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Point of Veau: Packers Defense Suffers from Abundance of One-Note Players

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Point of Veau: Packers Defense Suffers from Abundance of One-Note Players

Inspired by Bob McGinn's Sunday column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that lamented the Packers' lack of speed on defense and similar criticisms of the team's relative lack of size and bulk in columns from February and April, my tongue-in-cheek response is that the Green Bay defense doesn't suffer from a dearth of size or speed––it's deficient in talent.

But that's not entirely true. The players that make up the Packers defense generally have one god-given talent, a solitary trait that makes them among the best in the NFL in that single unique facet of the game.

Think about Ryan Pickett and his ability to stuff the run or Sam Shields and his speed. It's qualities such as these that makes the player stand out in a crowd and very likely drew the attention of general manager Ted Thompson when he first acquired these players.

One problem with the Packers defense, however, is that it has an abundance of these one-note type of players on their roster, those who offer one above-average characteristic but too many below-average attributes.

That's not to say players like Pickett and Shields don't have their value or can't play a role on this Packers defense. The issue is that the entire defense is constructed of too many of this type of player.

I'm reminded of watching the Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers back during Week 1 of the season and being in awe of inside linebackers Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman. On display were a pair of damn-near prototypical inside linebackers needed for a 3-4 defense.

These are the type of players that have elite all-around athletic ability that allows them to make plays from sideline to sideline against both the run and the pass.

The Packers are missing players like Willis and Bowman on their roster, not just at the linebacker position but at every level of the defense.

It's fine to have role players like Pickett and Shields on the Packers defense, but they need to be surrounded by several three-down playmakers in the trenches, at the second level and in the defensive backfield.

Clay Matthews is a rare talent. There's no doubt about that. He's arguably the one complete player on the Packers defense and a building block around which to construct.

But this Packers defense needs a few more Clay Matthews, Pro Bowl type players on this defense if they want to get back to the promised land. And the onus falls on Thompson and the player procurement process.

What follows is a breakdown of several players, their "one-note quality" and an analysis of their incomplete game.

Defensive Lineman Ryan Pickett, run stuffer

The poster-child for this column, the wide-bodied Pickett has made a living out of stuffing the run for the better part of his 13 professional seasons. Thankfully for the Packers, there's enough depth on the defensive line that they don't need him on passing downs any more. That's good, because he doesn't have a sack since 2010.

Defensive Lineman B.J. Raji, run stuffer

Raji has become the next incarnation of Pickett, which is disappointing because there was a time he could rush the passer. Save the excuses that he isn't asked to rush the passer in Dom Capers' defensive scheme. Raji had 7.5 sacks (!) in 2010 (including playoffs) in the same system. It's now been two years and counting since Raji's last sack.

C.J. Wilson, run stuffer

Wilson's ability to play the run has been admirable, but what happened to the player that had 45.5 sacks in college?

Jerel Worthy, quick-twitch

In his limited time, Worthy has given almost no indication that he can be trusted to be in the game in favorable run situations, whether it's first downs, short-yardage or on the goal line. Worthy has shown to be almost exclusively a player that relies on quickness and little else.

Datone Jones, upfield rusher

In a first round draft choice, you want a three-down player. The book on Jones has yet to be written, but in his rookie year, he's been strictly a subpackage player on passing downs, not able to play in the base 3-4. He needs core strength that will help him anchor and be on the field more often.

Mike Neal, phonebooth player

Neal's conversion to outside linebacker has been remarkable, but he still has an incomplete game. He's fine when asked to pin back his ears and rush the passer or hold his ground against the run. But the moment he has to drop into coverage or use his lateral agility to chase a stretch play to the sideline, fuhgettaboutit.

A.J. Hawk, smarts/leadership

Maybe Hawk has two outstanding qualities, along with an ability to somehow stay remarkably healthy. He's has missed just two games in eight seasons, providing the Packers with admirable level of consistency. Unfortunately, none of his superlative characteristics have to do with athleticism. If paired with a playmaking linebacker beside him, like Desmond Bishop circa 2010, Hawk would look a lot better.

Brad Jones, leverage

At 6-3, Jones has plus-length at the inside linebacker position. But that's all I've got.

Sam Shields, speed

While his willingness to tackle has improved, Shields will never be Charles Woodson. Shields is also good for three or four interceptions per season, but he's not the type that's going to come up with seven, eight or more you might expect from one of the top seven paid cornerbacks in the NFL, which appears to the range he's seeking in his next contract.

Morgan Burnett, straight-line mobility

Burnett came into the NFL with a reputation as a ball hawk with 14 career college interceptions. He's done better than anticipated in the NFL in his ability to come up and fill running lanes, but he seems to only do good things when he's flying forward. He's been less than adequate when moving backwards or toward the sideline, especially in 2013, which certainly isn't good for the last line of defense. Burnett sure looked a whole lot better in a secondary that also featured Nick Collins and Charles Woodson.

M.D. Jennings, competitiveness

No one can ever blame Jennings for not trying hard. He's a willing tackler, but he just gets run over. And did you see Dez Bryant toss him like a ragdoll on his touchdown in Dallas? Jennings' talent is on par with players in the Canadian Football League, not the NFL.

Obviously not every player on the Packers defense was included in this list.

For example, Tramon Williams was a complete player in 2010 before a shoulder injury set him back. Based on his play the past month or so, he may finally be getting some of that ability back.

But at 30 years old, how much time does Williams have left? With top-notch play the past several games, Williams may have avoided the indignity of a restructured contract in the offseason, the last year of his deal. The Packers will be lucky if they can get one more good year out of Williams.

Players like Casey Hayward and Nick Perry also show the potential to be well-rounded players, but through two seasons, they've been too injured to get a good gauge on their ceilings as football players.

And as for the rookies, it's just too early to tell.

Now it's up to Thompson, the personnel department and the Packers scouts to identify players with better all-around talent, complement the players with outstanding one-trait characteristics, build around Clay Matthews and force out those with marginal faculty.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email

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jmac34's picture

Thoughts on Mike Daniels?

Brian Carriveau's picture

Impressive. I might be worried if he had to play all three downs, but he's the perfect situational player. And he does better than I ever expected against the run. He's just not asked to do it all that often. Overcomes his lack of length. Definitely not someone the Packers have to worry about.

Al Dante's picture

Daniels needs a rest every other down because like the rest of the defense they are out of shape.

TommyG's picture

and undersized... IF you ask some on this site. Oh, and injury prone too.

cLowNEY42's picture

When Mike Daniels is the unquestioned star of your defense, your defense sucks.

RunAndHyde's picture

Kinda seems like Boyd n Daniels are our best DL right now no? Datone will come along. As for Brad Jones and Morgan....I watched the game again last nite and wow they both got ran over on.multiple occasions...sad .

Point Packer's picture

In hindsight, the decision to let Bishop go was spot on. TT deserves credit for having the foresight to see Bishop's best days were behind him. Seems as though the Jones signing was an experiment to see if he was the answer long-term at ILB. It now looks it was more of a stop-gap move. As you state, we simply need more talent at that position and Jones ain't it.

If this defense is going to improve next year, we need to acquire talent at all three levels of our defense.

Oh, and thanks Brian. This is a great piece of analysis.

Derek in CO's picture

Brian, you going to print that and give to MM or Capers? You should, it is great. You are right on the money with this assessment. I think our ILBs are less than stellar huh? Brad Jones has "length" and that's about it? Funny.

cheesy4's picture

I would say print it and give it to Ted Thompson not capers and MM.

Mr Smith's picture

Very well done. I still think there's a systemic problem here somewhere. We have two talented DL that "used" to be able to rush the QB in Raji and Wilson, but they forgot how to? Something was different at one point, IMO.

Evan's picture

I don't remember Wilson ever being much of a pass rusher.

As for Raji, I believe his position change has a lot to do with his pass rushing figures dropping. His best seasons were at NT. At DE he hasn't been as productive. But I could be wrong about that.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I agree with you Evan. Raji had his best season when he was playing NT. He had 6 sacks playing NT in 2010 if I remember right.
But also remember he was playing next to Cullen Jenkins who demanded constant double teams as did Mathews. It left Raji alot of 1 on 1 opportunities.

Wilson does surprise me because coming out of college he was considered a good pass rusher. I haven't seen anything that suggests he can rush the passer.

PackerPete's picture


I agree with most of what you are saying. but clay Matthews certainly is not a complete player. His speed certainly is great, but he is not that strong and is easily stonewalled by average tackles. In fact, if he doesn't win with technique he has nothing. He made his living putting up big numbers against the likes of J'Marcus Webb, but average and better tackles just dominate him. Given his big contract, I'd argue that is the most overpaid defensive player in the NFL. He had his best seasons when other players such as Cullen Jenkins and Charles Woodson needed to be accounted for. I think most OT have figured him out by now. It'd be probably best to move him inside, especially on obvious passing downs.
Datone Jones will come along. give him time. Talent wise he may be the best DL the Packers have on the roster. Daniels is good but simply all effort. Pickett always was a 1st round talent as a run stopper. Can't move the big guy. Raji could be better in a scheme that better suits his ability.
They will overpay for Shields, no doubt about that.
Overall a good assessment of the D, though. good job.

RC Packer Fan's picture

lol, your funny Packer Pete. Yeah, your right Clay Mathews is not a complete player.... WOW.
I guess the fact that he broke his thumb or whatever has nothing to with his play being less then stellar since he has came back. I guess you forgot he is a complete player because he can rush the passer and is a great run defender.

IF CM3 is not a complete player, then I guess there isn't one in the league. A player that can rush the passer, play the run, drop into coverage. In my book that equals a complete player.

PackerPete's picture

RC, he may be the best player on the Packers D, but in my opinion he is far from complete. I feel that most Packers fans have blinders on as far as Clay is concerned.
Surely he gives effort every single play. But if you go back and look at his stats, then you'll see that his success is coming against bad OTs or TEs. And I really can't hear anymore how "his is constantly double-teams" - simply not true. Not after and not even before his broken thumb. For instance, 52 of 56 snaps against Dallas he was single-teamed. Staley dominated him in the first game this season. He struggled the first game against Detroit against below average competition. He did nothing against the Redskins. Hardly any impact against the Bengals - all before the injury. Best game against the Vikings, which was probably the worst offense the Packers faced all season.
Now that he is getting healthier, his only impact against the Cowboys came when he rushed from the inside on a delayed blitz. Smith stifled him all day. The only pressures from the outside came when they tried to block him solely with a TE... Go back, look at the film again.
Is he a good player? Undoubtedly. Is he elite, worthy of the big contract he got? I would argue certainly not...
His best year was 2010 in terms of sacks, individual tackles, and pressures.
for years, he made a living of dominating players such as J'Marcus Webb, but elite competition he didn't do much against. And nothing against Tyron Smith, he is a good player, but he is not a pro-bowler. Yet he completely dominated Matthews.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Name 2 OLB in a 34 that you would rather have. The only one I would consider is Von, but it would still be a no, he's not as complete imo.

cLowNEY42's picture

A. Smith

PackerPete's picture

for once I agree with clowney...

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

You're a fool.

jeremy's picture

How many game changing plays have those guys made in the SuperBowl?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"Morgan Burnett, straight-line mobility"

That's funny. The best we can come up with for our newly extended Safety is that he's able to move in a straight line. Dammit!

RunAndHyde's picture

Damnnnn that 42 can straight line like a boss!!

Derek in CO's picture

Another thing our secondary lacks, hands. Until the Cowboy game, the amount of dropped INTs by our DBs was staggering. I realize they aren't WRs, but Come On Man!

The TKstinator's picture

And talk to corporate and approve memos.

Ho Le Fuk's picture

Another fine article Brian. I think the Packs problem is twofold. We win SB and assume everything must be fine. How can you possibly point fingers at a super bowl winner? We must be doing it right!
Second, our defense is designed cleaverly so we don't need 'playmakers' just bodies. To me the last two times we played Frisco proved that wrong.
No we are not drafting skilled players (Lacy not included) were drafting bodies. People who have one skill set and are not overly speedy, strong enough to take the NFL punishment and or playmakers.
Look at how many 5,6,7 rounders make the packers roster versus other teams and see and erosion of talent on the field.

C's picture

Seattle Seahawks (#1 defense):

Sherman - 5th round
Bryant - 4th round
McDaniel - UFA
Mebane - 3rd round
Clemons - UFA
Maxwell - 6th round
Irvin - 1st round
Wagner - 2nd round
Smith - 7th round
Chancellor - 5th round
Thomas - 1st round

TommyG's picture

Pretty impressive draft board there.

Mojo's picture

Very interesting C about the Seattle defense and where they were selected. I never would have guessed. Maybe TT misses Schneider's input more than we could have imagined.

Evan's picture

What's curious is that it's Pete Carroll not Schneider who has final say over the roster.

John's picture

Don't forget the Free Agents!

Chris's picture

Seattle runs a 4-3… sometimes it gives the appearance of a 3-4 BUT its a 4-3 (leo).

C's picture

Panthers starting defense is getting great production out of three (3) 1st round picks in Lotuelei, Davis and Kuechley.

Hardy was a 6th round pick, Johnson a 3rd round pick, Munnerlyn was a 7th round pick. The remaining four starters were all undrafted free agents.

Evan's picture

(You're wasting your time...)

C's picture

Well aware of it, but the exercise was interesting nonetheless.

Evan's picture

Okay, good - just wanted to make sure. I see so many people actively engaging these trolls without realizing it.

The late-round talent on the Seahawks D is seriously nuts.

PackerPete's picture

or the fact that the Seattle players are a little enhancing... 7 players suspended since 2011 for various periods of time does tell a story, don't you think?

C's picture

No, I don't. Seattle is disciplined, play within the scheme and rally to the football as a unit. Officials are letting them play the most aggressive press coverage in the league and they take advantage of it. They're extremely confident and trust their respective teamates. None of this has anything to do with PED's.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

Very nice Brian. Well written

Morgan Mundane's picture

The Vikes drafted a bone crushing Smith who can cover and knock your fillings out at the same time. They now have a rookie who is doing the same. They get their talent if the early to mid first rounds by trading people for picks: Winfield, Rice, Harvin.
Ted has let two pro bowlers leave for mo money and got zilch in return. That ain't working. Our dbacks are more like 5'9 or 5'10, slow, smallish, can't cover and and lack speed. Were the most passed on team in football for two years now. and no one would give you a scratch off ticket for any of them. No value there.

Evan's picture

Do you have like a notepad document always open so you can copy/paste that quickly? Or do you really re-write that gibberish every goddamn day?

Evan's picture

Follow-up question: do you keep a list of all the IDs you use or do you have them memorized? If memorized, that's kind of impressive.

RunAndHyde's picture

What he said..

Arlo's picture

Evan ---You don't like a troll's post but you just about always respond. Go figure.

Evan's picture

Is this a trap?

Like, if I reply to you am I proving your point? Crap. Too late.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Don't worry Evan, what you say isn't relevant to Arlo...

4thand1's picture

Morgan, you're so mundane. Hit the turntable you broken record.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Morgan comes here, posts something, that is usually so completely ridiculous that its laughable. Morgan, if you want to come and post the crap you do, then at least have the curtsey of replying to peoples responses to your crap.

Bugeater's picture

Maybe we need an article on one note posters...

KennyPayne's picture

The biggest problem is that TT sees these guys as being better players than they apparently are.

He just signed Brad Jones and Morgan Burnett to lucrative, new contracts last offseason.

He apparently offered Raji $8Mil a year to be a one-dimensional player -- and not a great one at that.

Hawk has been paid tens of millions of dollars as if he is a great player like Bowman and Willis when he is physically incapable of making the plays they and other top ILBs make. (And the "leadership" attribute is just hilarious. This D completely lacks leadership and thus the claim that the longest-serving player on D, Hawk, is a leader is just funny).

TT likes his own guys a whole lot, whether they are all that good is increasingly coming into question.

John's picture

Agreed. PFF rates Hawk as the 3rd worse ILB in Football.

Lou's picture

The most alarming defensive stat is that neither safety has an interception after 14 games - Peprah had 5 his last year and that got him run out of town. Raji's drop off is puzzling, when I first saw his college stats I thought his tackles total was a miss print, a majority were "for loss", the ability to play better is there but we have not seen it since 2010. Hawk is Hawk and I agree a thumper next to him improves the ILB position. When you have a cover corer like Shields you can over look his average tackling, these guys are hard to find and keep. Williams still has Pro Bowl talent and should be at that level a couple more seasons - he has tackled a lot better this season. I have commented many times that Mathews plays best when a healthy Perry is opposite him but unfortunately he has not been healthy. Worthy may be a "D. J. Williams" annual conversation piece you hope comes around and because of that Boyd has a real chance to increase his value. Datone Jones has under performed but he knows that and is working to get better. I would group Wilson, Neal, Brad Jones, Jennings, Burnett, and House as first off the bench subs with the ability to start a few games when the starter goes down. Hayward needs to come back with a rookie year performance, Pickett is history, and Thompson needs to acquire more defensive talent ASAP.

Mean Jean's picture

Agree with your assessment, basically not enough talent or leadership on defense.

Also, some players seem to be more injury prone and had injury history in college.

Tarynfor12's picture

So we have players playing out of position and players who can't play their position....
we have overrated and over payed players.

Nerd's picture

Blaming Ted Thompson. Did Vic Ketchman write this for you?

Arlo's picture

So who do you blame for the fact that Thompson has only been able to draft 1 impact player (so far) in his last 3 drafts?

Arlo's picture

Make that two - Cobb & Lacy.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Hayward wasn't an impact player last year?
I guess being ranked 3rd best CB in the NFL isn't good enough to be an impact player.

4thand1's picture

Perry's missed a lot of games.....Teds fault.
Signed Boykin...........what a mistake.
Quarless............looking the part after coming off of major knee sugury, Teds fault.
Hayward a rookie last year 8 picks, blew out his hamstring, blame it on Ted.
You fail Arlo.

4thand1's picture

Lets throw in Bahktiari. Made quite an impact for a rookie at the most important spot on the o-line. Horrible pick, right?

cLowNEY42's picture

You just rallied off...

Bakhtiari they're difference makers.

All 5 of those guys are the definition of NFL J.A.G.s.

Arlo's picture

That's it. That's all you got!!

You see that's part of the problem. All you listed are marginal, at best. None of those you've mentioned are even remotely impact players. Teddy needs to find replacements for Jenkins, Collins & Woody. I doubt he can.

Arlo's picture

In addition:
You extreme homers are all the same. You only see what you want to see. GB was 5-2 when AR went down. They are now 7-6-1 & look like hell. Why do you think this has happened?

RC Packer Fan's picture

So when the Packers had Rodgers and were 5-2 and then they lost Rodgers. Since that time they are 2-4-1.
What is the Packers biggest reasons why they are 2-4-1 without Rodgers?

MarkinMadison's picture

Arlo, you made me laugh so hard I spit milk out my nose. I don't deny that they need an infusion of talent. I've said for years that TT's lesson from Seattle was you can't ONLY do draft and develop. In the off-season this year I was openly asking the question here, "What happens to the talent level of your team if you have all of your money locked up in 1-2 guys." I also asked, "Has any team in the salary cap era won a Super Bowl while their QB was on their peak contract?" I've got no problem with being critical, but for God's sake please be thoughtful while you are at it.

Arlo's picture

Are you crazy? Thoughtful of who? These are the same homers that resort to profanity & name-calling when they read an opinion that is different from the house opinion. ---- I owe them nothing.

packeraaron's picture

You're right Arlo. When you come with such insightful, biting commentary like "Teddy needs to find replacements for Jenkins, Collins & Woody. I doubt he can." I mean, that is some strong stuff.

Nerd's picture

1: Collapse of the run defense.

2: F'ing around with the backup QB position.

Arlo's picture

Nagler, Thanks, I appreciate the notice. I may also add that I see an improvement in your blog also. That's always going to happen when reality is priority one. Packer fans can take off the glasses & still be great Packer fans. --- Salute!!

Arlo's picture

Sorry, nearly a half hour later and I'm still laughing. Who needs reality when you've got CHTV !!

cLowNEY42's picture

I don't care how they do it... They just need to hurry up and get some better players.

So used to seeing absolute garbage that even Hawk looks good once in a while... it's a mirage. Anytime he does something that most NFL ILB's do ALL THE TIME everyone's all "dude's having a great year!". Blah. Hawk as an individual is a perfect representation of the Packer defense overall... not fast enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, not quick enough, not physical enough, not aggressive enough.

Can't even count Clay as a difference maker anymore. Which means they now have exactly ZERO.

4thand1's picture

Clay blew up the play for the Shields int. It won the game.

Point Packer's picture

Given that no one blocked him and he missed the sack, I could have "blown up the play". And I'm fat.

4thand1's picture

It was supposed to be a quick hitter. Throw it right away. Romo couldn't CM's blew it up. And no, you couldn't have. You're a fat blogger with no NFL experience. You are right.

Point Packer's picture

Don't pretend to be a "blogger". Maybe a "blog reader and commenter". A

nd yes, there's surely no way I could have ran three yards, dove at Tony Romo's feet and wiffed. No way.

The TKstinator's picture

I'll take better players at any position. Sure we'd all like to see a safety or an ILB, but if you play kick ass D at any position, GB has a place for you.

Give Datone and Worthy some time. DL's take a while to develop. And remember that Sharper and Collins took a while at S too.

But what I look for is a guy who plays WELL as a rookie who makes you think "hey, this guy will only get better with experience".

Point Packer's picture

"But what I look for is a guy who plays WELL as a rookie who makes you think “hey, this guy will only get better with experience”."

Micah Hyde?

The TKstinator's picture

Yes, and Hayward too.

cLowNEY42's picture

I think Hyde and Hayward are both too slow.

The TKstinator's picture

Hayward had 40 times ranging all over the place, but at the combine he ran the fastest short shuttle of any DB since 2006. I'm thinking short shuttle is vital for a CB.

Hyde? I don't know...probably a little on the slow side, but the kid can play football. And if (like many expect) he moves to safety it'll be less of a concern. He's the anti Mike Mamula.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

HOw much time, three or four years and if they dont pan out then whats your game plan???????????

The TKstinator's picture

What's yours?
It's an inexact science, based on projection. Not every player makes the Pro Bowl his rookie year. And not every Pro Bowler is picked in the top ten picks of the first round.

Jamie's picture the Packers not get to draft and develop other players over those years?

Jeezuz what a FRICKIN idiot.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

There is an abundance of late round 5,6,7 rounders and undrafteds who make the team so whats the point? The fact these guys are not first and second round quality, of course they aren't. Brian you know darn well Ted doesn't have the money the other 31 teams have to toss around. You play cheap ball you get a host of cheap players no one else wanted.

The TKstinator's picture

Cheap ball? What do you mean? The salary cap? The fact that 12 and 52 take up so much of it? I really don't understand your assertion.

MarkinMadison's picture

Um, this is a football web site, not a baseball web site...

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

I ahve not seen our d line block one pass all year. Short arms are in at Packerville.

Lars's picture

Sigh. Same old blind obedience/fear/wagon circling around- to coaching authority analysis---let's blame the players and TT.

An "abundance of one note players" OR a defensive coordinator who doesn't know how to adapt his scheme to take full advantage of the players.

Now, what if the Packers replaced Dom Capers with a DC who installed a one-gap/attacking 3/4 defense and dumped passive players ("cleaners") like AJ Hawk?

packeraaron's picture

<em>Sigh. Same old blind obedience/fear/wagon circling around- to coaching authority analysis</em>

Sigh. Same old fire Capers nonsense.

Le sigh indeed.

cLowNEY42's picture

Actually, asking for playmakers might be greedy. Let's just start with getting some average defensive players on the roster.

Baby steps.

MarkinMadison's picture

Goodness. Look, the defense needs to get better. TT may have to bring in an impact free agent. It has been done before (Woodson).

Brian, nice article. Really, I think you hit the nail on the head. When you have one-dimensional players, the opposing QBs and OCs will game them all day long. Every team has some. Apparently the Packers have too many.

4thand1's picture

You trolls do your job well. You get the desired effect you so want and need to fulfill what's really eating away at you. You're unhappy and as usual you like chaos in your life. I'm going to post some crap and see if I make other people as miserable as me. Merry x-mas and GOPACKGO. When a Packer fan is called an '"extreme homer", be sure the person making the allegation is a troll. TY for giving it away Arlo.

Arlo's picture

Cry me a river.

Evan's picture

I'm bringing sexy back.

C's picture

Assumed you will be wearing your, 'suit and tie'?

Evan's picture

Haha...this guy gets it.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

Does Dick in a box count? Being it's A collaboration?

Evan's picture

You'll have to ask Arlo. He started the game.

The TKstinator's picture

It's ok, if it's in a cheez way.

4thand1's picture

By reading your posts, you're doing enough crying for everyone. I think you're a Lions fan, lmfao.

MarkinMadison's picture

"In addition:
You extreme homers are all the same. You only see what you want to see. GB was 5-2 when AR went down. They are now 7-6-1 &amp; look like hell. Why do you think this has happened?"

Here's what happened, no AR. You don't think that is, or should be, a good enough explanation? From 2002-2013 the Colts made the playoffs every single year, except one. They won their division in all of those years (including his one) except three. Their one losing season they went 2-14. What did they not have that year?

I'll spell it out for you: A legitimate franchise quarterback. The fact is with two wins and a tie, the Packers have done better since #12 went down than the Colts did over an entire season.

C's picture

Why bother trying to rationalize with these folks? Like everything there's a nuanced answer involving a whole host of elements related to any teams success or failures. The people that play the either/or game(either you acknowledge TT/MM suck, or you're a homer) in the comments section are either remarkably dim or trolling for a response.

Logan's picture

Hey Brian what do you think about the possibility the packers getting rexy after the jets part ways with him? Runs a 3-4 and keeps his defense innovative unlike capers

Randy's picture

Best article I've seen on this site. Nice analysis Brian

Lars's picture

This defense also suffers because very, very few college players played the scheme in college. So, practically everybody (Clay Mathews a notable exception) is shoehorned into it. Even Daytone Jones played in a hybrid at UCLA.

Thompson drafts great college talent like Raji, Burnett, Datone Jones, Perry, Neal, yet they often disappear in the passive, 2-gap system.

Rather than point at the personnel every year, and project yet another defense-heavy draft to get the "right fits", why not try something different---like changing coordinators and moving to the more aggressive one-gap 3/4? I mean, outside of wagon-circling around Packers' brass?

4htand1's picture

Makes sense.

Chris's picture

I like this. You are right.

Lou's picture

In my earlier post I indicated that the most alarming stat was that the safeties had NO interceptions. This morning Tyler Dunne in the Journal/Sentinal has a story on this - this has not happened in the 60's,70's,80',90's, and through the new millenium - AMAZING STAT - NEVER BEEN SKUNKDED.

Point Packer's picture

If our safeties aren't the worst in the NLF, then they are in the bottom five.

After last year, its mind-blowing that MD Jennings is a starting safety. And for that, its no one but TT's fault. And don't give me the "MD Jennings was an un-drafted FA", "oh, we would be fine if Nick Collins didn't get hurt", and my personal favorite "you can't blame TT for Jerron McMillan getting hurt".

The safety unit as a position on this team is a liability. Burnett is at best an over-paid severely average player. MD Jennings is at best, a starting safety in the CFL, as Nagler stated.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

I swear I read the Pack almost broke a record for the most passing yardage given up last year and this year can't be too far off. If were not in the bottom then who is?

razor's picture

The ultimate one-note = Ted Thompson.

Specialty = project players.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

The Vikes beat a solid Philly team with second string defesive backs. There top 3 defensivie backs were out and their scrubs looked impressive as hell. This team is young and talented and weill get that top QB they need and then will have a young defense and offense for next year.
Our poorly skilled players will not be able to compete in the North next year I'm afraid.

Chris's picture

They also run a 4-3

John's picture

PFF ranks only Daniels, Matthews, Perry, Lattimore and Williams as starters. Draft and Develop is really Draft and Play. There is a reason why NFL teams rarely start rookies, and we are seeing it. Wake up Ted. He needs to sign stop gap $1M - $3M 1-2 year Free Agents to make Draft and Develop work. Currently the strategy leaves too many holes.

Lucky953's picture

The game has changed. Defense matters less than scoring points. That's where the money is because 1) Big offensive plays bring more fans than defensive stops; and 2) The rules have persistently been altered to give offenses a greater edge. Yes, the Packers need more athletic, faster defensive players. They're hard to find. Two "pro bowl" players would transform this D: an SF type ILB and a "Collins" level safety.

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