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Welcome Commentary From Winks

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Welcome Commentary From Winks

Who's that you ask? Apparently, somewhere in the great state of Wisconsin there is someone calling themselves 'Winks' (yes, on purpose) and said person runs a blog called 'The Bucky Channel'. (Warning: Apparently some people follow other sports teams in Wisconsin. Who knew?) On that blog today, Winks wrote a perfect post called 'The Point of No Return'. Money quote:

Look, last season was great and all, but it was just two years removed from a 4-12 season in which Favre did not look very good at all. Many of the same fans who are clamoring for him now wanted him to ride into the sunset back then. And just how good was he last year? I can only remember a few times where Favre has played worse than he did in the NFC Championship Game. Several of those times happened to come into the playoffs, which is unacceptable.

Favre was a great quarterback, but he hasn't won the MVP since '97, and the Packers haven't won a Super Bowl in 12 years. With those facts, why are so many of us chanting "Bring Back Brett" at training camp practices, and why are so many of us calling for the head of Ted Thompson? Favre is legendary, yes, but he is not worthy of this kind of demand or attention.

The Packers need to move on, and they've been committed to doing that since the day Favre retired. How could they not be? No one foresaw the summer that was to come, and the Packers can't backtrack on months of preparation just because he wants back in.

Read the whole post. It is a true pleasure.

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ctpack's picture

4 interceptions agaist the Vikings ( a game were he ran 5 yards past the line of scrimmage and tossed the ball forward)6 interceptions against the Rams (worst career game)A ball thrown into double coverage in overtime agaist the Eagles ( Green had over 150 yards rushing in) 2 interceptions agaist the Falcons and Giants.These are Favre playoffs since going to the Superbowl in 97. Buyer beware

ctpack's picture

The funny thing is that Aaron Rodgers would not even been drafted if Favre wasnt thinking of retiring in 2005

Keith's picture

It is incredible to me just how truly spoiled Packers fans have become. Sure, Brett has had his share of clunkers in the playoffs, but the guy won us a Super Bowl (and played pretty damn good in another). Further, he's only had ONE losing season in his entire career. IMO, if you're basing your argument off of his admittedly horrendous 4-12 season, then you're whole argument is based off of an aberration.

I get that some people and the organization want to move forward. That's fine and totally understandable. But just how it was inappropriate and despicable for "Packer Fans" to boo Aaron Rodgers in practice today, I believe you can say the same for Packer fans who are disparaging Favre.

All I know is, after those Super Bowl years he wasn't exactly working with premium talent at the WR position. Up until this past season it has really only been Donald Driver and a collection of misfits. Was it any surprise he had a great season when he was finally surrounded with some actual receiving talent?

Anyway, I digress. My ultimate point is this: if you're in favor of the Pack moving forward with Rodgers, that's cool. Packer fans know what Favre's flaws were, but to focus on the flaws just isn't right. While he may not have been "Brett Favre" for a few years, I still think he's better than about half of the starting QBs in the NFL.

packeraaron's picture

Keith - you sound like me two years ago. And yes - I have no doubt in time, some day down the road, I'll see things as you state above. But at this moment in time - I can't get past the fact that Favre has acted beyond childish pretty much since Thompson came on board and actually treated him like a grown up. Obviously, this was a shock to Favre's system, one that years of being coddled by any and all around him left him ill-prepared to deal with.

Winks's picture

Hey, thanks for the plug guys. Because of your goodwill, I've decided we should become internet friends. I'm adding you to our blogroll, and will let others know about the site.

More importantly, Go Pack!

Keith's picture

Aaron, you're 100% correct. However, my main issue with most of the media and fans is that they're picking sides. I just don't understand why people feel compelled to choose a side. Both sides have been disingenuous and both sides have made mistakes in how they have handled this situation.

ctpack's picture

you need a quaterback who is not going to throw interceptions in playoff games is all I'm saying .Favre has carried this team through the years.But in tight spots he does worry Packer fans.He lacks patience sometimes.

Keith's picture

Come on, all QBs, even the great ones, have had their ugly playoff performances.

All I'm saying is if Brett wasn't throwing the ball to Robert "Alligator Arms" Ferguson, Corey Bradford, and Bill Schroeder in the post Super Bowl years, maybe some of those INTs that ricocheted off of WRs hands would have been catches. I loved Freeman and Driver, for sure, but they're not the kind of WR to make a play on the ball and bail their QB out of a bad throw, imo.

Just look at Brady this past season. There were times he was awarded with a TD pass for just winging a ball into double coverage and letting Moss make a play on the ball. This is why Favre wanted Moss so badley, because Sterling aside, he hasn't had a WR who will go and get a ball.

PackerBelle's picture

Keith, I don't think people are choosing sides, I think people are just upset with how people are handling this. That said, I think there is a big difference between telling Rodgers that he sucks and criticizing Favre for his behavior. What Favre has been doing since March is immature, hurtful and extremely counter-productive. He was upset that they moved on despite his retiring, he then got upset because they wouldn't give him what he wanted and then when they gave him was was supposedly his desire (to compete for the starting position) he said he didn't want to do that because too many stories had been 'planted'. Never mind it was his side that was leaking stories directly to ESPN and Fox Sports.

I still see myself as a Favre fan but right now I don't like the guy much. I'm going to buy some new Packer shirts because without my two Favre jerseys all I have is a sweatshirt that pre-dates the SB XXXI win and a t-shirt that is similarly old. I still love what Favre did for the Packers in his 16 years here but I'm hurting over what he did. I don't see that as taking sides but just reacting to the situation.

packeraaron's picture

Keith - he was given that kind of WR in Walker - and he helped escort Walker out of town.

PackerBelle's picture

Keith, Favre had some of the best receivers in the league this year in Driver et al. And he still couldn't get things done in the NY game. I don't think the play offs were all his fault (4 and 26 was obviously the defense's fault) but he has shown he isn't great in playing the cold and that his decision making can still stink in pressure situations.

Keith's picture

PackerBelle, I don't have an issue with people criticizing the way he has carried himself this offseason. Simply put, he's been an ass. But to play look back on his career with a too critical eye isn't right, imo. The Favre Era has been good to us.

Favre sure did have one of the best WR corps in the league this year... and had a fantastic season. Nothing guarantees a championship though.

RE: playing in the cold. So the dude has two bad games in the cold last year, both of which were historically bad in terms of wind and cold, respectively, and all of a sudden he can't play in the cold? Sorry, I'm not buying it. Also, he played pretty darn well against the Seahawks. I'm sorry, I just can't get all over him for having a poor game against a defense that abused EVERYBODY down the stretch.

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