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Mike McCarthy to Continue Play-Calling Duties in 2014

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Mike McCarthy to Continue Play-Calling Duties in 2014

At the NFL Owners Meeting in Orlando this week, Packers Coach Mike McCarthy provided updates on the status of the Packers. 


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Jordan's picture

Hahaha. McCarthy will give up play calling when pigs fly or he's fired.......whichever comes first.

Rodgers has his guaranteed money and nothing to lose. He's just going to have to pretend his helmet speaker is busted if MM's having a bad game.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Stroh, If you're there, I'm asking your opinion. Should MM call the plays, or should AR. I only played High School Ball, & that was in the early 60's. The QB called the play, & if the Coach wanted to run a play, he sent it in. I know Terry Bradshaw claims to have called his own plays. When did this switch, & what is the advantage of a Coach calling all the plays & giving a Top Notch QB to audible out. I'm sure AR would lean towards the pass, that's pretty obvious. Is it because MM is afraid of that, or just an EGO?

Stroh's picture

The system they have set up each play call has a couple of built in changes that Rodgers makes when he get to the LOS. Rodgers calls the play in the huddle that McCarthy sends in, but at the line he reads the D and has built in audibles. Based on the Defensive alignment Rodgers can do as many as 4 different automatic audibles or go off that completely to a different play.

For example, say a passing play in called on 1st and 10. Rodgers gets to the LOS sees the D in a 2 deep coverage and only 6 in the box. He has built in run audibles to replace the pass play, likely 2 different runs, each w/ a strong or weak side runs depending on defensive alignment. He also would have another pass play he could go to that would be designed to gain 5+ yds to put them in good down and distance on 2nd.

Rodgers also can go completely off the orignal playcall and built in audibles, to a play they have to attack the specific D alignment.

As you can see, the original play might be the one they run, but as many as 4 built in audibles, and possibly a specific play outside the orginal that attacks the specific defensive formation.

One other thing to consider is matchups. In the SB vs Pitts, they LOVED the matchup of Jordy vs William Gay and they attacked him relentlessly. Which explains Jordy's huge game.

From what I remember the 80's is when the coaches began to call the plays instead of the QB's. Now when teams have elite QB's (Mannings, Brees, Brady, Rodgers and a couple others) the HC and the QB are both heavily involved in the play that actually gets run on the field.

More and more its kinda moving towards the QB having more control. Cyclical you know...

There are advantages either way. The HC or OC, calling the plays from the sideline has the benefit of the booth helping and the QB has the benefit of being on the field and a sense for the Defense being tired and how they can take advantage of that.

With Rodgers, I like the current arrangement. McCarthy call it in based on expected defensive alignment and personnel. But Rodgers having the automomy to change it whether to a built in audible or off the original call all together.

I hate when people complain about McCarthy's playcalling but don't even take into consideration that Rodgers has as much, possibly more to do with the play that actually gets run.

QB's will not get complete control of playcalling again, but elite QB's are getting more control. At this point I don't think ego plays into it much, but the playcaller and QB have to be on the same page and have a very good working relationship. HC tend to be control freaks to some degree, so asking McCarthy to give up offensive calls completely isn't going to happen IMO, but the more he and Rodgers are in synch the more control Rodgers will have.

Birney the baker's picture

You've got to be effin kidding me. The guy asked for a two word response to his question but because he actually asked you for your opinion( first time in history someone has done that) you were so excited beaming with pride you really went all out and actually tried to impress LVT by acting like you were Paul Ott Carruth. lol It was so obvious how excited you were to be asked your opinion that you even thanked him for that. Oh my God, could you be anymore desperate for someone to say how great you are. You have no clue how pathetic both your responses were. You really think LVT wanted an essay? lol He was just doing it to be nice you moron.

P.S. You lost 99% of the people here including LVT at "The". lol

Stroh's picture

Go back to your bakers blog where you know what your talking about. Leave the football to people who know something about it.

Birney the baker's picture

What I really find interesting is the total lack of support for you. It's almost nonexistent. That's why you were so happy and surprised to hear that one guy who just showed up here wanted your opinion and boy did you go all out trying to impress him. I get people would be annoyed at my constant attacks towards you which they don't know are justified but on the flip side I really believe there's a strong majority that enjoy seeing me beat you up on a daily basis. They will never say it but again, other than your dad, I think most people enjoy seeing your arrogant ass humiliated. I'll try to be more tolerant of you going forward unless you give me reason not too which will probably last two posts based on your past behavior.

Stroh's picture

Thanks for asking my opinion btw. In theory, the current arrangement should take advantages of both the coach and QB calling plays.

Sorry about the novel, but explaining it in written form is kinda difficult. Hope I didn't bore you... LOL

Birney the baker's picture

Actually LVT is sleeping. Yes, you put the poor guy to sleep.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Stroh, I actually found it to be informative. I didn't realize the QB had as many as 4 audibles on any given play. it's been a long time since I played. I thought there might have been a power struggle last year between AR & MM on the play calling, especially around the goal line. it seemed to me that MM may have control there. I know Ar was pissed at one call, whether he would admit it or not. I enjoyed reading it. I'm glad when someone responds to one of my posts. I seldom get any interest, if I do it's usually negative. I think I'll stop posing any of my opinions. I did enough fighting & arguing when I was younger. I don't want to do it anymore. I argue more with my wife on GB than anyone. She told me this year I wasn't going to bet anything on GB for the SB. At 18-1, when Pigs fly.

Stroh's picture

In my original comment I said each play has built in audibles. Should have said most plays have them. I remember the situation w/ Rodgers and McCarthy on the sideline. On that particular play it may have been one that McCarthy send in that he didn't want changed. I'm sure there are some calls that McCarthy has flagged as must run this play, do not change it.

I don't think there's a power struggle. I think may have been more of a specific occurrence where Rodgers wanted to audible, but didn't have the green light to do so. IDK for sure and maybe only McCarthy and Rodgers know for sure. Either way to have the playcalling set up the way they do, means that the HC and QB need to have a good strong relationship and agree on a lot. No two people are going to agree on everything.

A QB is always going to want more freedom and the HC is always going to retain most of the control. My guess is it was an isolated incident, not an ongoing struggle for control.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tom B. I was the 1st person on this post, to ask you in as Nice of a way as I could, "To Take The High Road" & let this thing go with you & Stroh. You told me it was None of my Business, & to stay out of it. You were correct, that was None of my business, & I did stay out of it. Now you've made it my business by using me in one of your posts to Stroh.

I don't need you or anyone else talking for me. If I have a problem, or if I don't like something, I'm more than capable of taking care of it myself. I told you that I wish to remain Neutral on this post.

I had 3 people disagree with my posts tonight, & you were one of them. So What??

To be honest, for 1 day, I may have felt somewhat the same about Stroh as you do. I didn't have anyone speaking for me. I spoke for myself. We settled things like adults. I'm glad to say that we have mutual Respect for each other. Because of that, I don't think I'll ever have that kind of problem with Stroh again, nor he with me. I'm also sure we'll disagree plenty this coming season. I doubt very much whether we will ever again cut one another down. If it happens, I don't want anyone speaking for me, or giving my opinions. That's my business. I'll handle it. I can take care of it myself.

I'm asking you again Tom, as Nice as I can, Let this thing go. I & a lot of others here, would like it if you would knock this off with Stroh. Why don't you try airing your grievances with him Respectfully. It seems he has made an effort. That's up to you? In the mean time, I don't want to be any part of this. Don't use me in any more of your posts.

I want to get along with everyone here. That includes you & Stroh. I've resolved my problem with Stroh, & until something changes, that's not going to change.

Let it go Tom!! LVT

PackerBacker's picture

Amen LV-Tom.

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