So here we go again, boys! Will Favre stay retired? Will he start taking meetings with “friends” who happen to be coaches or general managers of teams in need of quarterbacks? Will we hear reports of Favre being in the best shape of his life and how he’s been training at a local high school?

I know Packers Lounge will be one of the first places to report any news on this subject so stay tuned for the 2009 edition of Favre-Gate.



As if this being the last time we might have seen Favre wasn't bad enough, it only gets uglier and uglier.

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Pack93z's picture

Is it me, or is Trom's hatred towards Favre equal to anyone's hatred to Ted Thompson?

Personally I could care less if Brett plays for them or not.. he is an NFL free agent and can choose anything he would like...

I just hope we beat his ass upon the field if he does come back..

iowachick's picture

So Brett was released. Big Deal. Today word came out he was wanting to retire as a Packer. Isn't that what we fans wanted, too?

I do not understand the viciousness towards him. He has done nothing and people here are calling him names and dissing his reputation.

Brett Favre is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Only when he truly stops playing will we truly appreciate how good he is. You know who said that? Bart Starr

Favre has never held out for more money, not shown for training camp in August, or publicly pointed fingers at other players. Oh, and he never shot himself, got stabbed, or accused of sexual assualt. So What's your beef?

Leave Brett Favre alone. You look like idiots getting so worked up over nothing news.

He probably wants to retire his Packer jersey. If some QB is injured midseason and he feels up to playing, why not? he's fun to watch.

Graffin's picture

So if Favre plays for the Vikings you won't in any way be pissed off or disappointed? What if he shot your dog,on purpose, would everything be cool? The point is your blind faith won't let you see any flaws no matter what. This article may be a bit extreme, but your view is as well.

Elmo's picture


You're must be confusing your blind faith for Ted Thompson, for IowaChick's finely reasoned argument regarding Farve.

Your hatred of Favre makes you want to tear him down so you can feel like a big man. It's ok though. Everyone knows that you Favre haters are little, pointless men/boys.

Andyman's picture

"Leave Brett Favre Alone"

Chris Crocker?

Elmo's picture

Boy, have the chickens come home to roost...and their getting to take a steaming sh*tpile dump right on TT's (and Tromadz's) head...hahaha..

What a hypocrite you are. Favre went 14-3 with a very suspect Ted Thompson Packer's team...and what did Mr. Rodgers, the crybaby, do when handed the team? He proceeded to go 6-10 with the same team that Favre was inches from the SB with...

Also, your selective memory is really fascinating, you ungrateful little punk. Nobody did SHIt in that game against the Giants except Driver and Favre, and you have the nerve and the idiocy to blame it all on Favre. Just like all you young punks do that don't know **** about football, except what you learn on Madden 2000, or whatever...

Lying. That swine Ted Thompson is the king of lying. "Oh yeah, Brett...we're gonna get you some help...some weapons"..said Ted. Bullshit. How about when he said, "We want Brett Favre around", when it's been proven that he clearly didn't. And what about the bullshit lie that was leaked to the media about Favre using a Packer cell phone to call the Vikings..???

The false bravado our your post is amusing. I know that you and Ted and all the Ted nuttlicker's are shitting a gold brick right now, fearing that Favre will sign with the Vikings and EMBARASS the Packers and their brass by taking them to school 2x a year, and beating their asses..

I also love the fact that Favre has said one word about coming back, and you and your clown chorus is already "demonizing" the evil Brett, and how dare he come back and try to make Ted Thompson look bad....Maybe Bart Starr is going to come back and stab Forrest Gregg with a pen-knife on the side-line too...

Conspiracy theory nuts...they're a hoot.

Profizzle's picture

I would rather play Favre on the Vikings than T Jack.

Elmo's picture


If that's true, that is a really dumb statement!

Profizzle's picture

im just using you form of arguing

iowachick's picture

You and I are on the same page

Paul's picture

While you are that far up Bretts --- maybe you could save him some time in the furure and just give him that Colon check up he is going to need to get. Were all thoses thoughts yours or did you get them from Bert and Ernie?

PackersRS's picture

I have a #4 Packers Jersey hanging on the wall in my bedroom, beyond the one I wear, and a #92. Plan to buy a #85 soon.
That being said, you're either with us or against us.
Go Pack Go...

Master Bates's picture

Favre was the one who brought the Packers back from obscurity, and this is how he's the so called, "Packer fans"....


Alex Tallitsch's picture

Packer fans brought the Pack back from obscurity.

iowachick's picture

Packer fans sat for 20 years with only one winning season. If we could have made the Packers winners, believe me, we would have done it by the fifth year.

Brett Favre lit the pilot light!

Andyman's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3266">

<strong><a href="#comment-3266" rel="nofollow">Master Bates</a></strong>: Favre was the one who brought the Packers back from obscurity, and this is how he’s treated……by the so called, “Packer fans”….Hypocrites!


You except people to kiss his feet after the way he acted last year? I still respect the guy, but not nearly as much as I used to.

Asshalo's picture

"You except people to kiss his feet after the way he acted last year?"

No, but I don't expect you to start throwing stones at the guy. What about the way the organization acted last year?

iowachick's picture

No one knows the truth of what did and did not happen last year, or who said what to whom. Let's not make assumptions and crucify someone over what you believe based on leaked press reports (always remember the Packer phone that never existed.)

Master Bates's picture

Some of these Jets fans have more class than you people do...such as DenvilleRich..EricMangina, and RottPitt...

Brett Favre asked New York Jets for unconditional release twice, says source
by Dave Hutchinson/The Star-Ledger
Wednesday April 29, 2009, 9:31 AM

Dean Duprey/Associated Press
Quarterback Brett Favre is free to sign with any team in the NFL after getting his release from the Jets.
Just spoke to one of my guys and he gave me some behind-the-scenes insight on why the Jets officially released quarterback Brett Favre from the reserve/retired list on Tuesday night.

First, following the draft, Favre asked the Jets for his unconditional release for a "second time," I'm told. If you remember, when he retired last February, Favre and his agent, Bus Cook, denied they had asked the Jets for his official release.

But now with Mark Sanchez in the fold, Favre figured he could force the Jets' hand and gain his release.

Secondly, the Jets didn't want any "Favre drama" hanging over their heads with Sanchez trying to find his way. If Sanchez struggled this summer in training camp, for instance, the club didn't want the specter of a possible return by Favre hanging over their heads.

Sure, the Jets didn't have to grant Favre his wish, but they had nothing to gain by holding onto him and trying to get some compensation (he cost them a third-round pick) if a team wanted to sign him. They felt a mid-round draft pick (at best) wasn't worth the headache.

Although Favre said in a statement on Tuesday and through his agent again on Wednesday that he has no intention of returning to football next season, his actions -- asking for his release from the Jets twice -- don't jive with his words.

During his time in New York, I really liked Favre as a person, but as facts continue to emerge, it seems like he has a hidden agenda at times. Why else would Favre ask for his release a second time if he didn't have any intentions on coming out of retirement -- and playing for the Vikings, perhaps?

If he never plans on playing another down in the NFL, would it really matter at all which team held his rights?

COMMENTS (26)Post a comment
Posted by BigEasyEJ on 04/29/09 at 10:19AM
Dumb move by the Jets. If some team wanted to sign Farve, we could have gotten something for him. How can the Jets feel that a mid-round draft pick isn't "worth the headache"?

Farve was a dud for the Jets, and now the management has ruled out any possibility that we could have gotten something good in return.

. Post a commentPosted by IRASI on 04/29/09 at 10:44AM
It really does make you wonder what his motive is. Its hard to hang them up. I know all about that. I think there is a chance he returns like Dave specualated. And the Vikings would be the team.If i ahd to take a guess i say he will be the opening day QB for the Vikings this year.

. Post a commentPosted by beautifulas on 04/29/09 at 11:08AM
this is really embarrassing for the Jets and Favre.

. Post a commentPosted by pragmatic on 04/29/09 at 11:13AM
What are the rules / requirements to do the old "sign for a day &amp; retire" ? Could this simply be a step to retire as a Packer? However- With all of the snarky behavior between Brett &amp; Green Bay, it may not be something that either party is interested in doing --
Maybe there has been some mellowing &amp; maybe all parties will wise up and realize that in the long run there is more for all of them to gain by capitalizing on their history - rather than spit on it.

. Post a commentPosted by DenvilleRich on 04/29/09 at 11:19AM
"Favre was a dud for the Jets". before BEING INJURED, he was the fourth-rated passer in the NFL, had the team in first place at 8-3, and had just beaten the best two teams in the AFC back to back.

I'm sure that "system QB" Mark Sanchez will do that! LOL!
Post a commentPosted by scratchiti on 04/29/09 at 11:42AM
Maybe he wants to be able to get signed by the Packers for a one day contract somewhere down the line (if not this season, then next, once the wounds have healed). That way he gets to officially retire as a Packer. It's a bit of a silly thing to care about, but it seems to be something hall-of-fame caliber football players are doing these days.

Post a commentPosted by scratchiti on 04/29/09 at 11:43AM
whoops, sorry for just repeating what pragmatic wrote.
. Post a commentPosted by Thunder234 on 04/29/09 at 11:55AM
This is more embarrassing than the fact that Jets have played home games at GIANTS Stadium. Thank God only one more year to go for the Jets

. Post a commentPosted by BigEasyEJ on 04/29/09 at 12:19PM
DenvilleRich... That's a very weak argument you're trying to make. Who cares how a player performs for 11 games. The last time I checked, each NFL team plays 16 regular season games.

. Post a commentPosted by shutupsitdow on 04/29/09 at 12:22PM
Wise move by the Jests, get that overrated drama-queen INT machine out of there &amp; get a fresh start with a young, cooperative QB. Favre has been washed-up for years, ignore the meaningless stats, except for the one that really stands out re: Favre, which is INT's. Game-crushing INT's.

Post a commentPosted by JetObsessed2 on 04/29/09 at 12:39PM
I don't see the need for everyone to get their panties in a bunch over giving up the rights to a 40 year old QB..

He's had his Hall of Fame career. Get him off the books.. He's earned that.
If he stays retired, cool.. If he wants to come back and help a team with injured QBs, cool..
If he wants to sign with the Packers for a day or a year, or whatever, cool.. Let him.

There's nothing embarrassing about it for Favre or the Jets.. The guy's retired, old, and that's really the end of it. Most of you are making this a much bigger deal that it really is.

. Post a commentPosted by beautifulas on 04/29/09 at 12:49PM
so everything is cool according to JetObsessed2; no super bowl in 42 years, cool!
Post a commentPosted by Thunder234 on 04/29/09 at 12:56PM
What else is cool? Playing home games at GIANTS Stadium, cool. Having so many draft and free agent busts, cool. Having so many late season collapses, cool. Having had Rich Kotite as head coach, cool. Getting faked out by Dan Marino on a potential spike, cool.

Post a commentPosted by DenvilleRich on 04/29/09 at 12:58PM
The player was INJURED, idiots. That happens. The year before, Chad wasn't injured, and the Jets were 4-12. Until Brett was INJURED, the Jets were being spoken about as a potential Super Bowl team.

I realize you losers have nothing in life but the potential to wear a "my team won, so I'm a winner" hat, but it doesn't change the fact that Favre was a good pick-up. Not everything works out, but they had no chance last year without Favre. With him, they were in it until the idiot coach refused to accept that the QB had an injured arm. Had they handed the ball to Thomas and Leon against Seattle, they'd have been in the playoffs.

I bet BigEasy was crowing about Chad...until he threw FIVE INTs against Baltimore. Talk about results! LOL!

. Post a commentPosted by shutupsitdow on 04/29/09 at 1:14PM
If he was really "injured" why wasn't he sitting? What a terrific teammate.

. Post a commentPosted by beautifulas on 04/29/09 at 1:22PM
Rich, you posts here are as idiotic as the ones on the political sites; this guy (Favre) cost the jets a draft pick, a QB and a head coach!! he deserves to have mud slung at him if he plays this year as do the jets for making such a bonehead move. Cool?

. Post a commentPosted by oigeli on 04/29/09 at 1:24PM
Latest News on Brett Favre - does he want to come back?

. Post a commentPosted by Thunder234 on 04/29/09 at 1:44PM
You can defend, justify, babysit him all you want, but there is NO question Favre single-handedly ruined his legacy last year.

. Post a commentPosted by ttexpress on 04/29/09 at 2:37PM
Who cares how a player performs for 11 games. The last time I checked, each NFL team plays 16 regular season games.

That is by far the dumbest statement I have ever read on any forum, anywhere.

. Post a commentPosted by fuhgetabout on 04/29/09 at 2:42PM
It kinda makes you rethink what Favre put the packers through. It's too bad because he's a future Hall of Fame guy who'll be last remembered for his prima donna attitude. IMHO, the Jets were foolish to sign him especially after his "I'm retiring, unretiring" antics at Greenbay. I have to think that Favre was forced down Mangini's throat. Mangini had to know the league buzz about Favre. He's like a lot of aging football players who think they have one more year left only to learn that time and the game have passed him by. I understand he never associated with anyone from the Jets and stayed pretty much isolated. Let him go and stay retired. It would boggle the mind if any team expressed interest in him. He won't be the no. 2 guy and train someone because he could have done that in GB. I guess he should have.

Post a commentPosted by runleon29 on 04/29/09 at 2:44PM
last time the NYJ let a veteran QB walk for free he wound up coming back that same year to beat us in our own stadium to keep us out of the playoffs. a mid-round pick as compensation for favre is nothing to sneeze at- especially for a team that only had 3 draft picks this year.

Post a commentPosted by ellison75 on 04/29/09 at 2:45PM
Actually, Chad WAS injured the year before (when the Jets were 4-12, honestly do you watch the games?). In fact, when he's healthy, he always leads his team to the playoffs (as he did AGAIN with the Dolphins).

Pennington took a 1-15 team to the playoffs but will get overlooked again. Favre did nothing except throw INTs and turn the ball over with idiotic decisions, but will still be considered an NFL caliber QB, but why?

. Post a commentPosted by runleon29 on 04/29/09 at 2:51PM
ok, now that Favre was offically released, can someone from The Star Ledger PLEASE remove that annoying picture of the human INT-machine with his head in his hands from this website? let's replace it with a big toothy Mark Sanchez grin...

. Post a commentPosted by ericmagina on 04/29/09 at 2:56PM
Rich doesn't need to defend himself, he's the only one that is making a valid point. You guys are ALL totally disillusioned if you think that you can hang your blown season on your quarterback. Was it Brett's fault that your defense imploded, giving up more than 350 points in the season? Do you know how many other teams that gave up that many points had winning records? NONE. Do you know why you had a winning record at all? Because your offense scored over 400 points. You have to go all the way back to 1998 to find the last time the Jets put up that many points. 10 YEARS!!! In that time the Jets AVERAGED out to be the #18th ranked offense in the league. Last year they were 9th. That's a 50% increase!

Please, do try to explain to me how exactly your quarterback is responsible for your crappy season? I think its your crappy team that is root of the problem.

And Thunder234, you drama queen, despite the fact that the man has broken just about every record a quarterback can break, won a superbowl, MVP awards, passing titles, etc etc, you're probably right. Canton will overlook an entire career of achievement and deny him his legacy, his right to be in the Hall of Fame.

You idiot.

. Post a commentPosted by nynjru on 04/29/09 at 3:16PM
favre didn't lose the games at the end of the year. the d wans't the best and the play calling was terrible. in seattle it was snowing favre had a hurt arm and he still called those passes. when your backfield is one of the best on the NFL, you run the ball especially in those elements. I think Shot has to have some of the blame on him. I still believe mangini still should be here. shot should be let go if he can't prove himself. yeah the season at the end of the year last year was bad but considering we went 4-12 the year before, that's still a whole lot better. if everyone knew brett had a hurt arm, why did they throw 30+ times a game?

Post a commentPosted by RottPitt on 04/29/09 at 3:17PM
I'm neither a Jet or Brett Favre fan, but some of you people are down right angry and jealous. The man was a tremendous competitor and athlete. Most of us on this forum are just jealous that we could not play in the NFL for one training camp, let alone the length of Favre's career. Give the guy a break, he has a hard time walking away from something he loves

Packnic's picture

The media wants it to happen. They need him for ratings and readers.

Favre fans want it to happen because thats all they care about. They don't understand football or team sports in general.... but gosh he sure is handsome in those jeans commercials.

any self respecting Packer fan does NOT want it to happen. At least not to the Vikings or Bears. because the second you put on those hideous purple uniforms, you become the enemy. All 17 years of Packer legends go right out the window. All for naught. Erased in a second after one step onto the playing field in the evil anti-packer jersey. You cannot retire as a Packer if you play for the enemy with the sole purpose of beating the Packers. It cannot happen. It will not happen.
You put on a Vikings jersey, you had better be ok with going into the Hall of Fame as a Viking right along side the other 2 hall of fame Vikings.

Asshalo's picture

"any self respecting Packer fan does NOT want it to happen."

Take a hint, Dale. You're beating a dead horse. Why the hell isn't there an article about the undrafted free agents we've signed? I would love to learn more about them. Instead, we get cheap rants.

Ben's picture

Hey Elmo- Favre was a god. WAS, until he acted like a little girl last year. You're either a Packer fan or a Favre fan. So, since you've made your choice, quit claiming Packer love and go gargle some Favre Balls. Funny thing is, you'll be all over TT's JOCK when we return to Champs. But when that time comes you cant say shat, so get over the Favre drama or go cheer for another team.

Elmo's picture

Hey Ben,

How's TT's prostate look? Any Hemmroids? I'm sure you can give it a visual with how far you've got your head stuck up TT's ass....

And talk about gargling balls....You guys surely are putting out like a $.10cent whore for a guy who's only 31-33 in 5 years...

I care more about the Packers then to support a loser like that!

PackersRS's picture

What's McCarthy's record, by the way? The coach that TT chose?

Elmo's picture

Finally, a rational poster, from another site!

pack93z wrote:
Personally, I have no issue with Brett coming back again if he so desires. It is his life and his choice to make, he is a free agent in this league.

We, the Packers, made a choice to go down a different road, fans here have handled it in many different ways.

The feelings are all over the board on personal reactions to Favre here in Packer nation.

If he signs with the Vikes, IMO, he isn't pissing on anyone.. he is making a decision on where he thinks he has the best shot of fitting in and winning. And if he gain the extra reward of beating the Packers, so be it.

It will be odd seeing him in Purple on the Lambeau field if that becomes the case, but he is no longer a Packer in terms of a roster spot. Those are facts and he played his hand that was dealt to him and by him.

Things change.. it is called life. Wish him good luck and I hope if he does play we beat his ass upon the field.

BTW.. no way in hell I spend money on a Viking jersey.. Favre or not.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3274">

<strong><a href="#comment-3274" rel="nofollow">Elmo</a></strong>: <P>Finally, a rational poster, from another site!</P></blockquote>

You mean the guy that left the first comment here?

Profizzle's picture


PackersRS's picture

Let's all be honest. There's no Favre fans. Every Green Bay Packer fan respect and admire Favre. But he didn't exactly play for free during all these years. It's not like we owe him something.
EVERY (or almost) so called "Favre fan" is, in fact, a "TT HATER". It's plain and simple. They hated TT long before the Favre incident. It's just another "ammo". They even say this draft was bad, because we didn't take Crabtree, and it costed too much to move up (and they blame TT for allways moving down in past drafts...) They don't care about the Green Bay Packers. There's no way in hell a fan can cheer against it's own team for a player. UNLESS THEY'RE CHEERING AGAINST THE MANAGEMENT.

Why do you think almost every comment for Brett Favre allways comes with another trashing TT??? Just look at the posts in here. Why Mark Murphy isn't cited?

A true Packer fan cheered for GB before TT, during TT, and after TT, because it's not about a player, or about a GM, it's about the team.

Dale Z's picture

"Let’s all be honest. There’s no Favre fans."

That's when I stopped reading.

Asshalo's picture

There's plenty. Just check Railbird Central.

PackersRS's picture

Who SUPPORTED TT before the Favre fiasco, and now trash him? That's my point...

Asshalo's picture

RBC isn't trashing Thompson. They're just saying why not make-up

Asshalo's picture

"You probably want to stick it to the Pack. Do it. I dare you."

Oh, jesus. Get a life you hack. No one wants to hear you cry about favre anymore. It's a non-issue, because he's explictly said he's not coming back and right away for that matter. Either way if he does come back, it won't take a lot to do good with that O-line, Adrian Peterson, Berrian, Rice, Harvin and an emerging tight end. Once again the Vikings are merely a decent QB away from contending (from a roster standpoint). Let them start Sage Rosenfeld and not Favre.

"Also, your selective memory is really fascinating, you ungrateful little punk. Nobody did SHIt in that game against the Giants except Driver and Favre, and you have the nerve and the idiocy to blame it all on Favre."
~ For once Elmo is 100% right. 29 yards rushing and how many rush yards did the Giants have. What was the time of possession in the second half. Say all you want about him in the playoffs, but he was actually more reliable in the playoffs than Dan Marino in about every category. Payton Manning always chokes in the playoffs too, but no one is foolish enough to say the colts should get rid of him.

Asshalo's picture

check Post 16 it reflects my thoughts better in light of recent findings.

Asshalo's picture

"during his time in New York, I really liked Favre as a person, but as facts continue to emerge, it seems like he has a hidden agenda at times. Why else would Favre ask for his release a second time if he didn’t have any intentions on coming out of retirement — and playing for the Vikings, perhaps?"

As much as I defend Favre from irrational rants, this is a very good point. DIdn't know he alledgedly asked for a release a second time. Last year I wouldn't have minded if he played for the vikes because he should be allowed to come back. Doing this again after what's been said is just a load of crap. It won't take much for him to be successful on that team with Three good receivers and the best o-line and RB in the league, but honestly, I would hope we would give him some of the worst performances of his career.

On the whole though Dale you're becoming quite the hack. I'de much rather hear about the undrafted free agents and upcoming rookie camp. I've been giddy about it all week. Instead I hear you beating a dead horse in a very typical way.

Asshalo's picture

Unless he's hoping to make amends with Green Bay and sign a one-day contract for retirement. I can only hope it's that and not anything to do with Minnesota-- that is, if these rumors are true.

Asshalo's picture

Cook said he originally asked the Jets to release Favre after the season as just "the order of business. Brett wants to retire as a Packer and that's just part of it."

Dale Z's picture

"On the whole though Dale you’re becoming quite the hack."

I'll take that as a compliment considering I've been a hack for quite some time.

Asshalo's picture

Just with this topic of course. Otherwise, I might butt heads with your optimism at times, but I wouldn't call it hackery.

And if you take it as a compliment, then I'm your biggest fan. Go Hack Go.

Aren's picture

Way to be a post-draft buzzkill Dale...

Asshalo's picture

Buzz-kill is right. Good call on the Jamarko Simmons press earlier, but now there's some pretty cool stuff about Jennings being his mentor and him choosing us over 7 other teams.

Wouldn't it be funny if this guy ends up being a success. Everyone is saying how crappy every receiver the bears drafted is. I would laugh my ass of if we landed an Undrafted free agent that is better than anyone the bears could draft in the third round.

PackersRS's picture

Where's a Jamarko press conference? Couldn't find it... I think this guy is special. btw, yet another wr TT brings. And you guys thought just because he didn't drat one he had changed...

longtimefan's picture

I see Elmo ( or is it David? or maybe Pete??) Has shown his face.

If Brett signs ( btw you typed sing before ) with the Viks, I will enjoy the game vs the Pack..But if the sky falls and the Pack beat the Viks, it will be cuz Brett did not wrong..

Isnt that right Elmo?

longtimefan's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3296">

<strong><a href="#comment-3296" rel="nofollow">Elmo</a></strong>: Yeah..right…If that’s true, that is a really dumb statement!


hey buddy!!

Graffin's picture

Ha ha, oh man, I can't even start to pick apart this shit storm of posting. Good job workin people into a frenzy Dale. I hate to say it, but I basically agree with this article. Just not as wholeheartedly. My autographed pic and authentic jersey are hidden in the bottom of my closet, not in the trash yet.... If he puts on on purple....fuck

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Nothing gets its going like a Favre drama story. Personally, I don't care. I don't think he has it.

Graffin's picture

I try to not care, but whether I like it or not, if he does well or lays a dud, if Brett plays fer the Vikes it'll cause (another) sinking feeling in my stomach.

PackersRS's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3295">

<strong><a href="#comment-3295" rel="nofollow">Asshalo</a></strong>: RBC isn’t trashing Thompson. They’re just saying why not make-up

Sorry. I generalized. Didn't say RBC was this or that. Actually, I never got into the argument. But most people used to hate TT much before and use the Favre deal to attack him. That's what I was trying to point out: MOST comments you hear are more about attackin TT than supporting Favre.

My thought during the whole drama was that Favre still could play at a high level, and probably would've made a better job than Aaron last season, simply because he has better experience.

BUT having Aaron Rodgers start last season was CRUCIAL to his development, and to the development of the team althogether. Thompson has stopped the rebuilding (which included the departure of Brett) and with our future QB one year more mature, he thinks we can go all the way.

BTW, my wish is to have his shirt retired as soon as possible, but both parts still need time. Favre, on an interview to ESPN, said he knew it was part of the business, but still wanted to prove TT wrong. I believe he won't return, now.

And you must agree that any Packer player that wears a Vikings or a Bears uniform is a traitor, specially if he CHOOSES to do so...

Asshalo's picture

It's a smear campaign on both sides of it though and a lot of it is ill founded. That's why you have people that are over protective of Favre and Thompson. It's impossible to objectively criticize either without pissing someone off-- even if you're right.

But after i've digested it further, I honestly think he's done. He and Buzz cook came out with pretty definitive explainations following these reports. I'm still retired. Then why did you request release? Because I want to retire a packer.

But, if he came back after this one, I have a feeling it will be the tipping point for a lot of people who have defended him until this point-- myself included. I won't believe it though until it happens which is why I find an article like this in bad taste.

Asshalo's picture
PackersRS's picture

WOW. 232 Pounds! That's the size of a big running back! And 4.5 40 at that size... I knew about his records, but not about his size, and past as a Running back. Can you imagine the damage of a spread with God, DD, Jones, Nelson and Simmons, all with GREAT production after the cacth? And Arod is pretty mobile too. First, you run a strog formation, with 2 TE and Johnson at FB. THEN, you switch to a spread 5 with those guys... Who could stop us?

Greg C.'s picture

Where Favre crossed the line with a lot of us was when he said that if he could not play for the Packers, he wanted to play for a division rival. And it wasn't just something he said in a moment of anger. He meant it. At that point he relinquished whatever reputation he had earned during all of those years as a great Packer player. Fans take these things seriously. That's why people like Favre make millions of dollars and are treated as heroes just because they are good at playing a game. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

I think Favre's soon-to-be 40 year old body is too beat up to make it through an NFL season (didn't we learn that last year?), so nobody will take him back anyway.

Erik's picture

I'm not going to get into the flame war that's raging in here too much. We're pretty much all set in our ways and nothing will really change that. I just want to say to Dale: I agree 100%. I would agree more if there were more percentages. I think Favre has really let his spirit of competition consume him and turn him from passionate football player, to inserting drama into every single aspect of his life where he has to "win."

It's a shame because I used to have a lot of respect and admiration for Brett Favre. And he's really allowed that to erode and crumble to the point where if he signed with the Vikings I would love to see BJ Raji just eat him alive. And that's a real shame that something like this, even if it's not entirely or even mostly his fault, has caused a lot of fans like you and I to really fall off the wagon so far.

Great post, Dale.

Elmo's picture

Too many Ted Thompson "ball gargle-ers" to make any sense here.

Tromadz made an inflamatory, nonsensical, attack post (like the troll that he is, become moderator), that he started all of this ridiculous stuff...

By the way...FAVRE RULES...and he will RULE you in a Viking uniform this year!

Hell yeah....

longtimefan's picture

Hi ya again ELMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are those ball gargle-ers as good as the ball gargle-ers for Brett? I say no cuz the Brett ones have had many many years of practice..

But given time, the TT ones can gargle with the best of them, the Brett ball gargle-ers

longtimefan's picture


You didnt even answer Graf's question...

But then again you never answered mine about what your real name is or how you know me.

Graffin's picture

I don't hate Favre, but I am disppointed. I don't blindly follow Thompson, I recognize that he's not perfect but think he hits more then misses. Your name is a small childs toy and you have the partisan mind set of 5 year old who wants candy, but I'm the little boy?

GoCelts's picture

Dale has an agenda. Plain and simple. Run Favre into the ground every chance you get.

The whole article is rather elementary. Some dorks opinion on a situation he has no knowledge about. Brett Favre has accomplished more in 5 minutes than Dale has his entire life. It's hard to take anything one says seriously when they are just completely ignorant about the game and have never played a down of real competitive football in their meaningless life.

Dale is a Ted Thompson fan, a Ted Thompson apologist, and a classic nobody who tries to pretend to be important by writing opinions as facts and posting them in articles on top of this amatuerish garbage website.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

"Amatuerish garbage website."

I see you didn't leave a url to your professional and educated Packer site. You're a fuckin' douche dude.

GoCeltics's picture

Because I don't have a professional and educated Packer site

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