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Railbird Central Podcast: What Happens at Wide Receiver Without Jared Abbrederis

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Railbird Central Podcast: What Happens at Wide Receiver Without Jared Abbrederis

Episode 426

On a busy Monday, there's plenty to discuss on Railbird Central. We bring in our own live blog director Jayme Snowden to discuss the news that Brett Favre will have his jersey retired and be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame. We also discuss the fallout from the Jared Abbrederis injury, after it was learned he would be lost for the season with a torn ACL. There's also a recap of Saturday's Family Night event and our continuing position-by-position preview series continuing with the linebackers...


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DraftHobbyist's picture

I couldn't agree more about Abby. I can't believe the people trying to put a positive spin on this. The injury sucks for the team and the player. You never want players that are going to make the team to get hurt, and Abby was obviously going to make the team.

I do disagree with the idea that Abby could only be a 5th. Why can't he have become a 4th? I know Adams was drafted higher but Abby was performing better up to his injury. Then you take into considerations ST's (not just in returning but also in coverage) and remember that if teams have 5 good WR's they can go 5 wide, and all of a sudden it looks like a worse loss. You can't look at what the 5th WR usually gives because the better that 5th WR is the more he will get used.

Evan's picture

I don't think it was "obvious" he was going to make the team. Before camp started I would have bet he would, but then Harper and Dorsey showed up to play and are having nice camps too (Harper has been on most #1 ST units, I believe, which is telling).

Basically I saw Abby, Harper, White and Dorsey battling for the #6 spot (which I do think they'll keep). And Sheppard has made a nice first impression too.

Nelson, Cobb, Boykin, Adams, Janis were all but locks, imo (most would disagree about Janis, I imagine).

DraftHobbyist's picture

I would definitely disagree about Janis. The guy didn't even practice before Abby got hurt. Harper has been having a horrible camp dropping almost everything that touches his hands. White has been better than Dorsey at WR, but he sucks at ST's. Dorsey has been better at ST's (although just how much better has yet to be determined) but hasn't showed what others have at WR. Abby had it all. IMO, Harper had no chance at beating Abby out. I stand by my "Abby was a lock" argument and might have even been our #4.

Stroh's picture

By all accounts I've read Dorsey except for a recent drop or 2 has been having an excellent camp. White came back this year about 10 lbs heavier, which is EXACTLY what Abbrederis has to do going into next year to compete.

Abbrederis will never be better than a #4 WR and he certainly wasn't ready to be that high this year. Hell his ACL injury probably happened becuz he simply wasn't strong enough to compete in the NFL. He'll be at best a #4 WR as long as Cobb is in GB, which is likely another 8-10 yrs. His lack of speed and explosiveness showed that even his lower body wasn't up to NFL standards.

DraftHobbyist's picture

Is Barclay not fit for the NFL because he has an ACL injury? And wasn't Abby's even a non-contact ACL? That can happen to anybody. I am perfectly willing to admit that Abby needs to put on weight (although he'll always be small because he has a small frame), but there is no reason he couldn't challenge for the #4 spot this year. Why can't he compete with Adams when he was out-practicing Adams?

Stroh's picture

The fact that Abbrederis ACL was non contact means almost nothing. So was Bulaga's IIRC. In Abbrederis case, it could point to a serious lack of strength and conditioning which could have strengthened the ACL and prevented the injury. He has a stunning lack of overall strength and power for an NFL WR. His vertical and broad jumps were among the worst for WR at the combine/pro days, and his 4 bench reps was PATHETIC! His one saving grace is good quickness (but Janis is even quicker even tho he has 2 inches and 20+ lbs on Abbredersis). But he lacks elusiveness, lower body and upper body strength and power. Hopefully when he comes back next year a lot of that will change. But it won't matter much, he won't beat out Cobb and he doesn't have the skill set for outside WR in the NFL.

Stroh's picture

Abbrederis is a slot WR he's going to be behind Cobb as long as he's in GB. He doesn't have the ability to play outside as a WR. That severely limits how high he can get on the depth chart. His ceiling, at least in GB, is a #4 WR but that was a pipe dream this year. At best this year he would have been a #5 or 6 WR if the kept 6, which I considered unlikely.

Right now Abbrederis is simply to weak to be considered a viable option on any ST, other than possibly PR. Even as a PR he is little more than reliable (catch the ball and return a few yards). He doesn't have the elusiveness, speed or strength to make a meaningful ST contribution in any other way.

The best thing that could have happened to him was to go on the PS and spend the year getting bigger, stronger and faster. The injury is unfortunate, but will help him by giving him a year to turn his body into one of an NFL player. He should be able to rehab the knee and remake his body to play in the NFL.

The days of the Packers going 5 WR are in the past. It was used when the OL wasn't great, we didn't have a running game and it allowed Rodgers to identify where to go w/ the ball quicker and reduce sacks. None of those factors exist for the Packers now. The OL is very solid, Lacy (along w/ Stark and Harris) is a tremendous threat at RB and Rodgers can now read Defenses as well as Manning/Brady/Brees.

Abbrederis was likely to make the team, but I wouldn't have considered him a certainty.

He needs to come back next year at about 205 with better speed to have a chance to ever be more than a #4 or 5 WR. He needs to about triple his upper body strength IMO just to have marginal NFL strength for a WR.

Being as weak as he is and lacking the lower body power probably had a lot to do w/ the ACL injury.

DraftHobbyist's picture

An ACL injury does not help players!!! WOW!!! You realize how debilitating an ACL injury is, right? He will now have a higher likelihood of injuring his ACL in the future, he will have to spend more time on rehab over getting valuable in-game experience, etc. He's not going to get faster coming off an ACL injury. I've said over and over that Abby has outperformed Adams in practice up to the injury. Do you deny that? If you don't deny it then Abby was fighting to be a #4.

As for the days of the Packers using 5 WR's being over, that's not true at all. MM will do anything to use his personnel. Remember the multiple FB sets when we carried 3 FB's? And what's to say Abby couldn't get in on the 4 WR sets? We might have better a better RB but we have worse TE's.

You are very black and white in your thinking, and that's why you're wrong so often. You make all these black and white claims of how Abby can't play anything but the slot and how he'll always be behind Cobb. So are you saying that Cobb will always be in the slot? MM uses WR's in all spots even if their body type isn't prototypical.

You also say that he needs to "triple" his upper body strength. What does that even mean? So if he could bench 250 lbs he needs to come back and bench 750 lbs?

All-in-all, Abby was a lock. Maybe you didn't know it, but some of us knew it.

Stroh's picture

Dude get over yourself! I didn't say the ACL helps him, I said the year off helps him! The ACL just happens to allow that to occur. Your being DELUSIONAL!! Just stop it already... Both Abbrederis and Bahktiari have done nothing to prove they are legit starters. Bahktiari got off to a good start last year, but that's all it was... A good start.

Do you really think there is any chance McCarthy takes Lacy/Starks off the field to go 5 WR? Comon man, get real! Your being obtuse.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Stroh, I agree with some of what you said here, but disagree with your over all assessment of Abbrederis. I think he's a much better receiver, than you give him credit for. I can't say I didn't see an injury coming, but at the same time, I felt barring an injury, he would have been at least #4 this year, & maybe #3. He has the ability to be a Great Wide Receiver, & I believe time will bear that out. I also agree that a year of conditioning will do him a world of good, but that's true for anyone. Yeah, I'd like to see a little more bulk on Abrederis, but he's a Damn Good Receiver just the way he is. I think you Under Estimate him. GB didn't draft him, because he wasn't any good. I believe he will make GB fans happy before he is through, Even You!!.

Stroh's picture

Abbrederis is a slot receiver and only a slot receiver. He doesn't have the speed or explosiveness to play outside. He had no chance of being a #3 WR. He was behind Cobb and both Boykin and Adams for one of the other WR spots.

His ceiling is a #4 WR, especially w/ the Packers. And on some other team, if he was a #3 WR they would be looking for an upgrade very quickly. I watched every UW game the past 3 years, so I've seen him as much as you have. I think your WAY overrating him due only to the fact he was a Badger. If he went to any other school you would see him the way I do. He's just not athletic or talented enough to ever be a quality NFL WR. A good one maybe, not a quality one! Please take off the Badger goggles.

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