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Over/Under: Nine Sacks for Julius Peppers in 2014

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Over/Under: Nine Sacks for Julius Peppers in 2014

According to Bovada, the over/under has been set at nine for the number of sacks new free agent signee Julius Peppers will have in 2014.

So what do you think? Over? Under? Spot on?

Feel free to leave your guess for the number of sacks Julius Peppers will have in the comments.

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Evan's picture

I'll take the over.

EDIT: I see around 11 or so for Peppers, with 15+ for Clay.

HankScorpio's picture

I'm with you Evan.

Peppers didn't have the kind of pass rush talent around him in Chicago that he will have in GB. He's got a true counter-part in Matthews and decent supporting case types in Daniels, Neal, Perry and Jones. The change of scheme will be a motivator for him, too. Throw in that he's he's basically in a contract year for the rest of his career and I don't think 9 is too lofty of a goal.

Stroh's picture

Right on Evan. With Matthews and others to take pressure off him Peppers will have much better sack production and pressures than he had in Chi last year. I can see double digits fairly easily and would actually expect it. He won't be getting all the attention like he was last year from the blocking schemes.

If he does that, he'll earn his 2nd year of his contract too.

Mrweit27's picture

I will take the under, but I think Clay will be benefit from attention to Peppers.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm with you on this. Although,I do think his "pressures " and "hurries" will lead to others having career highs in sacks.

Mark in montana's picture

Agree, and maybe an increase in interior-player sacks as well.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Yep - yep. Something we've been missing since Jenkins. All we need is a break (no pun) from injuries that are significant.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Except last year when Daniels, Jones and Neal provided a competent interior rush.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Of course. I'm just assuming this time around plays will be made instead of them leaving with just "pressures". I'm sure Neal had tons of pressures and probably led the team. Daniels,of course got his numbers,but others left many sacks on the field.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Including half sacks, Daniels took part in eight sacks and Jones took part in five sacks last season. Those are very good numbers from interior rushers, and that's not including statistics from Neal and others who rushed from the interior from time to tome. Those kind of guys can't be held to the same standard as edge rushers.

ben's picture

Jones who?

what's a took part in sack? never heard of those

Birney the baker's picture

I think he means assists. I agree with Carriveau. Not sure but I have an inkling he's pretty damn high on Daniels as I am. I think this guy is going to explode this season.

ben's picture

hurries, assists, & pressures are for pussies

Birney the baker's picture

So are sacks...unless you know... Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just ask Stroh.

Birney the baker's picture

Why is someone screwing with my name. It's Tom Birney. Yes, I am a baker but I prefer that name up there. Put it back!!

Thank you,

Tom Birney The Baker

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm not worried about Daniels. Exclude him. I know he's legit and will only get better with increased PT. I'm hoping and pulling for others to shine with the addition of Peppers. Aren't half sacks recorded? Datone only has 3.5. Neal rushed from the inside? I thought he was strictly OLB last season???

Stroh's picture

Your correct Drea... Neal was supposed to have a role as an interior pass rusher, but that never materialized to to injuries to Perry and Matthews. I don't think he got even one sack or partial from rushing inside. THis year he very likely will be very active rushing inside tho.

DrealynWilliams's picture

What do you think his playing weight should/will be this season if he's playing both OLB and Nickel DT,Stroh?

Stroh's picture

I would guess 270 - 275, similar to last year. He needs to keep the weight above the norm for OLB to handle rushing at DT. IIRC the NYG used Tuck as an interior pass rusher in that weight range. I can't see him getting under 260 and being able to rush inside.

ben's picture

For a number of reasons, I see Peppers playing more and more inside. Sacks are harder to come by from in there.

I'll take the Under by 2.5

4thand1's picture

Nice to be an optimist.

Stroh's picture

If Peppers rushes from inside he's got a huge advantage in length and quickness over OG and C, that I can see him getting double digit sacks if he's used exclusively as a DT pass rusher.

I'm the over on his sack production either way.

Jordan's picture

Yeah, that regular season sack total is for fun. I get that. But those are just stats. Packers will make playoffs even if he has zero sacks. Ultimately what matters is how the defense (and peppers) plays in the playoffs.

I doubt if Peppers cares about regular season stats or pro bowls. I know I don't. But I see a lot of fans are in to that sort of thing. I think he's more interested in winning the super bowl and will do whatever it takes and whatever the team asks him to do.

All of the Broncos prolific regular season offense stats of 2013 are meaningless because they got their ass beat badly in SB. Does anybody really care how good your offensive stats (or defense stats) is in the regular season when you get destroyed/humiliated in SB in front of 100 million viewers?

DrealynWilliams's picture

I don't think we're caught up in stats. That's what this article is about and we're just participating in the over/under.

COW's picture

"Packers will make playoffs..."

Ummm - careful.


...are all probably a notch above the Pack.

Not to mention - Bears, Lions, Cowboys, Giants, Rams, Falcons will all have something to say.

There are no awful teams in the NFC.

Packers in the playoffs is no given.

Not by a LOOOOOOOONG shot.

HankScorpio's picture

Teams that come out of nowhere to be unexpectedly good often take a huge step back the following year. Minny was the latest example. Playoff team in 2012, gawd awful in 2013.

Carolina may be good. Arizona may be good. League history suggests at least one, maybe both, will look nothing like they did in 2013. From the AFC, KC would be another example of a team that is a candidate to take a step backwards. If I was a gambler, I'd look long and hard at betting the under on season wins for all 3.

Birney the baker's picture

I see Peppers with 5 maybe 6. Matthews will get either 7 or 13 depends if he doesn't get hurt which is unlikely so I say 7. It will be Mike Daniels that will get double digits. I am predicting 10.5 for the big guy to lead the team.

ben's picture

I'm with you. I think Matthews could also have only 7 due to being used more in coverage this year. 10.5 is a lofty goal for Daniels inside but I wouldn't bet against him.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'd be really happy with nine sacks.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm going to say if he gets 9+ sacks, our pass rush will be pretty good.

The question I really want to ask is if Peppers gets 9 or more sacks, how many does everyone else get?

Mathews - over/under 11
Perry - over/under 7
Daniels - over/under 6
Neal - over/under 5
Jones - over/under 5

Stroh's picture

Hey RC I'm w/ you on Peppers. I see 10-12 for sure. From the numbers you tossed out I'll take the over on Matthews too. Over on Perry and under or push on Daniels Neal and Jones. I think the pass rush will be very good again.

RCPackerFan's picture

Stroh, The way I'm looking at it. If Peppers gets 9+ sacks, that is going to make our defense very, very good. We have lacked the pass rush presence opposite of Mathews pretty much since Cullen Jenkins has left.
Daniels last year proved he could get to the QB, Jones was in on 5 sacks last year. Which for a rookie, that is pretty good.

I really think Perry is going to have a breakout year. Last year he really was starting to show his potential then he got hurt.
Neal lead the team in QB pressures.

I think this is the best collection of pass rushers the team has in a while.

COW's picture

Hey may get 9.
As a Packer.
If he plays 2 of the 3 years on his contract.

Birney the baker's picture

I agree Cow. These people are overestimating him. He's 34 and will only get x amount of opportunities per game. He will definitely help someone else get more sacks. Whether that's Matthews, Daniels, Perry, Jones etc I don't know but he will definitely make our defense better. If I had to guess I say Daniels becomes a dominating force this year and makes his first pro bowl and yes, Peppers will help him achieve that. 3rd year now? The sky is the limit for this cat.

Jordan's picture

It's not all about sacks. He's someone that opposing offenses have to account for. Batted balls, QB pressures, and QB hits, all factor in to his value.

He wants to win. That adds to his value too. He's not out there to collect a paycheck. He wants to win a SB. He'll be motivated. I think his desire to win will be contagious for the rest of the D-line including Raji.

But the truth be told, the Packers needed him to make up for some draft picks that haven't panned out as they have hoped. That's just the way it goes sometimes. Just ask Bill Belichick.

Seattle put on a clinic in their SB win over the Broncos.....and I'm sure that factored in to it. I expect to see 4 down lineman rushing quite a bit. Packers will be prepared if Mathews goes down with injury again.

4thand1's picture

Count Peppers in for 27 sacks in 3 years is A S says nine. WTG A S. I'll submit my wager soon, ty for the tip.

4thand1's picture

Count Peppers in for 27 sacks in 3 years is A S says nine. WTG A S. I'll submit my wager soon, ty for the tip.

Birney the baker's picture

Excellent post Jordan. For the record, I gave you a "like".

ben's picture

I see a lot of sacks going to Neal at LLB and Perry at RLB.

Official Prediction:
Nick Perry breaking out with 12.5, Matthews with 6.5, Neal 6.5, Daniels 6.5, Peppers 5, Datone 3.5, Hyde 2.5, Raji 2, Boyd 1.5, Jolly 1.5, Brad 1.5, Kyle VanNoy 1.5, Ryan Shazier 1.5, House 1, Richardson 1, Tramon 1, Mulumba 1, Zach Kerr 1, Beau Allen .5, & Hawk .5.

58.5 sacks. not bad

Birney the baker's picture

I like it Ben. Not bad!! Now go punch Stroh in the mouth. I don't think you did yet. It must be done at least once a day. lol

ben's picture

Screw you Stroh you jerkoff!

Stroh's picture

You punch like a girl! Get a life, both of you!

Birney the baker's picture

Just as I predicted!! You went about 6 posts acting like Mr. Nice Guy then you went back to insulting people. You can't help yourself can you?

So now you feel the need to put down women Stroh? Is punching "like a girl" some sort of put down towards women? I know a lot of women that post here and I don't think they'll appreciate the comments like that. My wife just read what you said and it really got her upset. She can't believe this type of talk still goes on and is actually crying.

Again, CheeeheadTV, this is yet another example of what I am talking about. We all can talk football here. I can go read articles all over the internet and spew them out like Stroh does and act like some big wind bag know it all but it's his insulting ways towards others that is why you need to ban him. Why you don't I haven't a clue. People for years have been demanding it yet he remains. Can someone explain why?

He has insulted gay people now he's working on bashing and putting down women. What's next on his agenda of hate?


Thomas Birney

Stroh's picture

Nevermind that it was proved by YOUR (and Ben's) Unproved comment! Everyone is seeing you for what you are, just as I expected. LMAO

So when a guy insults me I can't respond? Your too pathetic... Your burying yourself!

COW's picture

*You're... too pathetic.
*You're... burying yourself.

PackerBacker's picture

I think that Peppers will get somewhere around the 9 sacks for the year.

What I think will be more interesting will be the possible change in overall pressure created by adding him to the mix.

While he may only account for 9 sacks or so, I could easily see his added presence helping others get more. I think they could change the total sacks by up to 15 and the pressures by 30. That would be a massive upgrade for the overall group, while not being directly reflected by only Pepper's numbers.

I also think that the real replacement for C Jenkins will end up being Daniels. That kid looks like he's going to be a monster. Combine a jump in production for Jones with a year to train and learn the defense and this D-front could be really awesome.

The TKstinator's picture

If he gets 8.5 or less I'd take the under.
If he gets 9.5 or more I'd take the over.
If he gets exactly 9 I'd take...another Dos Equis.
Stay thirsty, my friends.

Clay Zombo's picture

I'll take the over because im an optimist. I think if hes on the field for around 500 snaps as opposed to the 800 he played last year he will be fresher and more effective.

I also believe his presence will positively affect the rest of the front 7. Its not just Peppers though, If they turn these guys loose like MM is saying they will then you might just see in increase i n everyone's production. No joke.

Now forget about sacks for a second and think about the increase in turnovers that will result from the all but certain increase in pressure on QBs. Now that's where the real money lies.

Otto's picture

When the Packers signed Peppers it reminded me of Charles Haley playing for the Cowboys and 49ers in the early '90s. He'll be a situational pass rusher. He'll have a lower snap count, so his body will be fresh. He'll be put in a position to have maximum impact when he's in whether it's elephant or inside. Plus, they play both of his old teams and his old division this year (extra motivation if you're into that sort of thing).

12 sacks this year.

HankScorpio's picture

I think Haley is a really good comparison.

4thand1's picture

A S, you're the greatest!!!!
April fools.

mnklitzke's picture

Over. He isn't going to play 1,000 snaps like he did with the Bears last year. Will be fresher. I said he will get 10.

ottscay's picture

My take? I'd be happy with 9, as that would help Clay and our interior rushers have a banner year. Of course sacks are like money - the more the merrier.

tm_inter's picture

I will take the under. I'll be happy if Julius Peppers makes 8 sacks in 2014, considering that he will split duty with Nick Perry, Mike Neal, and Clay Matthews - and he's already 34. I'd like Mike McCarthy to tell Peppers that he'd be used sparingly as befitting his age, but expected to go all out every time he's sent out.

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