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Dear Viking’s Fans

Dear Viking’s Fans

Dear Vikings fans,

I thought I would end my 2010 football season in much the same fashion I ended 2009. It seems like forever since we've talked. You were more than happy to grab my ear earlier this season, but I have certainly saddened by your silence over the last couple of months.

What's nice is that we can finally reminisce in what a fine season was had by all this year. There are so many memories I don't even know where to begin!

I mean remember when you guys almost made it to the Superbowl in 2009? Wow, that was close. It had to be great to carry that hope into the 2010 season. Then, when you guys got Favre back I thought it was all over. I mean no one really expected Favre to waffle at all, and then when he did it must have really been a tense time. I don't know what you guys would have done without an 11 TD 19 INT superstar this season, but let's just assume it wouldn't have been pretty.

If that wasn't enough for you, I don't know how you handled the excitement of your star wideout deciding he was too hurt to play most of the season. I love that the guys on your team get to decide when to play and not to play. It really shows how progressive your team really is.

Seriously though, how about having Randy Moss for like one game? How exciting is that? I too would give up the house to get a guy of that caliber into my locker room. I admit, every one of those 200 yards or so were amazing to watch. I missed your insight on all the depth he brought to your squad.


After realizing just how many extraordinary things happened to the Vikings this season, I just have to stop. It's so easy, it's not even fun. From the dong slinger, to Chilly, and back again there is no doubt that the Minnesota Vikings are the worst organization in football.

No quarterback, no locker room, hell no stadium.

So Vikings fans I am sorry for cutting this letter short, it just isn't any fun anymore. It's like picking a fight with the smallest kid on the playground.

If your team is ever good again, drop me a line.

In the meantime, there is a multitude of products I need to comb through after our Superbowl victory. I'm sure you'll understand.

Never mind, I guess you wouldn't.



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foundinidaho's picture

Bwahahahaha. I for one still find this subject fun. You could have gone on at length and I would have loved it even more than I did. :)

missannielynn's picture

BOOM shaka laka!

Rbuike's picture

Great post but maybe 2011 will be better?

"No quarterback, no locker room, hell no stadium"

I mean they have Joe Webb and they are getting a new roof.


Hahaha, and people think the Lions are bad.....

Paul Dier's picture

As a lifelong Packer fan living in Minnesota, this year was all about Kharma baby.
But unlike Viking fans, I will not rub our success in their faces. I will continue to share articles, blogs with my fellow Packer fans around here who I work with.
I sure we get this lockout talk etc. figured out. I really think we are gooing to be good for a long long time.

Wiscokid's picture

What success do the Vikings have to rub in anyones face? We now lead them in the NFL championship count 13-0. Until they win one NFL title, they're still an "expansion team".

Jarrett Bush fan.'s picture

I live in Minnesota and hate everyone around me. They can all suck it. Bunch of excuse making crybabies. Oh but this, oh but that, ect... Born losers.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I've seen you here before. I've just assumed that you must be Jarrett's little brother or Momma with that handle. But I gotta be honest, every time I see a post from you, you will be receiving a thumbs down from me... wont even read the content (no need to with a handle like that)... he's a decent ST's guy... H-U-G-E liability in the D-backfield though (had Ben been "in" the game, Miller was W-I-D-E open on his pick (because Bush B-L-E-W his assignment))Anyhew, Jarrett Bush still swallows. He's all good as a gunner, but when he see's action as a DB... we are in trouble (we just lucked out in the SB).

In summation: Jarrett Bush Sucks big fuzzy balls... That's not an overstatement... that's the sad part.


Dong Slinger's picture

Hey come on now,

11 TD's and 19 picks ain't that bad - especially when you have a thunder rod like mine. Oh and throwing to Randy for that little bit was fun. Heck, just having a down home southern boy like me in the locker room made everybody a lot more relaxed. I even enjoyed his little comedic narrative about the corn bread not being cooked (or something like that). It was a life long dream to play on the same team as the NFL's gentleman statesmen. Oh, and the Packers got LOTS to worry about. I may be back next year and if so, watch out Ted, watch out Mike. I'm going to go straight to GB and take that Lombardi trophy and stuff it down your throats - just like those vicatin pills back in the day. Viking nation will rise again, just like the roof will get fixed. Shit, I'm the dong slinger, everybody loves me. You Packers fans are going to be crying to mama, or Mark Murpy or whatever, wishing I was suiting up for the green and gold. Enough said, I'm going to go hang with Chewie, have a little hot tub fun....

Dong Slinger

bryce's picture

No sexting jokes? Dang. Still a good post though.

Tom's picture

You mean something like 'Even Favre's text messages get intercepted'? Too easy.

Jake's picture

Brutal! haha. I love it, but it almost makes me feel bad. Almost.

Sam Rogers's picture

Alex: You have made a mistake and an error. The team is actually called The Viqueens, their record over the past 50 years bears this out.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Queen fan is gonna have nothing to say after next year when their winless, faggy, douche-tanic team moves to L.A.... G-B America.


PackersRS's picture

Dear Vikings fans:
This will probably be the last time I adress you in this decade. I think I'm gonna miss the rivalry, it was good for 10 or so years, but, as for the story of your life, close but no cigar.

And dear Lions fans: I really hope you're less obnoxious and delusional than the Vikings fans as the team that tries to get on our way in the division, with limited sucess. Look forward to reminding you guys, and I include Bears fans in this remark, who is the best team, franchise and fanbase in the NFC North.

JimmySmith's picture

You left out the best part, 2 wins vs. the CryQueens this year including the blowout that ended up being Childress's last game, geez I'm going to miss that guy. What other coach could lose a game and run off the field with shaking the other coach's hand after the game? Maybe Bellicheat but not anybody else.

Karma is alive and well when all the purple clad fans predict a Superbowl win and end up in last place. There is a God in our universe.

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