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Big Year for Harrell

Big Year for Harrell



I want to throw a hypothetical out there for you Packers fans. What if Justin Harrell has a great 2009 season?





Let your cynicism take a backseat for a couple minutes. Sideline those health issues he’s had since he left the womb and take a little journey with me.

Justin Harrell IS talented. In the limited play he’s had, he’s done pretty well. I noticed this in watching NFL network replays of our games from last year. He played “well” and that was, of course, hurt. What can he do healthy?

What if he is healthy for the 2009 season?

A healthy Justin Harrell is a prime candidate for the vacant defensive end job. Of course none of us, even the Packers unlike last year, are banking on him. But what if he does it? What if he does the impossible and plays 16 NFL games in a season?!

What if he is a force on the end position? What if he uses his big body to help stop the run and open things up for the linebackers?

Could Harrell get a reprieve from fans who currently don’t think he could walk down a flight of stairs without hurting himself?

I like to have faith in people and especially Packers players and while I don’t have much faith in Harrell, I still have to ask myself “what if?”

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Mr. Reality's picture

Too bad you didn't have faith in the Packer player who could have actually done something for you in terms of wins--Brett Favre.

Why did you turn on him, Mr. "I like to have faith in people, especially Packer players", traitor?

Toby Hump's picture

LOL. Come on, Favre's an idiot. The guy just won't accept that he's a 40 year old that needs to pack it in. He's playing for revenge, not love of the sport, since when was that a valid reason to return from re-re-re-re-retirement. When he crashes and burns with the purple parasites I hope the Lounge write an article on how stupidly pathetic he was, and how he'll have to grovel on his hands and knees to get Packers fans respect again.

............... but yeah, hope Harrell has a great season. If he's healthy and productive our front line looks pretty strong.

Mr. Reality's picture

Hahaha...You are the idiot. A guy with the name, "Toby Hump" claiming that a HOF QB is a joke. Now that's a joke. I can't wait til' bends you over Toby and humps you and the Packers 2x this year until you're crying like girls and your a**** are sore!

What's pathetic is the way you guys grovel at the nutsack of a GM who hasn't won sh*t yet, and an unproven QB who's only proven that he can't win games...

Who will be groveling then when all your Thompson dreams crash in the dust because been propping up a false idol and a loser instead of sticking with a winner?

You are a joke...hahaha.

Mrs. Reality's picture

Where did your delusional taste of reality come from? Stoop to a level calling a poster out for his name? Alright then, that must mean you were A) adopted thus, inheriting your self-proclaimed "reality" name, or B) you took the mrs.'s last name legally(me)....and our marriage is the fundamental sense of balance....beautiful....Mr. Delusional, you may now kiss the bride. And what team in the NFL are you a fan of anyway?....and you're posting here....hmm, WhoTF is the joke here other than yourself?

Asshalo's picture

The beauty of it is we really only need him for depth and possibly a start if Jolly gets suspended a game or two. If he's healthy (big if IMO) he will provide depth that is essiential towards a successful D line. He doesn't need to come up with big game-stoppers to make a noticable difference.

IronMan's picture

"Could Harrell get a reprieve from fans who currently don’t think he could walk down a flight of stairs without hurting himself?"

Not when he shows up to camp out of shape. AGAIN. This is the most important season of his career and he is going to show up to camp over weight? And I am supposed to coddle him?

Dale Z's picture

Who said coddle? I'm getting tired of people saying I'm saying something else because reading comprehension is hard. I'm talking to you, profizzle!

Asshalo's picture

he's right though. Showing up 15 lbs overweights could be a sign of a series lack of committment

Asshalo's picture

wow you could tell I was trying to get that one off without my boss seeing.

MrBacon's picture

If Harrell is healthy, along with Jenkins and Pickett.

Adrian Peterson will have to go lateral outside and not north and south.

With Kampman pissed off at the media for speading the rumors, he is going to go beast mode on Adrian.

Graham's picture

I think Harrell could start if he is healthy. Profound I realize. However, like you said he was pretty good when he has played but consistency is everything in the NFL. My question is if he plays well in the next couple of years and his contract is up how much money do we invest in the kid?? Should be interesting, that is a long way off. Harrell has to get on the field.

We have a good front with out him, we could have an awesome front with him playing well. Would you want to run against Harrell, Pickett, and Raji??? Those are 3 large men you have to move and all of a sudden we have Kampman playing wide and either Matthews or Thompson playing wide as well. If Peterson can make it through that we have Barnett Hawk and Bigby in pursuit. Things should be very good if Harrell is in the line up. Jolly is serviceable but a healthy Harrell could make us great.

PackersRS's picture

“Could Harrell get a reprieve from fans who currently don’t think he could walk down a flight of stairs without hurting himself?”
IMO Yes. He would never get an apology, though. I think if he plays well and often, people are gonna cheer for him. If he doesn't play at all, like the past seasons, people are gonna boo him. It's simple to me. And exactly for the reasons Asshalo listed, he's more likely to get praise from fans, since he has to do less than he needed before.

Franklin Hillside's picture

If Harrell is the biggest knock on Thompson, and he comes out and performs well this season, what will Elmo have to criticize?

Mr. Reality's picture


Greg C.'s picture

I'm encouraged that you and others say he has played well. I haven't even noticed him when he's been in there. I think I saw him split a double team once, during his rookie year--or maybe it was just a dream.

If Harrell plays well this year, I will forgive him instantly. But as Ironman mentioned, it's not encouraging that he showed up 20 pounds overweight at the OTA's. Sometimes this happens with these huge D-linemen, but for one who is already skating on thin ice, it seems like an ominous sign.

wgbeethree's picture

I dont think the weight is that big of an issue right now. The OTAs are pretty much glorified walk throughs. If he shows up to training camp at the same weight or higher i might have concerns but does anyone have any idea how "easy" it would be for a 320 lb guy to loss 10-15 pounds during two a days in the august heat? He would sweat it off in a week tops. You often hear about players who have a hard time keeping weight on during that time of the year.

Mr. Reality's picture

What if Harrell is a flop and a bust as he has been up to this point? Coming in overweight to camp? Sounds like a bust to me. And you guys got on Sherman's ass for signing "What's his name" for never working out? The gall that some of you's laughable.

What if Favre comes back and leads the Vikings to the Super Bowl? It could happen...easily.

There will be alot of miserable "Packer" fans in Packerdom, and TT would/should be on a rail out of town in tar 'n feathers...and boy wouldn't that be sweet!

bozz_2006's picture

I'm excited.

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