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James Jones Leaves Door Open to Returning to Packers

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James Jones Leaves Door Open to Returning to Packers

On Tuesday, Packers Wide Receiver, and soon to be, free agent, James Jones appeared on the NFL's Around the League.

On his future with the Packers and the NFL , Jones said,

"Honestly, I feel that there is a chance that I can be back, and then I honestly feel that there's a chance that I can't. This is the time where you just kind of wish that something would happen so you can know where you're going."

On where he could see himself playing next season:

"I've thought about places that I would like to go play, whether it's in Indy or there's coming back home, San Diego or somewhere. Teams have popped up in my head. I can't say I haven't thought about it, but in a perfect world I'd love to go back (to Green Bay)."

Jones was drafted by the Packers in 2007, and has 310 career receptions for 4,305 yards and 37 touchdown receptions.


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RC Packer Fan's picture

I wouldn't mind having Jones back. I just don't think he will be back.

I think they will view Boykin as a younger cheaper version of Jones, and with the draft very deep at WR, I think they will go that route.

Also with both Nelson and Cobb becoming FA's next year, I think they will be taking up most of their WR cap money, so they will be looking for cheaper alternatives.

jmac34's picture

Yep. Jones is good as gone which is too bad considering how much he seems to like GB but sometimes you just have to move on

Hank Scorpio's picture

I think it will be all about the market for Jones. If there is one, he'll be gone.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

RC Packer Fan, I respect everyone's opinion, when it comes to James Jones, but AS I've said Numerous times before on this post, It's a Mistake to let JJ go, for the money he could be signed with. You are all talking about Jordy & Cobb. They aren't signed yet. GB isn't going to break the bank for either one. I don't expect it to happen, but they could both be gone next year, & you all want JJ to walk this year. HE'S 30, So What? He has several Good years left. He's too Good of a Receiver, Too Much of a Leader & Too Great of a person, too give to someone else. His career is far from over, & he can be signed well below other Receivers in his class. I don't care what you say about Boykin, or how good you think he might become. It's a Huge Mistake to let JJ go. He's too Good of a Packer. JMO

RC Packer Fan's picture

I didn't say I wanted Jones gone. I said I think he will be gone.

I would like to see him back because that gives them 4 very good WR's. In this offense you have to have trust worthy WR's and have to have good depth. Jones has Rodgers trust.

I agree with you that he should stay, and would be good if he were to stay.
I just don't think he will. I think another team will offer him more then what the Packers are willing to pay.

The only thing I think that will prevent his price from going up to high is that the draft is very deep at WR this year, and there area a number of good WR's on the market.
I don't see him getting offered a huge contract, but even then will it be more then the Packers want to spend?

Evan's picture

I'd be happy if he ended up in Indy or San long as he stays away from the NFC North and Seattle.

Evan's picture

If the Lions were smart, they'd grab him - he'd be a nice #2 to Johnson. Ugh.

Luckily for us the Lions aren't smart.

Hank Scorpio's picture

The Lions are also hurting big-time for cap room. If all Jones can get is a bargain basement deal, I would hope the Packers would get in on things.

Evan's picture

"The Lions are also hurting big-time for cap room."

That's true - part of that whole not being smart thing (and bad luck - having top picks in the old CBA).

Jordan's picture

He's not going to cost much at veterans minimum against the cap due to the new rules.

#2 receiver? You're joking right?

Evan's picture

"#2 receiver? You’re joking right?"


Arlo's picture

JJ must have ran over Jordan's dog (a few year's back) or something.

JJ's numbers for the last TWO seasons are 123 receptions for 1601 yards and 17 tds. He only missed two games. ---- GB will be hard pressed to replace those numbers anytime soon.

JJ would be #2 in GB if either Cobb or Nelson didn't exist. --- JJ could be #2 or #3 for quite a few teams.

Jordan's picture

I don't even think Jennings could talk him in to trying out for the Vikings since they play outdoors this year and next. Jones hates cold weather. And his performance in cold weather is frigid.

Zippy Joe's picture

I like James Jones, but the business of football indicates he will sign someplace else. If not San Diego, I think the Raiders, w/ ample cap room, will try to sign him. He will be relatively cheap and brings a winner's attitude to the next locker room.

Jordan's picture

Last time during free agency, when James Jones was in his prime, he only got 1.5 million guaranteed. And that was from the packers because he already knew the play book and Rodgers/Jennings lobbied for him.

Talk of Jones getting number 2 money is absurd. He'll be lucky to get veterans minimum and make a 53 man roster. Since the draft is deep at WR, it might take an injury in somebody's training camp for him to find a home.

Evan's picture

$2.25 million guaranteed.

Jordan's picture

With who? Jacksonville? It's warm in Jacksonville. ;)

Evan's picture

With the Packers in 2011.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Arlo, I agree with you 1000% on JJ. Anyone on this post who thinks JJ is only worth Vet Minimum, is welcome to their opinion, but clearly doesn't know a Good Football Player when they see one.

al's picture


LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Al, We need to Resign JJ. It's not that I'm just a fan. He's too Good of a Receiver to Let Go. I cannot understand others, Not Seeing That?? Let's get rid of the Bad Players, & Keep the Good One's.

Jordan's picture

I see James Jones as a guy who has greatly benefited from playing in the same offense his entire career and having two future hall of famers throwing him the ball.

He's been a good fit for GB (except in cold weather). He generally sucks in cold weather but is decent in a dome or decent weather.

I suppose you were one of the ones who said in 2011 that "James jones would be a starter on any team except the packers". Come on man. Nobody wanted him. Period.

He's not a goto guy. Never has been.

I wouldn't have a problem with jones staying with the packers for veterans minimum. I like jones (except in cold weather). It just so happens that Lambeau field is located in a cold weather city and teams do play there in the playoffs. Like the giants in 2011 and 49ers in 2013.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Jordan, You're welcome to your opinion, but you are "Dead Wrong". James Jones has Never Sucked in Any Weather. He's made some Great Catch's, gained a lot of Yards, & scored many TD'S for us. GB thought he was worth $3 Mill a year. As Good as he is, JJ is a Bargain @ $2 - $3 Mill a year. He played last year with Broken Ribs. Did you ever play Football?? I doubt it. James Jones is an Asset to GB, BOTH ON THE FIELD, & OFF. & He made BF & AR look Pretty Good many times. AR didn't speak up for him for Nothing!! I'd bet he's doing the same this year. I hope he is. HE SHOULD BE!!

Jordan's picture

Obviously you have a sentimental attachment to jones. That's cool.

Yes, I played football. Played WR. The guys that I have the most respect for and value the most are guys that run a lot of routes over the middle. Yes, I've been knocked in to next week over the middle on more than one occasion. Guys like driver, Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, Finley that run a ton of routes over the middle are guys I value.

James Jones found his niche on that sideline and did well with it. Boykin didn't even have the benefit of a healthy Rodgers throwing to him all year with his 49 receptions and 3 TDs but still showed how easily replaceable James Jones is only his second year.

If you're going to get sentimental about 30 year olds while Ted Thompson is GM, you're setting yourself up for some disappointment.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Jordan, Your reply was respectful. I also played, LB & RB. I'm not being sentimental here, I'd like to think I know a Good football player & Great Value when I see it. AS I stated, We can keep JJ, without spending a lot of cash. I like Boykin. We can draft a New WR. It has Nothing to do with letting JJ walk. We had 5 wides at one time. They weren't all on the field at the same time. JJ is an Asset, both on the field, & in the Locker Room. His career is far from over. We could not sign another Receiver of his caliber for what we can Hopefully keep him for.
He didn't as you put it, "Find his NICHE on the sideline last year. He contributed plenty. Don't Forget, He was Hurt. You probably know what it feels like to play hurt, I did. There is NO CURRENT upside to letting JJ walk. The money isn't large, & Jordy & Cobb aren't signed. JJ can only help GB
this year not Hurt them. That's more than I could say about some others. I believe we should have a place for JJ, Boykin, Cobb, Jordy, & Finley if he is Healthy. That's a Hell of a Receiving Core, & WE MAY NEED IT!!

4thand1's picture

There's a good chance JJ will end up a Packer. With the draft full of WR's and lots of FA's , the price for JJ isn't going to be high. He winds up hitting FA at the wrong time again.

Jordan's picture

I have a great deal of confidence that Thompson and McCarthy have broken down the tape of James Jones and will make the right decision.

They won't listen to me. Don't worry. ;)

Nononsense's picture

Instead of James Jones wouldn't you like to find a WR who can help in the return game and give us a speed element on offense.

Jones is a good player but Jarrett Boykin can replace his production. Remember it took a while for Jones to really have a big role on this team so give Boykin a chance. He can easily match the production Jones has given us since he was drafted.

WKUPackFan's picture

You've already got that guy, Cobb. Unfortunately, everyone decided he shouldn't be used on returns, which contributed to the 1st SF and Cincy losses.

4thand1's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

I would like to see them sign Jones, have 4 good WR's. Then draft a WR that can be a return man.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Nononsense, I have High Regards for both, & I want to keep both. That little bit of Money saved on Jones, isn't going to do Squat for the Defense. Why weaken our offense. We can use both Jones & Boykin. I'm against using a WR in the Return game, ever since Robert Brooks. We can add to our Offense without letting JJ go. JJ is still Too Good of a Receiver to let go. He will only Help GB. You'll Never convince me

Nononsense's picture

Point taken so I won't try but I still think a Jacoby Jones or Jacoby Ford would be a better all around option for us than James Jones.

But opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one.

ray nichkee's picture

Wait, not everybody has an arlo.

4thand1's picture


ray nichkee's picture

I have praised jones plenty and can see the reality. We will know soon what the market is for him. I want to see him cash in but I want him to stay. I can't see both happening. A professional like jones for sure got a word or two directly from TT and they both know how eachother feel. I wish him nothing but the best in green bay or not. This is the most exciting offseason I can remember. Change is coming. I can't wait.

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