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Dear Vikings Fans – III

Dear Vikings Fans – III

Dear Vikings fans,

I always enjoy talking to you the day after a game. Especially a game when you lose, which is usually when I take the time to write. I pen today with great concern as I have listened to your brethren whine quite incessantly all morning and well into the afternoon. I am sure you are well, but it bares asking about your overall mental health today nonetheless.

I understand the pain you must be feeling this fine fall afternoon. The loss, although unfavorable in the record books, must certainly sting much less than the complete loss of hope you are experiencing right now. Much as to a soldier in battle, I cannot relate to what must be a terrible pain in watching one of the finest casts ever assembled go down to a team of mostly backups and injury survivors.

I had so hoped the pieces were in place for you and your family. I thought having the best running back, quarterback, and wide receiver in the league would be enough, not to mention the front lines consisting of so many highly decorated men. Yet, you must agree that every man comes to realization at some point in their lives that they aren't 16 anymore but rather a half broken former shell of their youthful hopes and dreams. It's the inevitability of life, and something that money can never buy.

Both sets of our men certainly suffered egregious wrongs at the hands of the officials didn't they! I too get upset at things of this nature, but perhaps you can find solace knowing that even had the contest been called fairly, the outcome would have certainly remained the same. I certainly hope your family handles those situations like mine, preferring not to blame to impartial party but rather realize our role in the defeat. That takes a strong soul and I know as an intelligent bunch you most certainly would not have taken that route.

Please let us know you are faring well and again friend, I wish you the best. Please send my regards to great-grandfather Bert and give an extra squeeze to our retarded but courageous cousin Brad. May you find better luck next season.

Also, Martha asked me to mention that she would be delighted to have you this playoff season. We understand how lonely it gets for you guys at that time of year and our door is always open.



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bryce's picture

"give an extra squeeze to our retarded but courageous cousin Brad"...that made me laugh. This was such a gratifying win.

Erik's picture

This. Is. Awesome.

asshalo's picture

It was Chilly's fault they didn't challenge Quarless' TD and the officiating was TERRIBLE for both sides. Oh yeah, not to mention the fact that this same crew screwed Green Bay over in the AZ playoff game. And how many times has Aaron Rodgers been hit by a player who was later fined for said hit, and there wasn't a penalty?

PackersRS's picture

I said before the game would be decided by the less incompetent coach.

Childress was stupid not to challenge, but MM was savvy to rush the kicking unit.

JohnRehor's picture

Just awesome. Perfectly stated.

Jayme Snowden's picture

This is perfect. I love it.

Jane Bauer's picture

That was great. You hit the nail on the head.

Pack Attack's picture

You guys really think the Vikings are done?? I still have them making the playoffs, perhaps winning the nfc north.

daude963's picture

That's not the point. It's about getting in their face which is the language of the ViQueen Fan!

PackersRS's picture

Yes I do think they're done. It's over for them.

Jim Pep's picture

As a Packers fan for over 20 years, I find this drivel disheartening. There was a time when GB stood for classy fans and a classy organization. This seems to be a mere afterthought of a bygone era.

Imagine trash talking after a game where the opponent bumbled their way to a loss. This Packer team is going to get blown out by any decently functioning team.

It's like Erin Rodgers and his ridiculous
"championship belt" movement he makes. Please Rodgers, wait until you've at least won a playoff game before making such an idiotic move.

PackersRS's picture

So you're a Packer fan but you call the starting QB "Erin"?

Good luck Favre ballwasher. Are you gonna pick your tail and come back cheering for the Packers, pretending like nothing has happened, or are you gonna stay cheering for purple, never winning anything? Or even worse, yo'ure just gonna cheer AGAINST the Packers?


Dr Aaron's picture

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jim Pep, words spoken like a true viqueens fan. Jim, get a sense of humor. Its called a rivalry for a reason, rivalries wouldn't be fun without the trash talking. So either start cheering for the Packers or move to Minnesota. This letter is hilarious and that belt move is cool.

thomasdecaro's picture

man, Jim pep is a buzzkill. I think this letter is funny and should be taken as a joke. And about the championship belt i think it rules. I'm a 23 year old dude and thats something me and my friends would do. Its awesome.

Black Hawk's picture

Pep is a Favre ballwasher...priceless! He probably would be his towel boy if he could, almost certainly owns a Purple Favre jersey and probalby never seen the ESPN interview w/ Fuzzy Thurston and what he thought about Favre playing for the Queens.

Pep...when the Vikings implode soon...have fun going down with them!

Al's picture

Theres nothing unclassy about talking a little trash about your rival team. He didn't use any vulgar words and it was actually quite poetic. What team out there doesn't do it? You don't think the vikings fans still talk trash about the packers? I don't think that letter was even that bad, there are alot worse things that could be said about the vikings for certain. I think there are things that could probably be said about the pack too but in all fairness Ted Thompson has done a much better job running the packers and not making bone headed decisions then Childress/Wolf.

Al's picture

Oh and yes I think the majority of people would agree the vikings are done. It would be pretty difficult to come back from 2-5, unless you think they are going to win at least 7 of there last 9 games. Thats asking alot of a team on the decline. I would guess the Packers win the division with the next closest team the Bears, and they will probably trail by at least 2 or 3 games.

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