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Gut Reactions Week 16

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Gut Reactions Week 16

  • I like Jordy Nelson, but he needs to learn to attack the ball on a deep route
  • Our offensive line can not run block. Period.
  • McCarthy needs to stop playing not-to-lose and learn how to play to win.
  • On that note - for my lovers of not-calling-out the playcalling - when your offensive line can't block and you try to run to win the game in obvious places - well - you are going to lose. You will never win this argument.
  • Every time they talk about how Rodgers hasn't won a game in the 4th quarter, they need to say McCarthy's name as well. His gutlessness has cost Rodgers at least three games this year.
  • What has Jarrett Bush done this year to warrant a roster spot? Just wondering.
  • I really thought we lost Driver for awhile there. Thanks goodness he's alright.
  • Bring on the Bailout Bowl.
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Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Bush is not a guy you want on the field on defense but his special teams play has been good for the most part. The punt that hit him in the leg was a fluke.
I'm more focused on Hawk. He's just not good. We still don't know what Harrell is but I think we DO know what Hawk is (or is not)
Special teams as a whole continue to struggle. Very disappointing
I told my wife Driver would be ok. Much better to get landed on like that than while your foot is planted
How the hell did we lose this game?????

dustybricks6's picture

You can't blame that bounce off Bush on Bush. I love Rodgers, I'm glad he's our QB for the future. Coaching lost this game tonight. Even the defense stepped up, for the most part. Should've challenged that 4th down rush by forte.

packerwatch's picture

I really can't stand jarret bush. i truly do not understand why he's still on our team. i have literally never seen him do something right. he always screws something up. he didn't fall on the giants' fumble last year in the nfc championship game, instead trying to pick it up and run and failing. that cost us the game. and the f***-up on the punt was very costly in this game, too.

for the love of god get rid of jarret bush and replace him with someone who doesn't consistently ruin your team's chances to win.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

You're right Dusty, probably should have challenged the 4th down Forte spot, but honestly I thought we got a good spot. Looked to the naked eye like he made it on the initial surge

Andrew's picture

well. when we were killing them, i said "i hope this doesnt give mccarthy an excuse not to fire sanders."

no problems there.

shoegal12's picture

Wow! You are quick with the posts!!!! Thank god, this season is almost over, because I can't take this team just bailing out late in games anymore. It's very exhausting. Remember the old NFL films where they would use creative titles on each film? If they still are doing that then nothing fits better than "Groundhog's Day' as their title when the feature the 2008 Green Bay Packers.

Ben's picture

I wish when they mention his 4th quarter stats they'd bring up all the games that the offense took the lead in the 4th quarter... just to have to try to do it again.

dustybricks6's picture

I disagree, I thought Sanders' defense played really well against the run all game. No team in the NFL is gonna have enough gas to stop a potent RB in OT. Pickett is a beast.

packerwatch's picture

and the bush punt fiasco wasn't a fluke. when he's that close to the return man he should know where he is and where the ball is. if he doesn't, he should completely leave the area.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Packerwatch, he was locked on a blocker and the punt was not good. It landed short and bounced around. I'm not crazy about the guy but it wasn't his fault

LACHEEZ's picture

who's scared about sunday? Losing to the Lions? i can't believe i am saying this...but i honestly am nervous about it...we start off strong with a lead at half time, but the Lions score a couple times in the third quarter and ultimately win in the 4th...wait...

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Unfortunately I share your concern LACHEEZ. As I said last week, I'd like to argue we are way better than the Lions but I can't

packerwatch's picture

bush should know where the ball is, especially when he's that close to the return man. either that or he should completely remove himself from the area.

Ron La Canne's picture


Donald's Designated Driver's picture

Mason Crosby has choked away two victories this season (Vikings and Bears). I like Crosby and all, but you have got to be able to count on your kicker in clutch situations.

Yes, the defense got some good penetration on the block, but it was a ridiculously low kick.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

124 days until the draft

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

DDD, the first one Crosby missed was low too

astyak's picture

Sanders and Stock need to be gone by Wednesday. I think we need to give our LB corp a break. After all, they have no one up front taking the blocks. That said, AJ Hawk can not cover.

We need a defense that can play through the fourth quarter. We won three quarters of that game then gave it all up.

Oh how this sucks. I can't wait till Sunday is over and we can start talking about coaches, prospects and free agents. Time to put this season away.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

As far as running the ball at the end. Passing in that situation would have been insanely stupid. And yes, its impossible to win an argument against an insanely stupid point. :) You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

Crosby makes a 30 yard FG and the Packers win. Its that simple. I don't think its "playing not to lose" to wind the clock down and try what should be an automatic FG.

I like a coach who coaches smart, plays the percentages, and doesn't get all scared and panicky and decides to throw the ball around and give the Bear lots of time to work with. That's not aggressive. That's stupid. Aggressive is going for it on fourth down (which McCarthy did). Aggressive is dialing up the fake punt (which McCarthy did).

You got to make the smart call and depend on your players to execute. You are totally kidding yourself if you think that it is possible to "coach around" a catastrophe. You have to have players that don't allow the catastrophe to occur.

shoegal12's picture

I agree with the comment about Aaron Rodgers from Dustybricks6. Hopefully, the Favre vs Rodgers talk has finally faded away. That is the one bright spot in this dismal season. Now I am going to lift my spirits and watch Family Guy. Thank goodness for Seth McFarlane!!!

packeraaron's picture

"Passing in that situation would have been insanely stupid." You're right. It's so insanely stupid to play to your strengths. But you keep making those arguments, DDD, You know, the ones that have lost 5 straight games. That's workin' well for ya.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Astyak, it's just frustrating to watch LBs like Briggs blow up the lead blocker Kuhn and drop Grant for a loss. Our LBs, especially Hawk, can't do that. Winston Moss said we need more from Hawk. I just don't think he has it in him

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Why do I have the feeling DDDs last post is going to make the next podcast?

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

It's insanely stupid to stop the clock at the end. I think (read: I hope) you knew what I meant.

And sure the Packers have lost five in a row. But I'm sure if you were calling the plays the Packers would have been 5-0 during that stretch.

Delusional much? That's working out well for you.

packeraaron's picture

DDD- OK, I have TURNED OFF MADDEN to make this point, so you better f'in listen. ;)

I understand what you're saying above about the difference between being smart and being aggressive and how McCarthy can't "coach around" a catastrophe. But it is not as if this is unprecedented. You have lost TEN GAMES playing the "conventional wisdom" way. CLEARLY you don't have the players to win that way. So why on EARTH don't you try something else? What's the saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome? Now THAT, my friend, is "insanely stupid".


Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Illegal use of Madden guilt. 15 second timeout

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

The problem all season has been a defensive collapse. So why risk stopping the clock and giving the Bears offense more time to attack the Packer defense? It makes no sense.

The only reason to do it is if you have zero confidence in your kicker to make a gimme FG. And if thats the case, you need a new kicker pronto.

packerwatch's picture

i'm gonna have to agree with ddd on this one. 99 times out of 100 that kick doesn't get blocked and the less time the bears had to work with, the better.

this was one of the few losses we've had this year that was a fluke, in my opinion. bush being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the blocked field goal, the lucky spot on the 4th down run for the bears.

i'm just ready to beat detroit (please God, don't let us lose to the lowly Lions) and move on to next season.

Keith's picture

I think DDD is right in this case. If Crosby makes that kick there is no way the Bears can drive down the field for the win, even on our awful defense.

Running the clock down and kicking the FG was the right call.

packeraaron's picture

"Running the clock down and kicking the FG was the right call."

I just don't understand you people.

Bernard Shuford's picture

I'm sick of McCarthy. Just sick. Aaron Rodgers is a good QB. He'll get better. McCarthy is a bad coach and won't admit it. This was absolutely disgusting.

packerwatch's picture

"I just don't understand you people."

haha. i guess we'll have to agree to disagree. in my opinion, the chances of something bad happening on a pass play (a sack thanks to our shoddy o-line, a stoppage of time because of a drop or another missed pass interference call, an interception, etc) were greater than the chances of a field goal getting blocked.

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