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Packers Thin at OLB with Matthews, Neal, Perry Missing Practice

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Packers Thin at OLB with Matthews, Neal, Perry Missing Practice


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Morgan Mundane's picture

I see feel that Worthy, Perry and Datone are all in the busts category until they show me something. Just showing up ain't enough when your a one and two pick.

These guys were not rated all that high in the first place, especially Worthless.

jc's picture

KInd of early to call Datone a bust, the other two guys have been injured. Perry when he is healthy has proven he can play well.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


Tarynfor12's picture

The Packers are thin at OLB even when these guys are healthy....reality check.

Bart's picture

True. We went to 3/4 front enough years ago to have a more robust set of LBs by now. Outside of CM3 (injured a lot) there isn't much there. LBs have been and still is a glaring weak point in this defense.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I totally agree that Packers don't have a strong enough LB group to be effective running a 3-4 defense.

Meanwhile, the DL has improved by leaps and bounds since they had 1 or 2 decent ones at the time of the switch.

So why do they use 2 DL in front of 4 LBs in nickel situations? In fact, why do they even run a 3-4 defense? If the answer is that is what Capers runs, I know a way to fix that.

Arlo's picture

You seem to already know the answer. The D is basically an embarrassment. Cut off the head (Capers) and just maybe, the D will improve.

Morgan Mundane's picture

As Ketchum points out, it costs money for defensive ends in a 4-3 scheme. I think that's why Ted loves the 3-4.

Stroh's picture

It was McCarthy that wanted the 34 D not Thomspon! If you knew a damn thing about the Packers you would know that. But your just a troll who doesn't know a thing about the Packers anyway!!!

McCarthy hires his assistants NOT Thompson!

The TKstinator's picture

While 3-4 OLB's are so low priced.

RunAndHyde's picture

I hope perry and Neal are precautionary....we need em big time.

jc's picture

The Packers have been suffering through high pick injuries. The last few years have been unbelievable. When healthy the group of Neal, Perry and Mathews could be very effective, if they were ever all healthy.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Do ya think maybe they were passed on by 31 other teams for a reason: injury prone and not reliable

The TKstinator's picture

Yes of course.
Every other team knew exactly what was going to happen.
Stupid Packers.

TommyG's picture

Having Matthews, Neal, and Perry down brings up concerns with that right side. That is our free blitz side, and those three were all having some success at that position. I don't know who plays that role if all three of these guys are down. Does anyone here know or feel that one of the ILB can move out there and bring pressure?

Archie's picture

This draft looks very strong/deep at OLB. The problem however, if we find a stud OLB, what do we do with Perry/Neal? Use them as back-ups/depth? Nobody can afford to pay R1/R2 money to back-ups. For this reason, I don't think TT will draft OLB with top choice. I think S/ILB/DE/TE are the candidates for R1 pick. If we lose Sunday, our prize would be #12 pick and very possibly ILB CJ Mosely. Mosely and Lattimore would be a fearsome duo. Of course, TT is in love with Hawk and Brad Jones and MD Jennings. S would be too big a reach at #12. Amaro or Ebron would fit nice at TE. A couple of nice DTs that figure middle R1 = Nix and Hageman. Mack, Barr & Clowney will be long gone at DE. Beasely would fit as an OLB. Right now I don't see any DEs in mid R1. Mosely or Nix could be TT's guy. He'll gamble on finding a TE in R2/R3.

cLowNEY42's picture

Mack, Barr, and Clowney are all probably OLB's in this defense (another reason I'm not a fan of this system... even if they could get a player like Clowney, where would he play? He doesn't fit.).

They could let Neal go in FA - that would open up drafting an OLB but I don't think that will happen because I don't think there will be any first rd OLB prospects worth drafting where the Pack will be.

TE is a need but the defense needs playmakers more than the offense. You can get a good TE later.

No Safety's worth a first round pick.

I could see a big corner like Dennard (if he dropped) or Gilbert.
I like Ekpre-Olomu but he might be too small.

It's gonna be DL or ILB. I'd put $ on Mosley, Tuitt, or Hageman.

Stroh's picture

Those are 3 strong possibilities... And I agree they very well might be the choice. Don't be too surprised if an OT were the pick either. Lewan, Robinson and Ogbuehi all could be the pick as well.

WHile I like Sherrod, and believe he can be a good OT, there's just no knowing for sure how he looks after that gruesome injury and 2 years away from the game.

Thompson places a premium on the Offensive line and the Defensive front 7. They will almost always take precedent over smaller athletes.

Arlo's picture

Perry will be allowed to stagger through another injury plagued year in 2014 (and then be shown the door). Neal already has his hand on the doorknob. He'll sign with a 4-3 team who needs a DE, his real position.

It's crazy that TT is incapable of obtaining a real OLB opposite CM3. Think what CM3 could be if another threat played on the other side.

Stroh's picture

Nothing at all wrong w/ Neals production. 4 sacks in last 6 games... That's better than 10 sacks on the season and he just started playing OLB THIS year! You freaking think every player should be a star as a f'in rookie! It just doesn't happen that way in the NFL. Hell same can be said of Perry, who has about one full season under his belt right now.

43 DE MIGHT be his best position, but its also a position he has never played in the NFL. He said he likes playing OLB and being lighter. I think the Packers need to resign Neal and keep Perry too! That's a pretty F'in good trio of OLB!

BTW who give a shit about Pro Bowl? Just a popularity contest anyway. Hell Rodgers had a better 1/2 season than other QB's had a full season!

Archie's picture

Ton of quality WRs in this class too. Doubtful TT would burn a #1 on a WR but you never know. A big frame with sprinter's speed and big soft hands would be a nice present for AROD to go along with his new contract. Anything is possible on draft day. Supposedly he doesn't draft for need but of course he does.

Bart's picture

I would forget the "need" this year and go for BPA 100%. We just need to upgrade the entire roster IMHO. Not enough Pro Bowl caliber players on this team. Lots of average kinda players but how many Packer starters could actually start for the Seahawks or 49ers? Very very few.

Arlo's picture

Jenkins, Collins & Woodson have never been replaced from just 2010. I'm not say'in that they can be completely replaced by now, but no one is even coming close. The DL is still a bunch of rotational players even with all the high draft picks & the defensive backfield is a major weakness.

AR can only make up for so much.

Pro-Bowl? There's a good chance that GB won't even have a player on the Pro-Bowl roster.

RunAndHyde's picture


Arlo's picture

I'd love to see Nelson make it. However, here are your stats.
In the NFL:
Receptions --- 21st
Yards ----- 13th
Tds ------ 16th.

You have to remember that GB is not the center of the NFL universe. Most NFL Fans (really) think GB has only won big in the 60's.

Morgan Mundane's picture

So so shocked to hear they are hurt.

The TKstinator's picture

Yeah funny how there is not a single player on any other team hurt right now. The Packers are the only team that goes through this. Crappy scouting, horrible drafting, atrocious training staff...just pack the whole thing up and move to Baltimore or Indianapolis or Cleveland in the middle of the night.

Stroh's picture

Screw that... Packers team, organization and everyone doesn't deserve to be in the NFL! Move them to the North Pole and make them play in the CFL! This team is a complete waste of NFL franchise. Get rid of the Packers and start a new franchise in Fargo ND! Surely that would be a better location and franchise than the Packers!

The TKstinator's picture

Glad to know someone's talking sense around this joint.

jyros's picture

Would be nice to see Nic Perry have good game on right side similar to last time he stepped in when Matthews was out.

I'm more concerned w/ Barclay keeping rushers off of Rodgers!

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