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Fake Packers on Facebook – Dangerous Situation

Fake Packers on Facebook – Dangerous Situation

For all of those into social media like myself, you may have noticed the large influx of Packers players seemingly joining the world of facebook. Although we all hope to get the opportunity to rub elbows virtually with our favorite players, when it turn out those players are fake, it presents a myriad of dangerous problems for the players and the fans.

Of course, most will think I'm overreacting to a harmless prank, but these fake accounts are an elaborate scheme, concocted by perhaps one or two vigilant frauds. And, given the right circumstances could be dangerous for both adults and children everywhere.

Take Pat Lee's post from last evening:

Besides just being downright wrong, what happens on the back end of these conversations? What happens when a casual meeting is suggested? These are all huge red flags to me.

After investigating this thoroughly and observing the past couple of weeks, my deduction is that these fans are then asked to chat much in the same nature that Jason Spitz talks to his fan base.

Of course, chatting leaves no trail to follow like a wall does, so who only knows what is happening behind the scenes? What I do know is in many cases these willing fans are women and minors, and how long is it going to be before someone is seriously hurt by one of these guys?

Even with all the carefully crafted back and forth between this group of players, it's pretty easy to spot a fake a account if you take a minute to look around.

Look for personal photo's that could only have been taken by family. Many players just have googled pictures, or in the case of Jordy Nelson, a profile picture straight from CHTV. Now I'd like to think that Jordy is hanging out around here all of the time, but let's get serious. The only way to get the picture is to pull it from here. That's all I need to know.

A player requesting your friendship. I highly doubt any Packer is going to be requesting you as a friend, much like Pat Lee asked Brian Carriveau. If a Superbowl Champion, that doesn't know you wants to be your friend, it's most likely too good to be true.

Watch the back and forth. Many times you will catch these guys using phraseology inconsistently. At one point they are talking ghetto, and the next minute they are grammatically perfect. Check to make sure the same guy sounds like the same guy all of the time.

The bottom line on all of this is that it could be starting to get dicey for both players and fans. Inappropriate things are being said under the guise of fame, and this can do nothing but hurt the real player involved. For the naive young fan, the matter could turn into something far worse than an innocent comment.

I strongly encourage both current players and fans to let their favorite Packers know how they are being exploited virtually.

Here is a list of real and fake accounts that I can identify.


Tom Crabtree


Cullen Jenkins

Tramon Williams

Gilbert Brown

Ryan Grant

Dorsey Levens

Greg Jennings

Donald Driver (Facebook Page - Athlete)

T.J. Lang

Atari Bigby

James Jones (athlete page)

Clay Matthews

Nick Barnett (athlete)

EDIT: Josh Sitton (thanks to the many Packer fans for confirming this)


Pat Lee

Jason Spitz

Scott Wells

Jordy Nelson

Bryan Bulaga

Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone, accused someone wrongly, or you strongly expect a another fake out there.

Someone call Aaron Rodgers, he'll take care of it.

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Kathy W's picture

Please include in the "REAL" facebook pages column Donald Driver (athlete) ...there are two pages that are named this, but only one has messages and videos directly from Donald. He does engage with the fans, posting the aforementioned personal video messages, contests and updates on the goings on with his Foundation. There is also Inside The Huddle with Donald Driver.
I'd hate for any Packer fans, and particularly Driver fans, to miss out on his messages. The videos are personal and feature his fabulous smile that just makes you feel good! p.s. He does read all the messages to him too...often clicking the "like" button to make us all feel that personal connection.

Kris A.'s picture

I think Sitton is legit. He often interacts with TJ Lang. If a fake, he also fooled Greg Jennings, Atari Bigby, Ryan Grant, Tom Crabtree, Johnny Jolly, Derrick Martin, and Lang, who are his friends.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You may be right. Whoever owns the fake accounts knows to not accept me as a friend anymore. Sitton passed over my request. Could be a coincidence.

Jen's picture

I saw your post on Pat Lee's page and he deleted it. He has to be fake

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Also, I suspect T.J. Lang is a fake by someone else. Click on his pictures? Who the hell is Ralphie?

KCousineau09's picture

Ralphie is his childhood nickname. I met his uncle at a Packer game and saw he posts on his page all the time.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Yeah, heard that too. Word.

Kris A.'s picture

I would also add Jerry Kramer to the "REAL" Packers.

packerhq's picture

Derrick Martin is real as is Breno Giacomini and TJ Lang.
Alex is correct the pictures and posts tell you a lot. There are at least 3 different Greg Jennings profiles so be careful who you ask to "friend"

packerhq's picture

To Alex.... TJ is a real #%$#%^ on facebook but that's him as he talked about things that only a player would know.
"Ralphie" was his college nickname at Eastern Michigan and he interacts a lot with those people.

Jen's picture

I have Pat Lee as a "friend" on facebook and after he made that post I wanted to test the waters on that question see above that is me. Well I got a message from this person wanting me to send him a picture of my boobs. No way would I do that! And yes Atari was fooled too because he has him as a friend as well.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Do you have that message still? Would love to get a screen shot.

Marty's picture

Good article, very helpful and serious cause.

Sitton is definitely real and I think you need to be a little more outside of the box in your real 'criteria'. Most of these fake accounts have lots of photos from different eras (highschool, college, pro) but all uploaded on the same day. Easy tell for a fake.

Sitton, Lang, etc. have in common a lot of personal photos, as well as photo albums predating the last few years, preluding the influx of fake accounts. Sitton has an album from 2007, for example.

Sucks that idiots have to make us do this in the first place. Pat Lee/Scott Wells guy is a total tool.

gbpf127's picture

The players with Like pages are likely to be real. Those with Add as Friend are likely to be false. And for the Friend pages, if they are real, then it's up to the player to control who they add as friends or set up their pages appropriately with privacy.

The bigger concern for me is that people who feel they need to add these players as a friend. Call someone who you know that is more likely to be a "real" friend.

Social networking has its values. But it's buyer beware. The movie "Catfish" outlines that quite well.

And I'm not trying to minimize the potential dangers or concerns. But I would prefer to live in reality and not get caught up on how many friends I can have on Facebook that I will never really be with in real life.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I agree, unfortunately there are a lot of really naive people out there. I suppose it isn't my duty to police the world, but I would like to see the fakes gone.

I have a personal facebook page for mostly friends, but I like to keep up on the Packers that are real for information. As far as posting to their walls etc., minus maybe Crabtree, I don't think anyone really cares.

I'll have to watch Catfish.

Kathy W's picture

Just wanted to comment here...there are kids that have the permission of their parents to go on Facebook and follow their favorite players. It's a way for them to be connected to the guys in ways most of us didn't have when we were kids. Personally,m I think it's pretty cool. Even as an adult, I enjoy seeing what my favorite players are up Driver reading for literacy in DC last month, and news of his charity events. The contests for autographed gear are fun to participate in.
To imply that all people who use social media as a substitute for reality is disingenuous - I hope you weren't doing that. And while there may be people who are too consummed with the internet and substituting reality for virtual "lives", I don't think it's fair to catagorize too broadly. As with everything in life, the byword should be moderation.
I also don't think this column is about passing judgement. It's about making us aware of what could be a dangerous situation, and most certainly is annoying and disturbig.

gbpf127's picture

I said social networking has its value. To imply all people who use social networking as a substitute for reality would implicate myself as well.

But do yourself a favor and watch the documentary "Catfish", and you will understand my comments.

dullgeek's picture

I didn't take his comments to mean that all people who use facebook are evading reality. Rather that those who pursue a friend count as a proxy for how much they are liked, may have an issue. I.E., friending people you don't know personally, in order to increase your friend count is probably a bad way to keep your privacy.

JohnRehor's picture

James Jones (athlete) has to be real

gbpf127's picture

So is Clay Matthews. It is synced up to his twitter page.

JohnRehor's picture

Nick Barnett (athlete) is real-synced up with his Twitter also

Mark's picture

If I recall there was a Q&A on with Sitton I can't remember when but he did state he's on facebook a lot so that would be more proof if someone can find that article.

Curt Cozad's picture

I have quite a few that need verification:

Aaron Taylor
Ahman Green
Al Harris (2)
Andrew Quarless
Anthony Smith
Brad Jones
Brandon Chillar
CJ Wilson
Cyril Obiozor
Daryn Colledge
Dimitri Nance
Diyral Briggs
Don Majowski
Frank Zombo
Henry Jordan
Herb Adderly
James Starks
Darius Wynn
Jarrett Bush
Jason Hunter
Jermichael Finley
Jerry Kramer
John Brockington
John Kuhn
John Jolly
Kevin Barry
Marco Rivera
Marshall Newhouse
Mason Crosby
Matt Flynn
Michael Montgomery
Ryan Pickett
Santana Dotson
Tim Masthay
Tony Fisher
Tony Moll
William Henderson
Willie Wood

Yes I have all of these as "Friends". I do have conversations with some of them. Most don't post much.

Curt Cozad's picture

Aaron Taylor:

Ahman Green:

Al Harris (2): and

Andrew Quarless:

Anthony Smith:

Brad Jones:

Brandon Chillar:

CJ Wilson:

Cyril Obiozor:

Daryn Colledge:

Dimitri Nance:

Diyral Briggs:

Don Majowski:

Frank Zombo:

Henry Jordan:

Herb Adderly:

James Starks:

Jarius Wynn:

Jarrett Bush:

Jason Hunter:

Jermichael Finley:

Jerry Kramer:

John Brockington:

John Kuhn:

John Jolly:


Kevin Barry:

Marco Rivera:

Marshall Newhouse:

Mason Crosby:

Matt Flynn:

Michael Montgomery:

Ryan Pickett:

Santana Dotson:

Tim Masthay:

Tony Fisher:

Tony Moll:

William Henderson:

Willie Wood:

All done.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Wow, thanks Curt.

Jersey Al's picture

Nice job Curt!

Michele's picture

Great article Alex. You're very right - this has the potential to be a HUGE problem should someone meet up w one of these 'fake' players and something happens.

Just one thing - you can keep your chats on FB - just don't X out of it.

jbovegas73's picture

I am quite sure that Zombo is real (he has relatives that are friends and post); and I know for sure that Santana Dotson's profile is real (a friend of mine from back home is 'actual' friends with him).

The other thing that people seem to be mixing up here is the 'Fan Page' and the person's personal page. A personal page can only have 5,000 friends, but a fan page can have unlimited 'Likes'.

One last point, facebook needs a decent Aaron Rodgers fan page ... there are two main ones and they both suck. One of them has his birthday as October 2. Sheesh.

Mark's picture

I noticed that too perhaps QB1 can make one semi-decent

Curt Cozad's picture

Bulaga just confirmed that his is fake.

PackfanGBP's picture

You should make better site design.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You should fuck off.

Mindy's picture

Santana Dotson's page is real. I know him personally :)

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