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Packers Calendar: Aaron Rodgers Speaks as Patience Wanes

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Packers Calendar: Aaron Rodgers Speaks as Patience Wanes

Patience in Packers fandom is nearing an all-time low after the Detroit Lions loss on Monday Night Football, putting Green Bay in control of its own playoff destiny.

All Packers fans want to hear is that their franchise quarterback will be starting on Sunday when the Packers next host the Pittsburgh Steelers, preferably when he speaks on his weekly radio show on Tuesday afternoon.

A lot can change in two days, but the only thing head coach Mike McCarthy would say on Monday is that Aaron Rodgers would be evaluated on Wednesday and that the team was preparing as if Matt Flynn will start. Tuesday is the team's weekly day off.

Rodgers will appear on Tuesdays with Aaron aired on the ESPN Radio affiliate in Milwaukee, 540 AM at 1:30 p.m. CT and streamed live online at It will be replayed on 100.5 FM in Madison at 5:00 p.m.

Since suffering a broken collarbone in early November, the fate of Rodgers would appear to be in the hands of Packers team doctor Pat McKenzie. What Rodgers has to say about his doctor, his injury, his recovery and his attempt at a comeback will make for appointment listening.

Meanwhile, kicker Mason Crosby will be the guest on the Mike McCarthy Show that airs on several television markets in Wisconsin and the Midwest on Tuesday evening, according to host Lance Allan on Twitter.

The Mike McCarthy Show airs at 6:30 p.m. CT on WGBA Ch. 26 in Green Bay and WTMJ Ch. 4 in Milwaukee. Complete listings can be found on the team's official website.

And offensive lineman T.J. Lang hosts Tundra Talk on 105.7 FM WAPL in Appleton at 5:00 p.m. and streamed online at

Comments (33)

KennyPayne's picture

What do you mean His Doctor Brian?

McKenzie works for and more importantly is compensated by the Packers and he is treating Rodgers with the orgsnization's interest being of paramount interest not the interests of his "patient" Aaron Rodgers.

There is an inherent conflict of interests that should not be denied.

MarkinMadison's picture

Is there any evidence that Dr. McKenzie has put the interests of the organization above the interests of the individual?* Debateable, but I would be more concerned if he had a pattern of rushing players back; the opposite is true.

Truth be told, I don't care when #12 comes back. I get that the Packers now control their own destiny, but all things considered if it is a choice between betting on a Super Bowl win this year or betting on a Super Bowl win next year, I'll put my money down for next year.

*I doubt that there is an actual conflict of interest. McKenzie is employed by the team. Everyone understands the role of the team physician, which includes, apparently, to decide when players can play. Players can and do get their own physicians' opinions and have procedures done by other physicians when they want to do so.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

"but all things considered if it is a choice between betting on a Super Bowl win this year or betting on a Super Bowl win next year, I’ll put my money down for next year."

I think I remember people saying this same thing in 2010...

MarkinMadison's picture

I don't remember #12 having a health issue at the end of 2010.

Arlo's picture

Wish fans could look at 2013 and knock off the 2010 comparisons. There are more differences that similarities.

Buster's picture

"Debateable, but I would be more concerned if he had a pattern of rushing players back; the opposite is true."

Agreed. Rushing someone like Rodgers back is a quick way of losing your job and your rep as a physician. Easy for fans to want Rodgers back NOW. No risk for fans but possible reward. Seems abit one-sided.

RunAndHyde's picture

This is getting to be so ridiculous. This last minute bs. They know where he was last week....they know how far along he should be this week. The whole preparing as the starter is bs. They could give us a little better idea then that.

Taco's picture

even if they could (and that is debatable) why on earth would they?

Buster's picture

The Steelers are alot better team than they were earlier in the season. Need to get by them before worrying about the Bears. Besides Chicago plays this Sunday night against the Eagles.... 8-7-1 may be enough.

Concerned Fan's picture

The lions also will need to lose again to make that a possibility

Evan's picture

That team of hyper disciplined professionals lose again? I doubt it.

SOL's picture

I love the sarcasm. You don't know what you're going to get with Matt "Romo" Stafford, Calvin "Drops" Johnson, and Jim "Black Hole" Schwartz."
The fact that the Lions lead the league in drops is amazing.

The TKstinator's picture

Course if Detroit cuts Calvin "drops" Johnson, GB just MIGHT be able to find a place for him amidst their receiving corps.

Point Packer's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

Steelers will be a very tough game. Even if Rodgers comes back to play. Is it winnable with or without Rodgers? I think so. But it will be a tough game.

NoWayJose's picture

8-7-1 will not be enough. Bears will have 9 wins if they beat us, end of story.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Uh, no. 8-7-1 might be enough. Bears would have to go 0-2 to finish at 8-8, meaning GB HAS to beat the bears, and Detroit would have to go 1-1 or 0-2 to finish at 8-8 or 7-9.

Week 16:
Chi @ Philly; Giants @ Det; Pitt @ GB;

Week 17:
GB @ Chicago; Det @ Minn.

RunAndHyde's picture

No Mike Wallace toe tapper TDs at the end to beat us :)

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

That was some booshit

Bomdad's picture

Let's hear what AR says. I hope he's been drinking LOTS of milk!

Derek in CO's picture

Fellas, the CSU-Washington State bowl game on Saturday could feature a future NFL TE and Safety. Colorado State: Crockett Gilmore, TE, 6'6". Washington State: Deone Bucannon, S.

RunAndHyde's picture

Hey! I've been reppin Bucannon on here for a while ...don't steal my thunder lol. Seriously tho he is a playmaker I would love to pick up in the draft.

Derek in CO's picture

I remember you called on Buchannon as a possible draft pick, just wanted to throw a reminder out. I personally want to see him play.

Mojo's picture

No one has adequately explained to me why whether Rodgers starts is in the hands of Dr. McKenzie. Is there a league rule you can't play unless the Doc clears you?

If so, how in the hell did Mac clear Lacy who's been playing on a bum ankle for three weeks. Or EDS who partially tore a knee ligament & sprained his ankle but has continued to play through it. How about J. Jones - partial torn ligament, just to name a few of the more recent ones. I have a hard time believing the status of Rodgers collarbone is worse than the injuries suffered by those other players.

If Rodgers is getting special treatment compared to everyone else I'm OK with it - he's that important to the long-term team success. But don't hand me it's strictly up to the doc whether Rodgers plays or not. If they're trying to go that route, it smells of PR(not trying to make ARod look bad if doesn't play considering the importance of the game).

Evan's picture

I'd say an actual broken bone is worse than any of those other injuries you cited.

Jayme Snowden's picture

How do we know though that McKenzie didn't give the clear to play to those players? They are injured, but perhaps the doctor decided that their injuries wouldn't be worsened by them playing, or that the playing wouldn't be hampered too dramatically by the injury.

Stroh's picture

Soft tissue injuries heal much easier than bone injuries do. Soft tissue gets a lot more blood flow than do bones. Blood flow speeds healing. Soft tissue is also easy to repair if need be.

Don't like it anymore than you do, but that along w/ the fact that Rodgers is the Franchise QB w/ a 100M price tag means the Packer are going to be VERY careful. Unfortunate but true. What do the Packers have invested in those other players? A million here or a million there, but not 100M!

Tarynfor12's picture

McKenzie is a doctor and that I hope should be equated to the patient comes first.The best interest for Rodgers medically is the best interest for the Packers whether week to week or the long term.

denniseckersly's picture

Clear Cobb and line him up behind center

Clay's picture

I'm sure we all hope he gets cleared. Meanwhile shouldn't we fans get the facts before spouting off? Article in JS clearly explains that if he breaks it again creating bone displacement he will need surgery and have a steel plate installed in his shoulder. This could affect his throwing motion permanently. Didn't anyone see that??? Why is that obvious info so elusive for you arm chair Doctors? It's not about him playing through pain. It's about preventing a career altering injury.

Nerd's Phone's picture

The problem is that this team constantly lies to us about injuries. That's for me what creates these negative feelings.

Horse's picture

By all means, attach your feelings to a team that is 100% forthright about injuries 100% of the time.

The TKstinator's picture

12 broke his collarbone on my birthday. So, instead of watching GB trash the Bears that night, well,...we know how that turned out. Consequently, as a CHRISTMAS present, I would like for him to return to health, return to the lineup, and kick much ass.

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