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Packers: 31 Raiders: 21

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Packers: 31 Raiders: 21

Eddie Lacy, Alex Gillett & Sean Richardson

Randall Cobb, Demetri Goodson, Korey Jones

Burnett & Hyde On MJD's Touchdown Run



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RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah I can't disagree with this. I still would like to see Harris added to the good. Because he was really good.

Gillette gets lost when we talk about WR' s but he is a player that seems to always do what he is asked of and that TD catch was really, really good.

Spiderpack's picture

Yes. Yes that is right there.

DraftHobbyist's picture

I'd add Hawk and Williams to the bad for that TD run as well (I know, you ran out of space), Hawk for missing the tackle and Williams for making a poor effort to get into position to make a tackle.

4thand1's picture

Watch the replay, Hawk was held big time on that play. Guy grabbed his arm and spun him sideways.

Oppy's picture

While not directly attributed to the break away run by MJD, watch BJ Raji on that play. He gets pushed straight out of the gap and spun around. Raji has zero anchor as a NT.

GoldFinger's picture

Oppy, I always respect your posts. What are your thoughts on the rookie Mike Pennel?

Oppy's picture

I'm a fan of what I've seen. He's raw and untested, but he can stand up two blockers and stand his ground, and he can also push a single blocker backwards at will. This is completely premature, but I see more NT in Pennel than in Raji. Will Pennel prove to be an NFL caliber DLman vs. Starting caliber opposition? Only time will tell.

All I can really say is I feel Raji is a talented player that is stuck in a system that doesn't play to his strengths. My opinion is BJ Raji is best suited as a 3-tech DT in a conventional 4-3 where he is allowed to shoot the B gaps or perhaps line up elsewhere and use his quickness to stunt into the A gap and wreck havoc. behind the LOS. I do think Pennel's demeanor and apparent skill set looks more a match for the 3-4, and I'm eager to watch him develop. I think he could be a good NT.

GoldFinger's picture

Now ladies and gentlemen, maybe people don't know me enough yet but you all sure know Oppy. I've been a fan of his for years. He's highly respected on these forums across the internet. His thoughts on Pennel are as I thought and hoped and a lot of you who are worried about losing Raji should take some comfort in Oppy's post.

Thank you for responding Oppy. Hope you stay but try not to respond to you know who otherwise you will get baited and banned. Again, not worth it. I speak from experience here. Just trying to save some people's lives here.

Oppy's picture

Ahhh, I don't know what you're trying to pull me into, but I know when someone is shining my knob.

Thanks, but no thanks. I've got my own problems to deal with.

GoldFinger's picture

lol.. now that was funny Oppy. Not trying to shine your knob or pull you into anything. You hate compliments obviously. Can't say I blame you but knowing you and reading all your posts thru the years I feel you are highly respected. I have a hard time as well with compliments and believe me I get a ton for constantly being right all the time about these Packers players.

This was all about Mike Pennel let's be clear. I got what I wanted out of you. We are on the same page with him. You got problems, I got problems. We all got problems. Carry on.

GoldFinger's picture

To elaborate further on what Oppy, myself and a few others here high on Pennel and not too worried about Raji, read this article just fresh out tonight by one of the best Bob McGinn.

Here's one of the quotes that highlights what some of us here are saying in a nutshell.

"They've got Raji replaced," one personnel man said. "Boyd and Pennel play on the other side of the line of scrimmage. As the year goes along, I think it'll be Pennel. He's too big and too strong. Then they can put Boyd outside."

Class dismissed!!

Stroh's picture

Your right class dismissed. THanks for the compliment!

Stroh says:
August 23, 2014 at 02:25 pm

2 full days before JSO even wrote, I commented that Boyd would be fine at NT.

"Boyd gets first crack at the NT job, followed by Guion if he's able to return to practice. The Packers aren't going back to Pickett and Jolly. They represent the old DT w/ behemoths. They want younger and quicker DL and are going to more of a one gap 34 D, instead of the old 2 gap scheme they used to use w/ Pickett, Raji, Jolly." "Boyd played NT in college and w/ the Packers going w/ quicker players on the DL in general Boyd fits the NT spot the best. Boyd will be the 1st option to play NT and should preform fine."

Truly class is dismissed. One of us needed to read it somewhere before listening and I knew it w/o reading it somewhere else first! LOL and Thanks again for the props.

Spiderpack's picture

I'm still hoping Sean Richardson can be our man at safety, along with Ha Ha.

If Sean is Nick Collins, he still has at least another year to show us he is Nick Collins. Nick didn't kick it until his 3rd year and Sean hasn't really played yet, though he has studied & trained. But I'm seeing it all over the place and he has all the physical gifts. He's not 4.37 Collins, but he is eff'n 4.43 and with his size and the way he hits he could be the muthufkn payload trainwrecker, and the field general in space as well. Cross your fingers, he played college football with our man Casey Hayward.

Stroh's picture

I've been touting Richardson at Safety for a long time. He has terrific measurables. His issue has always been in coverage where he needed a lot of experience, since he played more like a LB in college. He's strong vs the run and if his coverage ability catches up he could be a starter. I wouldn't count on it this year, but very possibly next year. His physical athletic ability was the equivalent of a 1st rd pick. He's certainly smart enough too. Its just learning how to play in coverage and instincts for him.

Nashville Packer's picture

It exciting to think what this offense can do. Hopefully Raji is OK. And honestly, Gillett deserves a spot on this team. He seems like an underneath safety valve option the team doesn't really have otherwise. Anybody could fill that role but it's his specialty.

RCPackerFan's picture

The bad. BJ Raji tearing his bicep.

GoldFinger's picture

The good. Mike Pennel replacing Raji. Ah, winning!!

Imma Fubared's picture

Wow. I have to say I think the Good should go to the defensive back play. One of the better performances I've seen from them in a long while.
Just saw the Vikes march 97 yards in 5 plays with running and passing so the Pack d backs better be ready.

4thand1's picture

These practice games will be over soon, u suck

DoURant's picture

I think the UGLY might have a 2nd candidate with Raji out for the year. Having to rely on Pennel to do the bulk of the work at the nose could be a lot to ask of the rookie, even though he has looked good so far. Might have to get in touch with Pickett for some veteran play at the nose. I don't think Jolly has been cleared as of yet, so don't think he is an option as of now.

GoldFinger's picture

DoURant, it will be Mr. Joshua Boyd and Mike "I took Jerel Worthy to the kennel" Pennel as our nose tackles.

Forget about Picket and Jolly. Jolly never played nose tackle. It's over for these two. They are moving on to the younger guys. That's what the Packers do. Raji was lucky to even be here this season.

You(we) all need to put our trust in Ted Thompson. He's the best in the business for a reason. Why people constantly doubt his greatness amazes me even after all these years here. What pisses me off more than anything to be frank is they haven't named a street in Green Bay after him..

It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and Raji's injury isn't the end of our season despite what Cow says.. Settle down people. We are going to be fine. Pennel and Boyd will get it done!! I'll take hungry and young over fat and done every single time.

ben's picture

Richard Rogers & Hasean Dix are crazy OverRated. Bradford & Thornton.....non-existent. Have we traded Adams to Cleveland yet? Ted bombed the 1st 4 rounds of this draft as he continues a history of missing on early round picks.

sonomaca's picture

Yeah, like Rodgers, Matthews, Nelson, Lacy, Hayward, and Cobb. All busts. TT must be a real loser to have drafted such bums.

GoldFinger's picture

Ben, did I ever tell you I saw Ted Thompson walking down the street one day in Green Bay. One of my greatest moments in my life. He was hiding under a cap and dark sunglasses but I knew it was him. I said hi and he said hi back and kept on walking.. I honestly was in awe of him. To be almost face to face with a living legend. Incredible moment. You just never know who'll you'll run into when you are in Green Bay.

Anyway, it's way to early to be giving Ted a report card on his draft picks. I understand you are frustrated with the recent rash of injuries. So am I. If there's one thing I'll nitpick regarding Ted is he can't for the life of him pick a quality strength and conditioning coach. He has failed miserably in that department. Some heads need to roll if this injury of Tretter is true.

Otto's picture

Tretter is gone for 6 weeks.

I like Linsley's stones:
"The urgency level is just through the roof," Linsley said. "I've been working hard, but it's a different animal out there with the ones. I've got to fill in at the highest level. There's no room for nonsense anymore and ridiculous mistakes. [Missed assignments] are out of the question anymore, and the urgency level is hyped and I'm prepared for it." -via the four letter network

GoldFinger's picture

Love the guys positive attitude Otto. We're going to need his best in the next couple weeks. Talk about a tough assignment. Playing center with less than two weeks to go and now is responsible for protecting the franchise and trying to play flawless as a rookie IN SEATTLE, the loudest stadium in the NFL. We all need to pray for the lad.

MarkinMadison's picture

"Tretter, a second-year pro, took every rep with the starters during OTAs, minicamp and in the first three preseason games."

This is not good. I hope Linsley can handle the job, but the reality is that Linsley was the insurance policy the Packers didn't want to use. The first four games of the year were looking challenging before. Now you're looking at a rookie staring three out of his first four games on the road. Not having a cow, not throwing in the towel, but it is what it is.

DrealynWilliams's picture

We had a rookie protecting A-Rod's blind side last season. He did pretty well.

I'm assuming being a rookie (true) Center playing in between the best Guard combo in the NFL is a much easier task than being a rookie LT (Bahk last season) on an island most of the plays.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think there are several differences. First, Bulaga went down earlier in camp, giving Bahk more time to prepare with the 1s. I commented earlier this month that I didn't think that there was a true competition here - they were zoned in on Tretter for quite a while now, and so he was getting the reps. with the 1s. I think that Tretter needed and used all of that preparation and was producing solid results on the field as a result. It will be much more difficult for Linsley to come in and replicate.

Second, center is a lot more of a mental position. Ideally, he should be making the line calls and adjustments. Go back and look at all of the articles praising Tretter's off-season work ethic. Particularly, his knowledge of the offense and how that allowed him to focus on his (physical) fundamentals. Linsley does not have that advantage. Just the opposite. In his first interview out of the gate he is acknowledging that he has a lot of mental errors he needs to get cleaned up in a hurry.

I'm not saying he can't do an adequate job. I am saying that everything had been lined up perfectly for Tretter to succeed right out of the gate. Expect a bumpy ride for the first month. If the Packers get lucky and Linsley excels, I'll be as happy as anyone, but you can't judge Linsley too harshly if it doesn't happen.

Evan's picture

Maybe I'm naive but Linsley doesn't concern me, really.

As far as line calls and adjustments, I feel like Rodgers, Sitton and Lang can help take the pressure off him there.

The physical fundamentals shouldn't be an issue for Linsley as it was for Tretter.

Part of me is actually wondering the likelihood that Linsley takes the job for the first month and never lets it go.

MarkinMadison's picture

I don't disagree with that at all. The guy reportedly has brute strength. Tretter will now be missing a significant number of games for the second year in his two-year career. If he can come in and play well the job will be his to lose. My point is that I don't think you could put a young man in a less advantageous position. I'm not saying he CAN'T. I'm saying if he doesn't, don't judge him too harshly because this was not the plan.

Stroh's picture

I'll be up to Linsley to know the playbook and OL calls well enough to sufficiently replace Tretter. But from everything I heard and read I don't see Linsley keeping the Center job once Tretter returns. I think the Packers know Tretter is just the more talented player, and IMO, once he's healthy he'll be the starting Center again.

It'll be really tough on Linsley in Seattle, after that everything will seem like a cakewalk in comparison. I have some concerns and other than a few good comments recently, it didn't sound like Linsley was making any push for any competition. Tretter will get his job back as soon as he's healthy.

COW's picture

Damn, my 8-8 call is looking better and better.

When trying to figure out end of season record for the Packers I always look at...

1 - previous season's performance
2 - upgrade/downgrade at various positions
3 - schedule
4 - factor in 4-5 significant injuries for key players

Thus... 8-8

4thand1's picture

SSSSSSSSSSShhhiitt, the offense will be good for 11 or 12 wins. The Pack has 3 stud runnings backs and AROD. Only way they go to 8-8 is if they lose all 3 rb's or AROD. your back to you suck.

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