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Versatility, Unselfishness Make Christian Jones a Fit for Any Scheme

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Versatility, Unselfishness Make Christian Jones a Fit for Any Scheme

All things being equal, Christian Jones would rather play outside linebacker in the NFL, but he's not fussy. It really, really doesn't matter to him where he plays.

Inside. Outside. Special teams. Whatever it takes.

“I consider myself to be a versatile guy," said Jones at the NFL Combine. "I’m not too sure where teams want me—inside or outside. A lot of teams have different schemes. Whoever takes me is getting somebody unselfish who will play whatever they need me to play to help out the team.”

With an attitude like that, it's no wonder Florida State was able to win college football's national championship this past season behind the strength of the No. 1 scoring defense in the nation, led in part by Jones.

Jones was a key part of a group of talented Seminole defensive players taking their skills to the NFL, including Timmy Jernigan, Lamarcus Joyner, Terrence Brooks and Telvin Smith.

In 2013, Jones lined up most frequently as an outside linebacker along the line of scrimmage, a quasi-defensive end, just as liable to line up in a three-point stance as a two-point stance.

The role seemed to fit Jones perfectly as he made 56 tackles, eight for a loss and two sacks. His individual statistics may not have been overwhelming, but at Florida State, it was a total team effort.

"As far as (Jones), stuck his hand in the dirt this year, I do believe it helped him," said NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock. "Today's NFL, anytime you can show some edge-rush ability, it's going to push you up a little higher in the draft. And I think his versatility will be a plus."

Jones could both rush the passer as well drop into coverage. As such, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that the Seminoles also led the nation in pass defense, allowing an average of just 156.6 yards through the air per game.

In previous years, Jones played more frequently off the line of scrimmage.

"My junior year I played inside a little bit," said Jones. "I played some 'Will' and my senior year I played 'Mike' a little bit until they moved me outside. I played a lot of inside ‘backer at the high school level. It’s not like a new thing for me. I’ve seen it before, and I’m used to doing it. It won’t be an adjustment.”

Measuring in at 6' 3" and 240 lbs. at the NFL Combine, Jones has the size to hold up in the trenches but also possesses the read-and-react athleticism to get the job done at the second level if need be.

Jones speaks with what appears to be a perma-grin, seemingly happy just to converse about football—the type that lives, eats and breathes the sport. Even talk of playing special teams brings a smile to his face, and that is perhaps where Jones will have to earn his stripes early in his career seeing as he's projected as a mid-round draft choice by

But Jones' sheer athleticism give him the chance to succeed, even thrive in professional football.

“My length and size," said Jones about what will make him great pass rusher in the NFL. "I have a lot of athletic ability. I felt as the season went on, I was improving every week. I feel it’s something I can do for the team that takes me. I’ll be able to come off the edge or be the 'Sam' 'backer. I think that’s something I’m confident I can go out and do it.”

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email

Photo: Florida State linebacker Christian Jones by Brian Carriveau.

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qotsa1's picture

If the Packers don't take Shazier or Mosley in the 1st round I would love them to take Jones in the 3rd if he is available.

Stroh's picture

Like Jones a lot. If as you mention they don't get Shazier or Mosley in Rd 1, then Jones would be my next choice as well. They can slide him to Weak ILB and he'll be able to run to the ball and be a very good coverage LB. His pass rush would probably be better served at ILB than OLB IMO. I don't think he can be a primary pass rusher for a team, but a good secondary pass rusher.

Stroh's picture

Like Jones a lot. If as you mention they don't get Shazier or Mosley in Rd 1, then Jones would be my next choice as well. They can slide him to Weak ILB and he'll be able to run to the ball and be a very good coverage LB. His pass rush would probably be better served at ILB than OLB IMO. I don't think he can be a primary pass rusher for a team, but a good secondary pass rusher.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Athlete...Athleticism...Athletic ability...I see it a lot while reading up on him (not just in this blog).

That's something the Pack damn sure needs.


DrealynWilliams's picture

Ok,y'all. I need some good footage of Shazier. I don't want highlights (if that makes sense). I want Shazier vs "team". I've seen Penn State and Clemson so far and the freak athlete isn't showing.

ben's picture

Not the 2013 Cal game. He has 1 or 2 nice plays but overall has a poor to very bad performance.

He had a number of nice plays last year against Michigan. Mainly flashes filling downhill in run-support. He also has a couple decent hits in coverage & gives a pass protector or 2 problems with pure quickness. But he still got pushed around at times.

I wish I could get a look at him @ safety. He definitely has the speed & as a LB had more pass-breakups than Dix or Pryor.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't see him getting moved to safety, but he could play some safety type of roles. I think he will flourish in pass coverage on the next level.

DrealynWilliams's picture

We need a 3-down LB. Especially if taken in the 1st round. I'm starting to like Mosley more and more. If not Mosley in the 1st,then it must be a DB or D-Lineman. I wouldn't rule out WR in the 2nd.

ben's picture

"....then must be a D-Lineman"? (we need TE,ILB,C,S,CB,KR all more than a Dlineman. Maybe a NT, but there is no 1st round caliber NT)

I'll rule out a WR in the 2nd. Watkins, evans, cooks, & beckham will all be gone, and there isn't much separating the 2nd round WRs from the 3rd & 4th round WRs in this draft. Again TE, ILB, C, S, & CB are all of bigger need.

Stroh's picture

I'll rule IN WR in the 2nd. I think there's a significant difference between guys like Moncrief, Robinson, Adams, Benjamin and Matthews as solid 2nd rd WR and guys like Latimer, Abberderis, Ellington and Richardson.

Its called the ability to be #1 lead WR! You can build a WR group around the likes of Moncrief, Benjamin and that group as opposed to the Richardson's and Abberderis of the world who are all complimentary role players.

I would say the difference is Vast! I personally love Moncrief and if the Packers were to get him at #53 it would be a STEAL!

ben's picture

Moncrief has the measureables I like. But he's a little soft and lacked big production even at the college level. Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, OdelBeckham, Martavis Bryant, Abbrederis, Marquise Lee, Paul Richardson, & Jordon Matthews will all be better pro-receivers.

It's not that I don't like Moncrief. But like I just said, with all the value in rounds 2-5 at the WR position, Moncrief is a reach in the 2nd.

"a STEAL! at 53"? come on now,

You'll see Stroh, I'll make sure you do.

Stroh's picture

Watkins and Evans will certainly go ahead of Moncrief. Probably Cooks due to a team needing speed and a slot WR. Beyond them I would take Moncrief over any of the rest. Beckham and Lee are in his neighborhood but smaller. Bryant, Richardson are Matthews Abberderis are well behind him. There's a couple guy in Rd 2 that have the ability to become #1 WR, after that they are all role players. Moncrief is climbing boards big time and he'll get drafted in the 2nd for sure. He's got a lot of Nelson in him, just needs some development in his game, but the tools are UNDOUBTEDLY there to become a Great NFL WR. CBS has his #39 and climbing! I would say getting him at #53 would be a STEAL!

Wrong again Ben....

ben's picture

Probably Cooks? wtf

Nelson? Jordy Nelson?

Soft, Suspect hands especially in traffic, drops A LOT of catchable balls, lacks PRO-duction. Looks the part though.

Odel Beckham? wtf again

Moncrief is a Richardson wantabe.

Sorry to break it to you,
#1Sammy Watkins, #2Mike Evans, #3Brandin Cooks, #4Odel Beckham, #5Paul Richardson, #6Martavis Bryant, #7Abbrederis, #8Jordon Matthews, #9Marquise Lee, #10Kelvin Benjamin

(next tier: Jeff Janis, Donte Moncrief, Devante Adams, Allan Robinson, Robert Herron, Cody Latimer)

Stroh's picture

Sorry to have to show your Wrong Again Ben...

Watkins and Evans I'll give you. Cooks isn't much better, just different. Beckham, Robinson and Lee are as good receiver and I would put him on the same level. Just a matter of preference and the fit in the offense.

Richardson, Bryant, Abberderis, Matthews, and the rest are clearly a step below!

Here's what a someone who gets paid at CBS has to say...

"May not possess the explosive moves of Southern Cal's Marqise Lee or Clemson's Sammy Watkins but might be a better player than either of them."

But we should just accept that you know more than they do? Don't think so Wrong Again Ben!

Stroh's picture

Coverage is already a strength of his. But so is running sideline to sideline making plays and making plays in the backfield. He belongs at ILB in the Packers Scheme. He's not a Safety... He's the kind of multi-talented ILB that teams crave! Why would you want to take him out of that role and make him a Safety? Safety type roles are just a part of the LB job description in today's NFL. It's all part of being a 3 down LB otherwise he gets taken off the field at times.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I completely agree... I can see where they would maybe use him in a package where he lines up more like a safety. But no, he would be an ILB for the Packers.
When I think of him used in safety type of roles I think of him covering TE's vs the safety covering them. Maybe dropping back creating a 3 deep look in zone coverages where essentially he would be a 3rd safety. But to be physically moved to safety, no I don't see that.

Stroh's picture

Yeah, covering TE's is already something most LB have to do occasionally anyway. Same w/ dropping into a zone. Some schemes\packages he might be asked to even cover a slot receiver. Just having the versatility to do that is what makes players like Shazier and Mosley so valuable.

The LB job in today's NFL isn't just playing the run in the box, its an all encompassing position now. Not a run stuffing position, at least for the every down LB's it is.

ben's picture

because he got man-handled at the college level. and even with another 15lbs will get man-handled at the NFL level.

ben's picture

Versatile as in really doesn't excel at any 1 position. Unselfish as in his teammates are the ones making the plays. Athletic as in a 4.74 forty @ 240lbs with little strength or explosion.

I just watched 2 games of Christian Jones. (Miami & Clemson) I'm not going to bother watching any more. His underwhelming measurables match his underwhelming play. He has zero moves or strength as a pass-rusher, he doesn't get off blocks in run support, and he can't cover his own shadow.

For me he's undraftable. I would much rather take late round prospects Dezmen Southward, Zach Kerr, Carlos Fields Jr, Beau Allen, Blake Annen, Conner Shaw, or Marqueston Huff.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm not a huge fan of Christian Jones either.

A couple of guys I would prefer in the middle rounds (3rd-4th round area) are Christian Kirksey and Jordan Zumwalt.

Both would be ideal fits in the Packers ILB positions. If you want a guy with more attitude, watch Zumwalt play. He brings some toughness and physical hitting.

JimTaylor31's picture

I agree about Zumwalt. The guy does play with a mean streak no doubt. I'm just not sure if he has the coverage skills to be much of an improvement over Hawk/Jones in the passing game. I wouldn't mind getting him in the 4th or later just for his physical play and attitude.

ben's picture

I've only watched the 1st 3 minutes so far, but HOLY SHIT

his 2 blocks on the 1st 2 kick returns make this worth watching (at worst he's a special teams demon)

much less him exploding into the backfield already a couple times and a monstrous hit in coverage just after the 3 minute mark

wow (just finished watching and it's some of the most impressive defensive game tape I've seen out of this draft class.) If he was a just a little bigger and a little faster he'd be a top 25 pick in my book. I'm a sucker for measurables, but Zumwalt seems to have the awareness, aggression, instant read and react skills to overcome any physical shortcomings. If he can play this well against a speedy spread option offense like Oregon, I'm led to believe he'll do just fine at the next level.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You sure did overhype this Jordan kid. Monstrous hit? That was an Oregon RB. Those guys are tiny.

No speed
Hard time getting off blocks
Takes bad angles on run plays when not shooting through gaps on blitz.
Even when he did shoot through gaps he didn't make plays.

He might be a nice special teams player.

Christian Jones offers more than Jordan Zumwalt.

ben's picture


Stroh's picture

Drae... You were asking for film on Shazier. If you follow the link provided by Ben you can find game tapes from a lot of Shaziers games the past 2 years.

Agree about Jones over Zumwalt, not that I think either is a great player, both good role players, but would take Jones as well.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm just not seeing great things from Shazier. Maybe I'm too hard to please. Maybe I'm just thinking too highly of him after his Pro Day #'s. I don't know.

It's crazy because he was 3rd in total tackles and 2nd in tackles for loss his last season.
Hell of an offense and above average defense,maybe???

If he didn't run in the 4.3s would he be ranked so high?

Stroh's picture

When everyone thought Shazier ran in the 4.5's early in the draft process he was still a late1st/early 2nd. It certainly helps that he ran sub 4.4, that boosted him up the rankings to a solid 1st.

He has coverage ability and sideline to sideline playmaking, not to mention he can blitz. His value was still as an everydown LB that didn't have to leave the field. What did it for me wasn't his speed, it was more the fact he went from mid 220's up to 237 at the combine. That opened my eyes to looking more closely at him. In the Packers scheme he can play ILB at 235 to 240, but I doubt he could in the 220's.

DrealynWilliams's picture

What do you think about his block shedding? I don't think it's good enough to be a 3-4 ILB. I could understand if the Pack had huge NT's and DE's,but they want to get smaller/quicker/more athletic up front. That leaves no one to really "hide" or take up that charging OL towards Shazier.

His speed and coverage ability does impress,but I just have a hard time seeing him as a 3-down LB within a 3-4.

Stroh's picture

The Weak ILB isn't asked to take on blocks as much. They are kinda like the Weak OLB in a 43, they are schemed to be left to run to the ball. The Strong ILB (Hawk) is the one that has to take on blocks much more, but the weak ILB, which would be Shazier for the most part is the playmaker of the ILB and are supposed to be clean more than not. That's what makes Shazier a perfect fit at Weak ILB. The 2 ILB positions have some big differences, taking on blockers is one of them.

DrealynWilliams's picture

We shall see.

Did Hawk flip roles last season? If so,I wonder if we draft Shazier and Hawk has to flip roles again would it limit both ILBs effectiveness.

We need nastiness in the middle.

If we still had the 2010 D. Bish I'd absolutely love drafting Shazier. I know D. Bish would be changing roles, but I think he was built for that.

Stroh's picture

Hawk may have line up at WILB a few times. IIRC he I did see him in the spot more than before, but can't say for sure. It very well could have been when Lattimore was on the field more often, but he's still the strong ILB, especially if they get Shazier or Mosley.

Agree we need a physical player in the middle, but Hawk is probably staying put for another year. That's why I hope Lattimore steps up this year. He and Shazier could be a terrific ILB tandem IMO. Both have better speed and more physicality than what we have now.

DrealynWilliams's picture

"He and Shazier could be a terrific ILB tandem..."
Yea,especially in Nickel and Dime. I think we'd see more movement pre-snap like when we had Jenkins,Woodson and Collins.

The Draft
OTA's/Training Camp
Regular Season

They can't come fast enough. I'm anxious!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Stroh, On most of these players, I can't argue with you, as you've studied them, & I haven't. When it comes to IL, as you know, I totally disagree with you. I've been telling you & any one who would listen that Hawk is weak, & basically No Good. A lot of people listen to what you have to say, & it's about time you said it. We've argued this, 1st Disrespectfully, & then Respectfully. We need to Fix the Defense. We need to find an impact IL, not to help Hawk, but to Replace him. I personally don't want GB to go Offense in the 1st 2 rounds at all. I'd rather not see Mathews or Peppers in the middle. They belong at DE. We need an Impact Safety.
I Respect yours, & everyone else's opinion on this upcoming draft. You've been talking a lot about TE's & WR's. That's great, but like it or not, we need to build up the Defense 1st. I personally hope GB takes the Best middle linebacker on the board at 21. I don't think Borland will be there, but if he is, I'd take him, & put Hawk on the sideline. Unless there is just No IL, Safety, or DE worth taking, I would not go Offensive in rounds 1 & 2. Again, we need to fix our IL situation 1st. I don't think we can draft an Impact Safety, so I'd be looking at another DE, if GB has intentions of using Mathews or Peppers in the middle. GB in my opinion, is 3 players away from being a Real SB contender, & they are all on Defense. To use their 1st pick, & probably their 2ond pick on offense, would be a mistake. JMO

Stroh's picture

I don't disagree about improving on Hawk. Just saying that he plays the strong ILB and for now, at least another year he is going to stick around. We would take a 3.2M cap hit in dead money if he was released. Even the "15 season would be 1.6M in dead money. That indicates to me that he is likely sticking around.

I'm fine w/ sticking to Defense in rd's 1 and 2. Couple offensive players I would like in the 2nd, but I do agree we should stick to Defense. Shazier and Brooks in 1st and 2nd would improve the D tremendously IMO. I think its HIGHLY unlikely the 1st rd pick is on Offense.

Borland in the 3rd might be OK, but not earlier.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Stroh, Yeah, I agree. The Cap Hit is too much. I mentioned Borland, only because I don't know anyone else. We must be Tougher Up Front this year. I just don't see it coming from Hawk. In all honesty, we need IL & outside linebackers all the way across. Sounds like they want to use Peppers as a linebacker, both inside & out. If that's the case, shouldn't we be looking at DE's??? Just my opinion, but CM3 is Too Good at DE to be messing around with him. I just feel like we need some changes, & if Hawk doesn't play any better, then we need someone else there. Maybe I'm wrong, but I could swear, I saw Borland ranked as the #2 linebacker on NFL Network. If he's there in the 3rd, I would take him. I'd like someone bigger, but he's a Tough Tackler. Anyway, we need 2 more impact players somewhere around that line of scrimmage. I guess I can't forget Reggie & Sean. LVT

ben's picture

Dre, you know your right in questioning Shazier's ability to shed blocks at ILB in the 3-4. Both ILBs certainly do need to able to beat blocks and make plays. Shazier will struggle against the run and probably won't see the field much at LB in the base or running situations. If he does it will probably be at Okie Safety. & that's the only way he should be considered an every down player.

Stroh's picture

Jones is a 4th round prospect. When he gets to the NFL he would be a role player, not a primary playmaker. You can't judge him like you would a 1st rd pick. You ask yourself what roles can he perform and can he perform them in the context of the Defensive scheme. Maybe a few years from now he might become more of a playmaker, but even that is beyond what is asked of him.

Not all players can be playmakers. Can he perform as a role player in the scheme? That's what your looking for...

ben's picture

He's 240lbs. What linebacker position in the Packer's 3-4 do we not need a playmaker?

"You ask yourself what roles can he perform and can he perform them in the context of the Defensive scheme." - none, and no is the answer

No matter what round your "judging him like"

Stroh's picture

When your an NFL scout let me know. In the meantime I'm pretty sure every teams feel he is draft worthy and can be a solid role player! Further proof we should ignore your ramblings as non-sense!

ben's picture

What linebacker position in the Packer's 3-4 do we not need a playmaker?

(YOU ask yourself) What roles can he perform and can he perform them in the context of the Defensive scheme?

Stroh's picture

Primarily ILB. And Christian Jones fits a 34 D pretty well as the weak ILB. You seem to be suggesting that he doesn't have ANY skills that the Packers, or any other team in the NFL for that matter, can use. Nothing could be further from the truth. His strength at this point is his coverage ability, he would certainly be better than Hawk and Jones in that capacity.

He's not a great prospect in a 34 D, but he has the athletic ability that translates into coverage ability. His pass rush ability, isn't good enough for an OLB in a 34, but as a situational blitzer from the ILB spot he would be good.

He has experience at all the LB positions at FSU, he at least has the versatility to become a good starter w/ some development.

jh9's picture

I think the ILB position in this year's draft is very thin. IMO if we can't draft either Mosley or Shazier, we won't get a ILB significantly better than what we have now. Mosley would make an immediate impact while I believe we'll see the best out of Shazier in a year or two. But both of those guys should be on the top of TT's shopping list for the 1st round. In the 2nd round we get the best available S - Ward, Bucannon, or Brooks.

HankScorpio's picture

" IMO if we can't draft either Mosley or Shazier, we won't get a ILB significantly better than what we have now."

They won't be drafting an average guy pushing 30 and they (hopefully) won't be drafting a china doll that misses time if the wind blows hard enough. So even if the talent is at the same pedestrian level as the current starters, it stands a fair chance of being an upgrade.

DrealynWilliams's picture

In other words -- it shouldn't be difficult finding 1 or 2 ILB's that can provide more impact play(s) and coverage ability than Hawk and B.Jones.

We can all agree that the talent from Mosley/Shazier to the rest of the ILB's drops a bit,but that doesn't mean there aren't talented LB's in rounds 2-7.

HankScorpio's picture

I don't think it would be hard to upgrade ILB, for sure.

Throwing out the caveat that I am a huge fan of Micah Hyde at Safety, I would call ILB the biggest need on the team. You can be average at LB in a 4-3. But you need playmakers at LB to make a 3-4 work.

Outside of Matthews, the Packers have no proven playmakers at LB. OLB at least has some potential for impact players in Perry & Peppers. ILB is just plain weak.

Stroh's picture

I agree w/ ILB being the most glaring need. Hyde at Safety is precisely the reason. I think Hyde has the ability to become a very good safety in a year or so, he may not be immediately tho, but I do think he'll be a good safety this year. It might take a year to iron out the details at Safety for him, but he will be a very good Safety in another year IMO!

Hyde would probably start over a 2nd round safety and might still start if they draft Pryor, but they would bring Pryor in when Hyde moved to into the dime CB role.

4thand1's picture

Funny Stroh. We seem to have the same fans. The same lame knuckleheads dislike every post we put up. Keep talkin football, maybe they'll learn a thing or two.

Stroh's picture

I figure its Ben or the ghost of Bernice (who BTW I recently found out was banned in case you hadn't figured it out). Find it funny that he made it his mission to get me banned/censored and in doing so got himself banned.

Don't really care...

HankScorpio's picture

If Troy Polamalu (drafted 16th overall) couldn't start as a rookie, I doubt anyone the Packers could pick at 21 this year would. I hate that the Packers run a defense like that but it is what it is. Given that, I would be surprised if anyone but Hyde was starting this fall, even if the Packers draft a Safety @ 21.

DrealynWilliams's picture

That's unfair to compare past prospects/rookies to this year's prospects/rookies. Coaching/roster/health -- so many other factors come in to play on why some rookies start and some don't.

I wish people (not all) would stop acting like Pro Bowlers/All-Pro players come into the league already Pro Bowlers/All-Pro players. It takes experience. It takes coaching. It takes hard work.

Stroh's picture

I get what your saying Hank. But Pitts has a long history of not starting rookies on D due to complexity of the scheme, no matter what. Same scheme in GB, but the Packers are more committed to getting rookies on the field. That's why I said even if they drafted Pryor, they would probably start Hyde but get Pryor on the field, such as in Dime. I don't see anyway that a 2nd round or lower would start, but might get some playing time in certain packages.

Otto's picture

Whoever posted the link, thanks! Great resource. I just watched Zumwalt, Shazier, Borland and Mosley highlights on it.
First of all, Mosley is clearly the class of that group. Whatever the Packers need to do to draft him, do it. Speed, great tackling, good coverage, he's the total package.
Second, of that next tier of guys, Borland is the best LB. He diagnoses plays quickly. His tackling is text book. He's better at getting off blocks than Shazier or Zumwalt. He's genetically predisposed to be a LB. If only he were 4" taller and .3 seconds faster.
Shazier needs to be fast because he's always out of position. He gets tied up multiple times and pancaked in the Penn St. film. If I was TT, there is no way I'm spending a 1st round pick on him.
If you're drafting Zumwalt, you're drafting for special teams.

ben's picture

KYLE VANNOY! @ ILB! much better production, much much better tape(& the tape don't lie). 243lbs and very good against the run(doesn't just beat blocks, Kyle makes blockers look stupid then finishes). Best cover-LB in college football(great game-speed). VanNoy Attacks Quarterbacks.

LAST 3 YEARS: (pick 1)
a)232 Tkls, 21.5 Tkls4loss, 6 sacks, 9 passes defended, 3 INts
b)306 Tkls, 44.5 Tkls4loss, 14 sacks,15 passes defended, 1 INts
c)191 Tkls, 54.5 Tkls4loss, 24 sacks, 17 passes defended, 7 INts

2nd best ALLAROUND LB in the draft(2 Mack), and a perfect fit in GB in every way. 1st Round, Pick #21.

Watch this, then tell me I'm wrong.

Now do yourself a favor and watch'em again.

ben's picture

Another spectacular performance and a look at VanNoy doin some Spying at ILB.

how much pressure can 1 guy get?

Stroh's picture

Late 2nd round pick. He's soft and doesn't play w/ physicality. He does a lot of things good, but doesn't have a distinguishing trait that makes him stand out.

Good in coverage, but Mosley and Shazier are better.
Soft vs the run, but good enough.
Doesn't excel in pass rush. He won't scare any OL in the NFL.

If we don't get Shazier or Mosley, either he or Jones would be good ILB for the Packers.

ben's picture

OK. Now hows about you watch the game-tape.

Stroh's picture

Watched plenty to know he's NO first rd pick! He's a good player in most aspects of the game/defense, but he won't stand out.

As usual, you totally overrated a player cuz you "like" him. Same w/ Bucannon who is nowhere near the Top 20 players in the draft! Try to keep some objectivity, it would enhance your credibility!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Stroh, The only linebacker I know is Borland. I think he is probably too small, but he is a Hell of a Tough Guy in the middle. I don't think I'm wrong. I believe NFL Network has him ranked as the #2 linebacker??

ben's picture


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