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I Feel Less Mad

I Feel Less Mad



Week 1. The Packers host the Chicago Bears for what would be my first Packer game at Lambeau field. Its true, I grew up a Packer fan in Wisconsin and never once been in the stadium.






All my life, I’ve heard about Lambeau being being the mecca of the NFL. A stadium incomparable to any other, simply the best. I often wondered what it would be like, post-Favre era. But in all reality, I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the stadium, all I cared about was the team and how they were going to win as a team.


The Packers knocked the Bears off with a 21-15 win. A grand experience, regardless the fact there were so many smartass Bears fans. I was proud of my Pack, and delighted to see a standing ovation for Aaron Rodgers and the team.


The win came with its problems. Everyone…everyone pin-pointed our troubles on Allen Barbre. No one else was to blame. All Barbre, all the time. It was a leak that needed to be plugged for Week 2.


Unfortunately for us, we found the Packer basement flooded. It was brutal as well as frustrating last Sunday against the Bengals. We found nothing worked. Passes dropped, penalty flags thrown, quarterback sacked, and we face-planted on the wrong side of the score. We realized that these problems were more than just Barbre, who a week ago the media and fans lambasted. He played reasonably well compared to everyone else. I found Aaron Rodgers losing confidence in his line, his recievers, and eventually himself as time expired.


My brothers who went with me to the game at Lambeau also watched it with me this past weekend. We rarely get together these days as we live far apart, but the Packers have brought us together. This weekend, we felt let down. I spent hours being mopey more than usual after a Packer loss. Like any other, I knew the sun always rises the next day. It still didn’t stop me from wanting to hit the panic button.


The panic button. It’s the button that button the Vikings fans push too often, and its the button the Packer fans rarely ever push. When you know your team goes 0-4, you push it. When your star player falls to injury, you push it. When everything you thought right goes wrong, you push it. It is simple. I seen across the interwebs that every Tom, Dick, and Larry was pushing it for the Packers. I was too.


Giving it a few days, I realized something: It was the first time the Packers have lost as a team.


I stand by this statement. I could be wrong about this, but it is something I finally realize after a few days of sobering up. All these years, the blame has lied on individuals, fundamentals, defense, offense, Ahmad Carroll, coaches, coordinators….the list goes on. Last year, we blamed the defense for our woes. Sure there a few outspoken individuals who place it all on Ted Thompson for the lost to the Bengals, but I think a majority of the Packer nation don’t agree, and the players don’t agree either.


Nick Barnett was irritated with fans after the loss for this celebration. I understand where he is coming from and how emotional he is. Greg Jennings yelled at the officials, not once, but twice. Greg Jennings doesn’t strike me as a guy to raise his voice, and it was different that he would, but I understand. Aaron Rodgers had a tone of voice, and was the first to criticize the entire team, and I understand. Mike McCarthy seemed more frustrated about the team than simply ‘pad level’. I understand.


They–more than probably us fans know–that this Packer football team is better than what they have showcased these past two games. You can blame the media-hype of the preseason. But the Packer players are blaming themselves instead of each other.


Oooo shit, here he comes!


The 3rd-and-34 is bad. They know it.

The 5 sacks is bad. They know it.


The first loss is bad, and they know it.


We are all shell-shocked. But, now I see a fire burning in each player. I’m not going to compare this team to another team. I’m not going to compare this season to another season. As Aaron Rodgers said, Charles Woodson played his ass off. He was in on every play, and he knows this team is better than what they show.


More than anything, a team that goes down together is going to rise together.


I don’t mean for this post to be preachy, uplifting, or cheesey. I’m not trying to tell you ‘don’t panic’. I just want to convey how I feel right now. My disappointment has turned to hope. I think we needed this loss more than anything. Our 3-4 isn’t going to be our savior. Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to pass our way to victory. This is a young team yearning for something more than a perfect record. I could be wrong, but I know that I am not. There is 14 games left, That’s 14 chances to win, not 14 chances to blow.


I can’t tell you if we are going to march into St. Louis and blow them out of Edwards Jones stadium. But, I can bet that the Packers are going to fight with a passion we didn’t see last year, win or lose.


Make sure and check out Westley's blog. Some good, good stuff there.

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Comments (28)

Stan's picture

"now I see a fire burning in each player"

~ That's the key. You're hearing players and coaches rallying the troops, you're hearing Aaron Rodgers take hold of the reigns and telling it like it is, you're hearing Mike McCarthy state quite clearly, "oh, we will be better". Joe Philbin too is sending out a message that "no one's job is safe" when he talks of accountability.

This is a team that has all the right stuff, but there's an attitude problem, a focus problem. Guys are letting preseason expectations cloud their own efforts ("the Bengals are much worse than we are, why bother playing them hard?").

Now we hear of Aaron Rouse being cut. A guy who for all intents and purposes is a standard backup guy...... now he's gone. It sends a message out. DO NOT GET COMFORTABLE, DON'T THINK WE'LL LET BAD HABITS SLIDE, YOU COULD BE NEXT!

Oh, this team's fired up folks, and we're set to unleash on Sunday!


packerslounge's picture

It's true. I expect to see a team playing with tenacity this week. If not, we've got problems.

Greg C.'s picture

Thanks for the really fine article, and congratulations on your first trip to Lambeau Field.

Last night I saw a clip from an Aaron Rodgers press conference, and he was saying things like, "We didn't block them well enough" and that the other guys wanted it more than our guys. He's walking a line there. He was coming awfully close to flat-out calling out his O-line. But they kind of deserve it, and Rodgers did take some of the blame himself. This could be a defining moment for Aaron as a leader--either in a good way or a bad way. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out over the course of the season. I think it'll turn out well, but there are no guarantees.

Asshalo's picture

"But, I can bet that the Packers are going to fight with a passion we didn’t see last year, win or lose."

And like week two this year. Sometimes games are gona be ugly, but you have to find a way to win.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

You're seeing the REAL AROD their...

The one who threw his line under the bus in the Patriot game...

The one who told fans, "STFU..and get on the bus..."

And now this...

If the Packers lose to the Rams this week. I can see this team blowing apart.

And the linchpin of blame will be Ted L. Thompson....or at least, it should be!

Jersey Al's picture

Just curious. Have you EVER left a comment that doesn't mention Ted Thompson? Just curious.

Asshalo's picture

Is Elmo or someone else?

PackersRS's picture

LT knows this... At, his nickname is D.Levens... He makes the same insightful comments there...

RonLC's picture

To keep the fire stoked, they need to get the "clinkers" out of the fire (I'm probably one of the few people here who knows what that means). One of the biggest "clinkers" is MM game plan. It is not possible to run his complex offense with the O-line he has, They just aren't good enough to protect for that long a time, And they can't zone block either, He needs to institute a drive blocking scheme. He needs to use more 3 step drops. And, he needs to go back to a more ball-control passing game.

I trust Capers will fix the run defense. Steven Jackson will be a good test. If they fail again, the GB Packers are in for a long and disappointing season.
So, please MM take this game seriously, bank the fire and don't try to do anything the team you have can't do, PLEASE.

Asshalo's picture

he doesn't make adjustments very well-- by week or by half

PackersRS's picture

Sadly, it's true... He's a GREAT QB coach (best in the league IMO, even better than Tom Moore)... He's a GREAT play designer... But that alone won't make you a great HC...

Mr. Bacon's picture

Did I just get Ahmed Carroll'd ?

Welcome to the lounge.

Wamzlee's picture

Haha, I knew someone was going to like that.

Jersey Al's picture

Mr. Bacon stole my thunder. I also wanted to commend you on using Ahmad Carroll's name in vain.

Don't take your Wisconsin status for granted - go to as many games as you can.

Mr. Bacon's picture

Here the profile of Ahmad Casserole

Highway 28, and Grabby Smurf.

Nuff Said.

Asshalo's picture

P.S. When you're angry and tired of hearing the same stuff, PackerRanter is the place to go

packerslounge's picture

That is true.

Asshalo's picture

The jolly observation is very funny. Reminds me of Al Harris' booger after the INT against seattle in 2003

wgbeethree's picture

Unless we get to three losses before we reach week 9 there is no reason to panic. 6-2 after week 9 means we are at the worst a game back of the vikings with at worst a 3-1 division record. Panicing anytime before that is way premature. We lost to a team that is being WAY underestimated by Packer fans (the bengals have a probowl qb, a top 5 pick at rb, arguably the most ''talented'' trio of wrs in the league and a young improving defense that finished just outside of the top 10 last year. I have no idea why anyone would think they are/were a pushover team) . The sky is not falling yet.

PackersRS's picture

Benson isn't good at running between tackles, and is a fumble waiting to happen. Let's get this straight. And most talented trio? An ex-elite receiver, and ex-very good receiver (Coles) and a speedster. Our own trio of Wrs is WAAAY better. Agree that Palmer is an elite QB.
That being said, they're a better team than advertised, yes, and may very well be a plus .500 team, and could contend for a lot of divisions, weren't them in the AFC North. Their CBs and LBs are really good. However, they were a lesser team than ours, and we were at home. Simple as that. The NFL is pretty crazy, and there're a lot of upsets every season. But the way we played is unacceptable, regardless of the opponent, and if we intend to go anywhere this season, we better start playing like we're supposed to.

Asshalo's picture

"A top 5 pick at rb" I hope you're not referring to credric benson

How can we say the bengals are underrated but fail to admit we might be overrated? The truth is we really don't know how good either team is yet because it's week 2

Asshalo's picture

" a top 5 pick at rb" I hope you're not talking about benson

wgbeethree's picture

Yes i am talking about cedric benson. He was talented enough to be drafted 4th overall. You dont get drafted that high without having A LOT of talent. He didnt have the work ethic needed to succeed and play up to his talent level early in his career but seems to have turned that corner after his off field troubles last year. He only has 4 lost fumbles in about 700 career carries so saying he is a fumble waiting to happen is quite an exagerration. He has had over 100 yards from scrimmage in each of his last five games.

As for our recievers being WAY better i think that is a very "homeristic" view point. Don't get me wrong our wrs are very talented but you would have to put the Bengals trio up there with the best in the league. Chad 85 for all his eccentricity is a great wide reciever. Greg Jennings went for 80 catches 1292 yards and 9 tds last year. Chad 85 averaged 92 catches 1374 yards and 8.6 tds over a 5 year period from 2003 to 2007. Everybody loves DD but Coles has more receptions, yards, and tds in less games and with the likes of testeverde, pennington, bollinger, and clemons throwing to him didnt quite have as good of a qb. Chris Henry is a completely immature dbag but man is he an extremely talented one who knows how to find the end zone (20 tds on 109 career receptions). When you take into consideration their personalities i like our wrs WAY better but they aren't WAY more talented.

I think that people see the Bengals and assume because the have been "bad" over the last decade that they aren't talented. That just simply isn't the case.

Asshalo's picture

You could argue the same thing about Joey Harrington but they both haven't done jack in the NFL:

Sunday's game was an anomoly in his career.

Stan's picture


STAGE 1 - DENIAL: "The Bengals got lucky there, it was a close game for sure and hell it's only week 2, right?"

STAGE 2 - ANGER: "Aw what the hell!!!! Fire TT, Fire MM, Fire Campen, SORT THE FUCKING O-LINE OUT!!! AAAAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhh!!!, EVERYONE SUCKS!!!!"

STAGE 3 - BARGAINING: "Okay, right, here's what we need to do, we need to give Rodgers more check down options, stop cramming guys in to block, oh and we need to get away from ZBS, try more power running."

STAGE 4 - DEPRESSION: "Well, that's our season over..... crap. Why did we let ourselves believe the hype..... it's all gone so very wrong!"

STAGE 5 - ACCEPTANCE: "Well lets just get to Sunday. We'll know more then."

Greg C.'s picture

Yep, that about sums it up, Stan. Well-done.

PackersRS's picture

Well done, indeed. I saw myself going through those EXACT steps. I got to say, you're either a shrink or an alcoholic ;)

Asshalo's picture

With a few more punchlines you probably could have padded that out to an entire post.

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