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"Chips Report" from Week 1 Packers Loss at San Francisco

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"Chips Report" from Week 1 Packers Loss at San Francisco

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the final preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs...

Blue Chips

  • Wide receiver Jordy Nelson––For a player that missed most of training camp following minor knee surgery, Nelson sure didn't show any ill effects in the Packers' season opener. The highlight of the day was an outstretched, tip-toe, 37-yard catch on the sideline in the fourth quarter that set up Green Bay's go-ahead touchdown to make it 28-24. On the day, Nelson had seven receptions for 130 yards and a touchdown, good for 18.6 yards per catch. He was only outdone by Anquan Boldin.
  • Packers run defense––The Green Bay running game may have went nowhere, but the 49ers run game was even worse. San Francisco gained 90 yards on 34 carries, an average of only 2.6 yards per attempt. The entire Packers front seven did yeoman's work against the run almost to a man. B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly, Mike Neal, C.J. Wilson, Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Brad Jones and A.J. Hawk. The read-option, which got so much offseason attention, was nearly a non-factor as the Packers shut down both Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore.

Red Chips

  • Wide receiver Randall Cobb––Cobb had seven catches for 108 yards, an average of 15.4 yards per reception. His highlight came on the Packers' first score of the game when he took a pass out in the flat from Aaron Rodgers, put a spin move on the Niners defender and stretched for the goal line to knot the game at 7-7 in the first quarter. Cobb also had 16 yards on his only punt return of the game and showed that he might be the better option than Jeremy Ross, who made multiple questionable decisions taking the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs.
  • Cornerback Tramon Williams––Whereas the rest of the secondary got torched by Colin Kaepernick and Boldin, in particular, Williams returned from a training camp knee injury to effectively shut down his side of the field. He wasn't perfect, every cornerback in the league will give up a few completions, but Williams was head and shoulders above the rest of the defensive backfield. He also chipped in a three-yard tackle for a loss on Colin Kaepernick in the fourth quarter with the Packers down 24-21 to help force a three-and-out.

Cow Chips

  • Packers safeties––The loss of Morgan Burnett was easily apparent in the Green Bay secondary when M.D. Jennings and Jerron McMillian were victimized at several points throughout the afternoon. The safeties got off on the wrong foot when Jennings was beat by 49ers tight end Vernon Davis on a 20-yard touchdown pass for the first score of the game that put that put San Francisco up 7-0 in the first quarter. McMillian was also routinely targeted in pass coverage by Kaepernick and missed more than one tackle as well.
  • Guard Josh Sitton––Sitton wasn't the only offensive lineman to blame for a dreadful Packers running game on Sunday, but he was the only one to get flagged for three penalties, each of the 10-yard variety. For the day, the Packers rushed for only 63 yards on 19 carries, an average of 3.3 yards per attempt. At halftime, the Packers had only 10 rushing yards on seven carries, and couldn't get the 49ers to respect the Green Bay ground game despite the presence of Eddie Lacy.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Evan's picture

Cow Chip: The refs for giving the 49ers an extra down that led to a TD. UGH.

Overall, a super tough loss. But they hung with then till the end.

Hopefully Burnett can return next week.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree... Why is it that the Packers have to get screwed by the refs at least 1 time in just about every game?

TommyG's picture

that sucked, but so did MM's call to give them two shots at either a first down or a TD.

Yoyo's picture

AGREED! I did not understand that.

Lars's picture

Don't blame the ref. The Cow Chip belongs to Mathews for hitting Kaepernick way out of bounds. Totally inexcusable and it cost the Packers big-time.

Yoyo's picture

It actually didn't. It should've been a dead ball foul and Kaepernick didn't pick up the first down. He was out with 2 yards left.

Matthews and Staley received off-setting penalties and the down should have counted. Therefore, it would be 4th and 2.

Big fog's picture

Capers. How do you make no adjustments for Boldin? It was Reggie Wayne all over again.

Johnny's picture

This. Seriously. He had free releases pretty much all game, ran 5 yards downfield without anyone even near him and McMillian was slow getting to him. This happened all game.

You don't maybe, shift your coverage to him, or jam him at the line, or match him up with your best DB for the rest of the game?

Stroh's picture

If you know Boldin you don't press him at the LOS. Its not unlike blitzing Rodgers. If you knew football at all gou would know that! Boldin is a beast vs press!

Johnny's picture

yeah, you're right, those free releases to the middle of the field with Nick Perry matched up on him at the line really worked out for the secondary. Good on ya!

Stroh's picture

I saw Perry on him once. Granted that's one more than I want but it goes w the 34 D sometimes. Either way that's not what you were talking about and you know it. Boldin is not a WR you wanna press often. He big very strong a d very physical.

Lars's picture

Yea, keep being arrogant like you know everything Stroh and deflecting for Capers. No adjustments as usual and another 500 yards given up.

bkshimada's picture

Asked Nagler this question on twitter. Not much more he could have actually done to adjust for Boldin. Wanted to stop the QB from running. Will be better when we get Hayward and Burnett back.

TommyG's picture

Bolding just straight out beat us. The coverage was there and he beat it; there is no adjustment for that.

Nerd's picture

Yeah, Boldin caused Finley and Lacey to fumble, Ross to shit himself, and Rodgers to panic.

Hahaha, just my take.

nick perry's picture

This will continue to happen as long as Capers is Coordinator. Last season in two contests, Brandon Marshall was held to 80 yards on 8 catches and a TD by Williams. It was clear that the Packers missed Burnett who gets the secondary lined up. I also wonder how Hayward handles Davis.

GBslacker's picture

"Packers run defense––The Green Bay running game may have went nowhere"

...running game may have GONE nowhere.


TommyG's picture

Really, GBslacker... this is what set you off tonight?? How about the two turnovers, or non-existent pass coverage? Put your rage where it belongs. By the way, that's not the scheme, it's the guys in coverage.

fish and crane's picture

perfect example of why English is brutal for people to learn- who the hell cares anymore as long as "their" is communication. I don't and he don't either

Nerd's picture

How to beat the 49ers:

1: Contain Kaepernick, force him to beat you throwing the ball.

2: Don't shit yourself.

Cow42's picture

Dude just threw for 400 & 3. You sure you want him to "beat you throwing the ball"?

TommyG's picture

Yes, I do. IF there offense is one dimensional then you know what to defend. I want every team to try and beat use with the pass; better than the option of beating us how they please.

Nerd's picture

Yes I am. I would also get some Time of Possesion.

Dude gets 2/3 of that ToP, which means we split it even, he only gets 264 yards passing.


But hey, keep going for that NO HUDDLE, Mike! It's IMPORTANT!

"Rodgers led fast-paced touchdown drives of 6 plays, 80 yards (1:47); 8 plays, 62 yards (1:16); 7 plays, 69 yards (2:48) and 8 plays, 76 yards (2:30)."

nick perry's picture

ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY. You get Burnett and Hayward back in that secondary and see. McMillan is a Joke. Ted blew that pick and also not grabbing a Safety in this years draft.

fish and crane's picture

1. Odd fourth down decline by Coach- no measurement at least?
2. Run game will be fine Lacy play action works already
3. OL decent protection and rookie LT vs the best- Hooray!
4. Too many three and outs
5. Little pass rush
6. John Kuhn you really should be blocking on a hail mary and for that matter....

Washington just doesn't seem as tough after playing the 49er perfect

Evan's picture

5. It seemed to me the rushers, at least from OLB, were often more worried about keeping contain than getting home. For what it's worth.

Stroh's picture

Its one of the ways you defend the read option.

TommyG's picture

Fish, Bahk and Sitton were garbage on the O-line tonight.

You're right that a near sack on with a three man rush is BS. And that we are going to whoop the skins.

RC Packer Fan's picture

You do realize that they were going against a couple of the best at their positions?

Bahktiari was playing his first game. Bulaga would have had problems with Aldon Smith. I thought he played ok in his first game.

Sitton had a couple of penalty's go against him, and one of them was really ticky tacky... It helped that Harbaugh and the entire 49ers team whined to the refs every time they thought they were held or whatever...

TommyG's picture

RC, I do realize that, and point to it as a reason as to why we lost. I made no suggestion that they are garbage players all together, and don't think that they are all that bad. That being said they were garbage tonight; even mediocre may have given us more opportunity, especially at the end.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Washington will be coming off the Monday night game. It's a short week away game. The odds are not in Washington's favor.

Cow42's picture

Don't worry, everyone. Each loss will hurt less and less.
You'll barely even feel the 10th one.

F~cking defense f~cking sucks again.

Sweet running game.

Thank goodness we didn't draft a safety. We look pretty set there.

Nice job, Dom... You stopped the run, alright. What's that? Your D still gave up a bazillion yards... That's ok. MM loves you. Your job is safe.

cubFan90's picture

What is the point of repeatedly crapping on the team you supposedly love?

PackerBliss's picture

Yeah not having Morgan and Casey didn't matter. If we have those guys and we don't give them two turnovers we win and you know that. For you to act like this confirmed everything you have been saying just shows how much of a troll you are.

This game gives me a lot of confidence going forward. Get healthy in the secondary as the year progresses will be in good shape come playoff time.

11-5 GO PACK

fish and crane's picture

drafting safeties high is no way to suceed in the NFL young man... they are always the less athletic corners turned safety...not the other way around.

Stroh's picture

Not quite sure how having 2 defensive players prevent turnovers on offense!

TommyG's picture

You're dead on, the two unanswered turnovers killed us. If not for that we win handily. The skins are toast, but now I'm scared of the playoffs.

Nerd's picture

The offense had TWO turnovers and FIVE 3 and outs.

nick perry's picture

The 49ers gave a up a gazillion yards and had their whole defense in tact. Burnett and Hayward make a difference? Probably some, especially when it comes to getting the secondary lined up. But whoever it is your really cheer for, and come playoff time, we'll see what happens. Until then, find a new team. You clearly hate the Packers you little troll Cow42. Nothing worse than someone like you hiding behind a computer. Go into a Packers bar and talk your smack and see what happens.

jim's picture

The Packers have a tough schedule this year and are going to struggle winning some games, but I witnessed a game that showed promise. The game was never out of reach and if you consider some "whoops" plays that the Packers can eliminate, the game would have gone much better for the Packers. I don't care if the defense gives up 800 yards passing if they win... and, they nearly pulled it off in spite of a pass bouncing off Finley's hands and into a defenders, Lacy's fumble, some less than desired kick returns, and massive damage done by primarily one receiver. Get a grip! In spite of all this, it took the final minutes to decide the game. Address those issues, and this team is going to go far. Great effort against the run. Fired up team and fun to watch. As this team matures together, this is going to be one heck of a season.

Martin's picture

Not sure about Williams, it was him covering Boldin on that last crucial third down, right?

Evan's picture

The one Boldin pushed off? Yeah.

buckyor's picture

I didn't see anyone covering Boldin on any down. Dude was just sort of let loose to roam where he wanted.

TommyG's picture

he wasn't let loose. His skill got him open, his skill caught the ball.

Cow42's picture

I wish we had Kaepernick.

Brian Carriveau's picture

No kidding, the 49ers had it so sweet when Steve Young was backing up Joe Montana, eh?

TommyG's picture

What difference would that have made? AR tore up their D as well. No, it was our D (and turnovers), not our QB that, again, lost this game.

VApackerfan's picture

Cow, you're an idiot. keep strokin' it to Kaepernick. Arod is a better QB

nick perry's picture

How many MVP and SB MVP and Rings does Kapernick Have again? Oh wait, he's got a runner up but they don't give dick out for that.

some guy's picture

until they get rid of capers the 9ers own.

3rd and long there was no pressure leaving the safeties exposed. for the love of god do something else you idiot

Dennis eckersley's picture

That INT was really shitty. That's all.

TommyG's picture

yeah, that sucked.

Wenis's picture

McCarthy gets a huge cow chip for questionable play calling and getting out coached AGAIN.

I thought Jolly and the rest of the DL did a fine job but our secondary crapped themselves.

TommyG's picture

no doubt. MM really screwed the pooch on that call. Always take the fourth down.

DC Packer Fan's picture

Cow, I you're straight up trolling this. Just admit it. If the Niners were the team you think they are (and the Packers the team you think they are), wouldn't this have been a beating? A blowout? But yet it was a close game. In SF. With 2 turnovers, (plus a rookie LT and important injuries at the safety & CB positions), the Pack could have stolen a win. Your trolling is tired & no one believes you are a Packer fan, anyway. Call me when Kaepernick has a ring. Which won't be this year.

Stroh's picture

No kidding! Packers were a 3rd down stop from Rodgers having 1:30 left down by 3. I would take that even against a SB contender on the road. This game only PROVES the Packers can play w any team, anytime and anywhere, much to cowpies dismay!

TommyG's picture

Yes, this, exactly. Thank you, Stroh!

nick perry's picture


davyjones's picture

I think I'd individually single out McMillan as worthy of a cow chip...i just don't know that much about the X's & O's of football, but consider myself more than just a passing fan...even I could see that the dude was just horrible...late reacting to everything. He looked totally lost out there.

WisconsInExile's picture

Holy balls was he ever. I was in that corner of the stadium when he gave up his first TD. He was too busy watching the QB, and was wayyyy to late in reacting, and was very casual about contesting the ball when he finally did react. I nearly lost it. And he just kept playing that way, and Boldin took full advantage of it.

packsmack25's picture

Also, let me put this out there: the Niners will go 9-7 and miss the playoffs. Highly overrated and very beatable. Without the two very lucky turnovers and the touchdown that wasn't, the Packers roll, without two of their best players and on the road.

TommyG's picture

9-7 is a hefty prediction. Their division is so random in results they might end up 10-6, or even 11-5.

Without the two turnovers, we win; but they got the two and beat us in the end with a three man rush.

We have work to do to be truly competitive.

Cow42's picture

This is ridiculous.

keeley2's picture

Your choice to read the comments here pal. If you don't like it, just go away - please!

ted, of bill and ted's picture

@cow...not that this will do any good, you see what you want to see. But just for shits and giggles...

These three plays were unlucky, at the least

1) the no call on boldins pushoff on the crucial third down. Debatable, I suppose

2) the refs not knowing the rule book, and giving san Fran another third down

3) finelys ridiculous soft lob to the defender....him juggling a pass is not unlucky nor surprising, but it happening to go just at enough and in the right direction to be picked is ridiculously unlucky

These three plays were all momentum changing, and involved points for san Fran

And furthermore, there is a pass defense and stun defense. The ads defense fucking blew, but the run defense was fantastic. Therefore your logic is flawed, and your claim that the packers defense (on the whole) flat out sucks is null and void

I don't often let your posts get to me but damn your a negative Nancy, we played shitty as hell and still almost won

Too bad almost only counts in horse grenades

RC Packer Fan's picture

Not to mention that they played without Casey Hayward and Morgan Burnett. That's a huge reason why the pass defense didn't perform as good as it could.

Drealyn Williams's picture

All of the holding calls Clay Mathews doesn't get.

fish and crane's picture

Blue Chip for Fox Entertainment which all this is... quite a show.

primetime's picture

Great game. we just played 4 qtrs against a top 3 team at their home. We stopped their running attack cold. Our rookies will get better and Hayward/burnett will make us better. No injuries, right.We now have a defensive line that can hold.
What we need are strategies to get off the field on 3rd down.

TommyG's picture

we had the strategies, just didn't have execution. It's not scheme, it's the players missing what they need to do. This can be fixed.

Jamie's picture

They took what will likely be the best team they play this season to the end, on the road, but it's a bitter sweet consolation.

Missing two of the top three DBs, putting McMillan and Bush into action, definitely hurt the backend of the DEF. Getting Burnett then Hayward back will make a big difference going forward.

Convenient SF had zero offensive holding penalties. Saw a couple that were at least as bad a the couple called on Sitton. Just wish the calls were more consistent one way or the other. There were a few other missed calls, along with the misapplied offsetting penalties, so the Harbaugh effect appears to be alive and well.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree completely... Mathews gets held a lot... Almost every play they could call holding...
Not to mention the shot that Boldin put on Bush? on the sideline. Should have been a late hit penalty.

Overall, Packers should feel good about themselves.

jim's picture

I know Bush deserves kudos on special teams, but, when i saw him out there in pass defense, or, should i say, attempting to defend the pass, I got sick quickly. That is when the beer started flowing a little faster.

4thand1's picture

Cowpie loves the negative attention. Eats it like candy. GB can hang with anyone and win. Secondary lost this one. Packers got the short end of the stick on the 3rd down play. Well at least it wasn't a fail mary.

Drealyn Williams's picture

You say secondary -- I say offense. Too many games they start off slow. What frustrates me is that they have drives later on and make things look so easy (6-plays,6-passes,touchdown)

4thand1's picture

Ross needs to get benched as a return man.How many times will MM let him screw up back there. Put Cobb back in.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Franklin K/O and Ross on Punts (Cobb on punts inside 20)

TommyG's picture

You mean our number 1 receiving threat? No, he needs to be a receiver only. Don't risk such an asset for a secondary part of the game.

Stroh's picture

Sorry disagree. Your totally underestimating the importance of ST. Until we find someone close Cobb should be on returns. I thought after this game that should be completely obvious

Zub's picture

MM and the Refs gave the 49ers 2 extra 3rd downs (that's 2 extra shots at the end zone), MM takes the penalty instead of 4th and 2, then 2 off setting personal foul penalties, should have been 4th and 1 yard, yet the refs mistakenly replay the 3rd down.

I bet if Woodson was playing he would called time out or screamed at the Refs that it should be 4th down.

Hard to believe no one on the field or sides caught that mistake

Drealyn Williams's picture

Damn it,I've typed up about 4 different comments but ended up deleting and starting over due to the fact that they were all negative. I'll stick with the positives. The D-Line vs the run played great. Did they even mention Barclay today? Great job by the O-Line today. I feel they should only get blamed for 1 sack and that was on TJ Lang (his man beat him and A.Smith finished a stumbling A-Rod). Maybe we get a new Hawk this season??? He actually attacked in this game. Minus the holds,majority of the running plays including Lacy should come from Rodgers under center. Jordy Nelson is a baller. Cobb is a tough mofo. Annnd that just about does it. Yep...

Bob's picture

Offensive line is very weak. Secondary play is terrible . Damn Bengals blow an 11 ppint lead so once again we start out with the freaking Bears beating s chump Afc team (Clots) last year while we suffer a conference loss!! point leD so once again we lose a conference ge to
Open while crs

TommyG's picture

asdfg hjkl;. QWERTY.

Booze and IPhones don't mix!!!

Jamie's picture

FYI - to all if you saying MM should have yelled at the refs about the offsetting penalties, there is a ZERO % chance the refs would have done anything about it.

Now, accepting the penalty on 3rd was questionable. I assume he thought SF was going for it, but I think you let em and try to stop em.

Now, they actually did stop them on 3rd again...and then the refs goofed up. IMO that's off MM at that point because it should have washed out to the same position as before he accepted the penalty.

dawg's picture

Our OL will show up next week, I promise!
So will the back end of the D.! Fingers crossed!

The lack of physical corners let Bolden run wild!!!

TommyG's picture

you promise?? That's great! Will they stay home when we see the niners in the playoffs???

dawg's picture

They stayed home today!, why not later!

dawg's picture

Wet paper bags can stifle them.

dawg's picture

Sittin has 3 holding calls in first half, and he's our best Ol, are you fn kidding me?

dawg's picture

This Just In:

Eddy Lacy wants to be traded to a team w/ an OL

4thand1's picture

News flash. There are 15 more games. This team can win most of them. They showed a lot of good things for the 1st game on the road.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

True dat.

dawg's picture

Jim H and the 40 Whinners are a sick bunch to watch, I've never seen so many players and coaches Whinne as mach as they do!
Glad the Pack keep it classy!

WisconsInExile's picture

Also gonna add that I've been to away games at quite a few NFL stadiums, and the 49'ers today had the highest % of dooshy fans I've yet encountered. Utter lack if class by so many.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Well, at least you didn't leave the stadium with more holes than when you entered.

Fpeter's picture

D-Line looked strong, and Lacy looked good considering the lack of running lanes provided. The middle of this defense and the defense coordinator are what will keep this team from being elite. Watching Hawk or Jones try to cover in pass coverage is painful. The combination of Jennings/McMillian at safety may be the worst in the league - afraid to tackle and have no idea how to create angles to make plays on the ball/receiver. Here's hoping Datone/Perry can step it up and help Mathews create pressure on the QB, because if we give the QB this much time to throw against us, we'll get carved more often than not.

don c's picture

john jolly was a beast. ref's sucked, as uusal. they can't even get a basic call right, how would you expect them to get that pass intefererence call. ref's are brutal

Bears Love Cheddar Biscuits's picture

I guess you could have shifted coverage, and made some adjustments, but at the end of the day, secondary still has to make plays and tackle. Didn't do that. Tired of hearing people blame the scheme for deficiencies in execution. Fact is, this team as constructed never really has played great in zone, which is a weakness that is exacerbated when you've got a rookie slot corner making his first start, sub par safety play, and the eternal coverage liability that is Jarrett Bush (although I can't really knock bush this game.) Let's just say, secondary in general looked discombobulated all day. Bright side: at the very least we made them one dimensional.

Hands's picture

Field position killed Green bay yesterday and a big reason for that was Ross. Especially the last return at the 9 yard line. Do you really want to start a winning drive at the 9????? Wouldn't be surprised if he is cut soon.

Bears Love Cheddar Biscuits's picture

Complete non sequitor here: anyone who says Jordy Nelson isn't a true number one in this league is an idiot. (Just saying)

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