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Modest Expectations for Andy Mulumba

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Modest Expectations for Andy Mulumba

Whether at the NFL Combine or NFL Owners Meetings, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has been asked about many of the key players on the team's roster over the course of the offseason.

It's become commonplace this year and every year for McCarthy to talk about second-year players making a large leap in their methaphorical sophomore season in professional football.

In the past few months, McCarthy has talked about players like Datone Jones making a "huge jump," Josh Boyd taking a "big step" and Micah Hyde deserving the opportunity to be an "every-down player," just to name a few.

After looking through the transcript from last week's NFL Owners Meeting, I saw McCarthy address another player entering his second season that I hadn't seen shared anywhere else in the media and wanted to post here.

McCarthy was asked about outside linebacker Andy Mulumba, who made the Packers roster as an undrafted rookie last season and received an unexpectedly large amount of playing time after injuries to Clay Matthews and Nick Perry sidelined them for long stretches.

"I think Andy was a young man that really grew with his opportunities," said McCarthy. "Special teams was a challenge for him early. I look for him to probably make a bigger improvement on special teams. I really liked the way he developed as an outside linebacker, all the new things he was asked to do there. I think he’s a young player … you know, we make a big deal about players in their second year making a big jump, and I feel confident Andy will be one of those players."

Once again, McCarty referenced the "big jump" that he always seems to make about second-year players, but was it perhaps a bad sign that the first thing McCarthy referenced special teams before even getting to the defensive side of the football when discussing Mulumba?

In trying to come to some sort of conclusion, it's probably important to put Mulumba's life story in perspective. Here's a guy that emigrated from war-torn Congo in Africa to Montreal with his family as a child and had to overcome social and language barriers that make football seem pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Mulumba didn't start playing football until high school and was still learning the game when enrolling at Eastern Michigan University.

The learning curve Mulumba has experienced has obviously been steeper than most, but considering the circumstances, his transition to the NFL has been rather admirable. In 361 defensive snaps, according to, Mulumba made 30 tackles and a sack in his rookie season.

With the addition of Julius Peppers in the offseason and the potential of the Packers adding another few rookies either during the draft or signed afterward, perhaps the opportunity for advancement for an edge rusher like Mulumba is limited.

As long as players like Matthews, Peppers, Perry and Mike Neal are healthy, Mulumba might find playing time hard to come by, and maybe that's why McCarthy brought up special teams being an area of improvement.

Of couse, with Matthews, Perry and Neal having a rather lengthy injury history and Peppers being 34 years old, the door isn't being closed on Mulumba either.

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Birney the baker's picture

I like Mulumba especially just saying his name but like the article says, I don't see how this guy is going to get any playing time unless a few injuries happen.

He could be one of those guys that sticks like a Donald Driver did early in his career then in a few years he ends up being THE GUY. He definitely has potential that's for sure. Just learning the language is half the battle. This guy has to work twice as hard at everything just to compete. I like guys like that because once they can even the playing field, everything becomes a piece of cake.

Stroh's picture

Learn the language? He's went to HS in Canada and college at Eastern Michigan. I don't see the language being a barrier for him! LMAO

Birney the baker's picture

Wait a second!! Just yesterday you were convinced that I was the guy who constantly was responding to you and you even convinced Brad (your dad) and Evan of that. You acted like Mr. Nice guy when there were numerous calls for your banning claiming you would not respond to me. I told everyone that is impossible for a nut like you. Sure enough, here you are responding to me and not only that but guess what? Another insulting post and put down.

Here you go again trying to act like you are the authority now on Andy Mulumba. You did the same crap to 4rth and one yesterday. I know all about this guy you a hole!! I know how he has difficulties with the English language as it's not his native language. The only thing you are an authority on is being an asshole. Now maybe you can convince your two next of kin supporting you that it was I who responded first to you. You should get a job with the Obama Administration. You are great at making up lies and convincing others it's the other side that is the problem.

Now beat it!!

Clay Zombo's picture

Boy you Republican rednecks are some thin skinned people. All you do is bitch about Stroh or Obama, get a life and watch something besides Fox News for a change.

There is a saying that fits you to a T. "Its better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

Birney the baker's picture

Clay, what news do you propose I watch MSNBC? I can see you are a big Chris Matthews fan. Do you still get a thrill up your leg like Chris does everytime you see your King? Stick to football Clombozo and keep politics out of this.

Clay Zombo's picture

I'll keep politics out of it if you do chuckles. Seems like every other post of yours you take some shot at the President and his administration. News flash buddy, every President in the history of this country has lied and or covered up messes, this one just happens to be Black and im sure that's where your hatred of him comes from.

You're just too dumb to realize that I guess. Anyway back to football.

Birney the baker's picture

What lies and messes is Obama covering up Clombozo? Hmm, this is news to me. I love the guy to be honest. I think he's doing one hell of a job. Works his tail off day and night trying to get us all health care which he accomplished yesterday. The guy rarely takes vacations unlike what Bush did. You are the one that seems to be implying that Obama is corrupt and a liar but your ok with it? Wouldn't that make you a racist for the mere suggestion? I don't get you Clombozo. This makes no sense that you talk like this.

Clay Zombo's picture

Try to confuse the issue all you like but we can all see through your façade.

And believe me when I tell you im not racist, because I hate everybody equally. Although you're throwing the balance off a bit.

Clay Zombo's picture

Let me just apologize to the rest of you for having to read this garbage. I just felt the sudden need to put this clown in his place.

Back to football.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Clay Zombo, I liked your comment. I always said it a little differently. If asked, I always said I was a Racist, I just didn't have any particular color in mind. I gave you a like.

Birney the baker's picture

Well at least I agree with you on your content as being "garbage" and for the record I doubt anyone read much of what you had to say so I wouldn't worry about it. Now go back to football like a good little angry racist you admit to being.

HankScorpio's picture

"Garbage" doesn't put anyone in their place. It just puts you in the same one.

Jakub Mazur's picture

His first language is FRENCH and since his from Quebec now, there was no language barrier and he speaks English fluently albeit with a slight French Canadian accent...

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I agree with you on this.

I like Mulumba a lot actually. Talent wise he has shown some good potential. He is just raw and needs to learn how to play the position better. Once he learns how to play the position he could be a very good player.

Maybe he will become a Sam Shields type of player.

Birney the baker's picture

Yep, I agree RC. I think of Andy Mulumba like Akeem The Dream Olajuwon. He was from Nigeria playing basketball for Univ of Houston. He was a good but not great as a freshman and didn't really know what he was doing since basketball was new to him. It took him a few years but once he caught on with the language, the American culture and of course the game of basketball he became a superstar. Mulumba has that same type of potential and is just as green as Olajuwon was in those early years.

You also mention Sam Shields. Shields had a learning disability and he was playing mostly on sheer speed and did pretty good. We can see now that he now knows all the nuances of the game and was rewarded this year with that huge contract and rightfully so. I see Darrel Green in Shields. Maybe Mulumba is TT's next great free agent find like Shields.

Allan Murphy's picture

why they keep changing log in bs if not broke don't fix .....

Birney the baker's picture

Murphy, I don't know what going on either. Today my name was changed from Tom Birney to Birney the Baker. I have no clue what's going on but I feel like someone here or on the outside is tampering with my name. I hope they fix this. I also noticed Cow is now Cow again and not an As like he was yesterday. Cow did you change your name back to Cow from As?

COW's picture

changes on it's own.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

My name has been changed twice and not a bit to happy about it.

Birney the baker's picture

and who are you by the way? I need to remember who the good and bad guys are around this place and it's hard keeping track with people changing names by no fault of their own. I have my list of bad guys on my wall right now. I have 5 written down starting with ... well you know who.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tom B., Did you by any chance do a Scan, or Disk Clean Up on your computer?? That will wipe out (I forget what their called) passwords ect.
If you had that name before, that might explain it?? LVT

Birney the baker's picture

LVT, no I didn't do anything. All I know was last night I was Tom Birney and today I am Birney the Baker and it wasn't by my choice. I suspect Stroh is behind all this. It only appears to be happening to people that have had run ins with Stroh if you notice.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tom B., I'm not a computer expert, but without having your e-mail address, I don't see how anyone could do that. I e-mailed Corey the other day to ask about the (edit) next to the time of the post. He e-mailed me back, & said you are the only one that can see that. I personally liked the old edit feature better. It seems if you edit, you post twice, unless I don't know what I'm doing. (Which could be the case)
The only way I can see how anyone's name could be changed, is if there is a Glitch in "Cheesehead TV's" computer. A key would be if you had that handle before. If you didn't, then someone is able to somehow hack into accounts. My guess would be it's some type of Glitch??? LVT

Birney the baker's picture

Oh my God, another glitch? lol First the Obamacare website and now here too? I wonder if Clombozo will accuse you of being a red neck Republican like he did with me by simply mentioning that word.

As far as the edit feature, I like it. I have had no problems with it at all.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tom B., I was just trying to help.

Birney the baker's picture

and you did help thank you.

Tom Birney "the baker"

COW's picture


Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I like the kid he just needs playing time. The team is going to be better I see about at least 10 new faces this year.

BradHTX's picture

I have a really simple and profound idea. For the love of Saint Vince and all else that is holy…




Stop turning this great blog's comments into a constant soap opera. It's boring, and everyone who is here to talk about the Packers is sick of it.

Stroh's picture

Here here!

More football less trolling...

Birney the baker's picture

Nice to see you backing up your dad Stroh. Really, I mean it.

Clay Zombo's picture

So no politics and no drama, got it. Won't happen again.

HankScorpio's picture

Can we autopost Brad's comments at the top of every comments section?

Mark in montana's picture

Or refer people who want to combine sports, drama, and politics to the jsonline comments section.

ballark's picture

I'm not naming names, but I bet a few of you guys sucked on your SATs.

Birney the baker's picture

Can I guess? I bet it's ClayBozo , Stroh and Stroh's dad Brad.

MarkinMadison's picture

Almost 24 hours since Colin Coward's latest Aaron Rodgers rant. Not that I think that #12 is perfect, but this is Coward's third weak sniping attempt since 2009 and it is getting pathetic. Hey Coward, either get a real story together or shut your trap. 'My source, er sources, who I trust, who have great contacts, tell me that Rodgers isn't as committed as Luck, Peyton, Brady or Brees, even though he is more talented." Seriously? If you tried to make the case that Rodgers is not as talented as those guys, at least we could start arguing. What source on earth has enough intimate knowledge on all five of the top quarterbacks in the game, their work habits, what they do with every minute of their free time, to make that judgement?

HankScorpio's picture

Steve True asked Wilde about those comments. Both were dumb-founded at the accusation that Rodgers is not committed.

Cowerd is typical ESPN bomb-throwing. He's their radio version of Skip Bayless..a guy that will say anything just to provoke a reaction. That kind of junk is why I pay zero attention to anything that has anything to do with ESPN.

Cowerd's rant used Rodgers playoff record (outside the SB run) to back up his case that Peyton Manning & Drew Brees are more committed. Well, if we're throwing out one SB run, Manning and Brees don't exactly have sparkling playoff records either.

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