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"Chips Report" from Packers Preseason Loss at Chiefs

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"Chips Report" from Packers Preseason Loss at Chiefs

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the final preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs...

Blue Chips

  • Cornerback Tramon Williams––After missing much of training camp with a bruised knee, Tramon Williams got the start in the Packers' final preseason game Thursday evening and showed no ill effects. It was perhaps surprising that they would play Williams at all, but he would play only one snap. That's because Williams promptly picked off Chiefs quarterback Chase Daniel on the first play from scrimmage. Williams, deservingly, got the rest of the night off.
  • Cornerback Micah Hyde––Between his play on defense and special teams, Hyde is going to be tough to keep off the field in the regular season. He made two tackles on the evening, both on blitzes. On the first he dropped running back Knile Davis for no gain on a run blitz and then sacked Daniel for a loss of 10 yards. Hyde also looked comfortable on punt returns, taking one for 12 yards and fair catching another. He'll give Jeremy Ross a run for his money to win that job.

Red Chips

  • Wide receiver Jeremy Ross––While in a battle for the fifth or sixth wide receiver on the roster, Ross stepped up in a big way on Thursday. He led the team in three categories on the evening: targets (six), receptions (three) and receiving yards (50). Ross looked strong after the catch and was sure handed, whereas other receivers like Tyrone Walker and Myles White fumbled late in the game. Ross also had one kickoff return for 16 yards.
  • Kicker Mason Crosby ––For a player who's been in the crosshairs all summer long, Crosby finally appears to be on the upswing. On the day it was announced Crosby agreed to restructure his contract to accept less guaranteed money, he was a perfect 2-for-2 on field goals from distances of 48 and 45 yards. This comes on the heels of his last practice when Crosby appeared to have made 13-of-14 field goals. The Packers, undoubtedly, would love to see more of the same during the regular season.

Cow Chips

  • Tackle Andrew Datko––Vince Young arguably could have done a better job hanging onto the football, but Datko was responsible on two separate occasions for his man getting to the quarterback and causing a fumble, the first of which resulting in a turnover. Datko was also part of an offensive line that opened holes for just 61 rushing yards and an average of 2.5 yards per carry. It's all but guaranteed Datko won't make the 53-man roster, and it's not looking good for a spot on the practice squad either.
  • Cornerback Brandon Smith––Even though he grabbed a nice interception in the second half, it couldn't make up for being targeted on three touchdown passes. On the second touchdown pass of the evening, Smith flat fell on his face. There's no hope of him making the Packers' roster and he'll be lucky to make the practice squad.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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packsmack25's picture

Man, it sucks that Datko turned out to be so bad at football.

lebowski's picture

I agree, disappointing to say the least. Had a feeling he'd step up.

thehatefulnerd's picture

They may have messed him up trying to play him at G.

oppy's picture

"Datko was a 7th round pick for a reason."

Yes, and that reason was injury history, not lack of talent.

Lou's picture

Datko has looked "soft" since day one, no matter what the reason for that he needs to move on. Speaking of "Breno" starting, for a while a year ago they started Allen Barbre with him, talk about 2 mistakes who had 9 lives in Green Bay.

Packerken's picture

There were far more cow chips than red or blue chips tonight. that's for sure.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with all of them Brian.

To me Ross is the 5th WR. He earned the job tonight.

I personally would put Jonathon Franklin in the Red chips category. He had a couple bad pass blocking misses, but didn't allow any sacks that I saw. And he finally got some running room and showed a little bit of his speed and effectiveness in the open field. He also showed really good ability on special teams.

copakerfan's picture

no cowchip for BJ or Young - are you nuts?

Brian Carriveau's picture

If I gave three chips out in each category, they'd be next. But as it stands, they had a better outing than either Datko or Smith, as sad as that is.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Brian: Perhaps you can give out blue chips, red chips, and cow chips but then for the really inferior play you could give out Cow42 Chips. Just a thought.

jakietreehorn's picture

Few ideas are truly so brilliant as cow42 chips.

TommyG's picture

now that's funny!

Cow42's picture


This team sure looks ready.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I cant wait to see all these backups play against the 49ers... ohhh,, minus the ones that won't even be on the roster next week...

Phatgzus's picture

The Internet gods doth smile upon you today sir.

BrianD's picture

Young looked much slower during his scrambles tonight than he did last week against Seattle.

copakerfan's picture

last week he had 1 good series and one that looked pretty much on par with the rest of the night. tired of hearing how great he was last week. The only reason he scrambles is because he cant throw the ball.. Got to hand it to the Pack for pulling together a great back up crew heading into the season.

TommyG's picture

I noticed that too. I never said he had a great game against seattle, but he sure did run faster last week.

Tundraboy's picture

What happened to Good Bad and Ugly. It is better than Chips

trvs's picture

Probably not worth Nagler's time this round...

ZeroTolerance's picture

What about Gut Reactions?

Evan's picture

I think Nagler is on vacation.

al's picture

we need more turn overs ............

TommyG's picture

I think we had plenty. Oh, you mean in our favor.

Stroh's picture

Given the Packers depth at CB, Smith was never a strong candidate to make the 53 man roster. However, given his exceptional athleticism, IMO its basically a given that he gets a PS spot. You almost have to give the guy who's probably the best athlete on the roster a chance to learn a new position. Smith won't make the 53, but he's almost a lock for the PS.

Mojo's picture

Yup, Datko was unusually bad. I thought he was coming off shoulder injuries, but it looked more like his feet were broken.

Just about ever teams backup QB's looked better than the three that played for us. This is an area TT needs to address. Or are we just going to concede the season if ARod gets hurt?

And our second and third-string o-lineman can't run or pass block. As far as I can tell there's only six o-lineman who deserve a spot on this roster. There's going to be a couple who make it by default.

If I had to pick one player who showed throughout the preseason it would be Hyde. He seemed to be wherever the ball was making quality tackles. Have to admit I didn't see that coming.

And a couple times, Neal appeared unblockable. If he can remain healthy...

lebowski's picture

I'm really starting to wonder about the importance of losing Philbin. Our young QBs show no sign of improving for the first time in a long time.

Point Packer's picture

For the first time in my Packer life - we don't have anything near a reliable back-up. How TT and the gang thought Harrell was serviceable this year is beyond me. Guy has been bad for awhile and they've only brought in two more ass clowns in Young and Coleman. Should have picked up one of the many vet back-ups available this off-season. And instead we get captain idiot - Vince Young.

Jamie's picture

Who are these stellar veteran backups you are referring to? Make a list so I can laugh.

I bleed Green More's picture

Its bad when other teams back ups are hands down better than yours. I mean its been a few years since we had a good one.

TommyG's picture

Our back-ups on defense really make back-up QBs look great!

thehatefulnerd's picture

I thought Mike Neal looked very good getting to the QB from the OLB position.

Lucky953's picture

Agreed. Thought the pass rush overall was pretty good. It's demoralizing to get beat like this though, even in preseason. I am worried about lack of rhythm on offense starting the season. If our D can't produce turnovers, I think we'll struggle.

Jamie's picture

WTF? Our offense didn't play a single snap. Please tell me you're joking/trolling.

Lucky953's picture

What? You think we're going to come out and put up 30 pts on SF? The second team is such a mess, there's been no production. Confidence is a team-wide thing. So how many rushing yards do you think we'll have in the first game? How many catches will Nelson and Cobb have? Yes, AR is the best in the league. Offense is predicated on precision timing. You just can't flip a switch. Remember the Giants game in 2011? So what exactly is better about this offense from the one that finished last season? Eddie Lacy?!

packsmack25's picture

They put up 30+ against this very San Fran defense last year, and that was before this San Fran defense lost a couple corners. Also, don't expect San Fran to put up 45. Won't happen.

PackerBacker's picture

His worry is about rhythm in the first game of the season when they haven't had much practice in game situations this preseason. That's not an unreasonable concern. They are playing a great team in SF that first week. It's not unreasonable to think that it may take AR and the rest of the O a while to get into a rhythm.

fish and crane's picture

I think Taylor was over matched on the line as well...

I am still stunned by how intelligent and smooth Hyde seems to's hard not think of #21 when you watch him play. His square up on the sack was awesome...maybe not needed against a stiff, but that is just the ticket to get Kaepernick down.

Hyde #33 was the high point of an otherwise tough night of watching "football".

hayward4president's picture

It is kinda weird to see someone so woodson ....ish after we lost one of our all time great players. He's no Chuck ....but he's as close as we will get to a LB in a DBs body this year.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I can't agree more. When watching Hyde playing the slot and blitzing, he just reminds you of how Woodson played. Obviously not as good, but he does remind you of him.

I would say Hyde is the best tackling CB they have.

I like the thought of him and Hayward in the slot with Williams and Shields on the outside. I can see Capers finding ways to get Hyde on the field.

Phatgzus's picture

I believe he's right behind Hayward, that man can tackle, so long as its not Brandon Marshall. Shields has improved even more in that arena as well.

Phatgzus's picture

I noticed Hyde's breakdown as well-textbook. It appears that's one if the drills they've been practicing in preparation for the new wave of QBs.

WiscoKid's picture

kinda wondering how Brady Quinn would be as a back-up compared to these guys...pretty sad if he is the best option after cuts though.

redlights's picture

I'd say Colt McCoy, but refuse to endorse a trade to SF.

Like my opinion counts :)

cheesewhizzer's picture

IMHO, any success our Packers have is going to depend on our offensive line. Ted should be scanning the waiver wire this weekend to find a veteran offensive tackle who can take over if D. Bakhtiari can't handle the elite DE's in this league. I just don't feel any confidence in our 2nd unit. If they can't do a better job of opening holes for the running backs we need to find lineman. Without a running game it will be the same broken record of Rodger being sacked.

MarkinMadison's picture

I doubt that there is that kind of talent on the street. Guys who can spot if Bahktiari loses his confidence, but not much more.

Longshanks's picture

Man, Mike Neal was dominant this game!! Crosby as well making 2 of 2 despite getting docked a couple million hours earlier.

Mike Daniels, Hyde, Ross, Banjo, Francois also stood out.

Vince Young just sucked. It was like watching Randy Wright in 1984. I am sure McCarthy is kicking himself for giving up on Harrel. Harrel is by far better than Young looking back. Now the Jets own him. Oh well, we officially have no backup qb heading into the regular season. Talk about high stakes gambling.

John's picture

Harrel looked better?? Man, do you have short term memory loss?

WKUPackFan's picture

Agree that the OL is the greatest area of concern. With respect to VY, he's the definition of a thrower, not a passer. Unfortunately, he's also a turnover waiting to happen. Conspiracy theory time: Could the people who originally thought VY was brought in as practice for CK/RG3 have been correct? Keep an eye out for Graham Harrrell lurking around Green Bay the next few weeks if/when the Jets cut him.

Longshanks's picture

I agree. I am hoping/praying that the Jets let go of Harrel and McCarthy and TT grab him up immediately and say a Hail Mary that they got him back. Bring back Harrel, cut Young tomorrow and while they are at it cut Coleman too. Harrel knows our offense. He will not lose a game. If he's a game manager so be it. It's better than those two turnover machines we have now behind Rodgers. Either that or ask Favre to come back. Maybe he would.

Jake's picture

Why the hell would they bring Harrell back after they cut him now after he had already been here for a while? He got beat by a guy who had been here for 2 weeks. And you think he won't lose a game and can just be a game manager? Might I remind you of the ONE snap he played last year and how that ended?

fish and crane's picture

Every lousy dictator, upon being thrown out of town, just has to wait until he becomes a saviour. It's usually a little longer than 5 days in politics but not in the NFL apparently.

MarkinMadison's picture

+1 Stop the insanity.

Longshanks's picture

Enough with the stupid snap last year. That was Saturday's fault for the millionth time not Harrel. Young did not beat out anybody. He actually threw an int. on the drive everyone was so excited about. If the guy on defense catches it Young never has that ONE drive that ultimately lead to Harrel getting released.

McCarthy and TT made a gut emotionally bad decision to keep Young based on that drive and thought he would get better and better. Well as we all saw, Vince Young has no business playing quarterback in the NFL anymore. He's done. Hell, Buffalo even let him go. BUFFALO!!

Phatgzus's picture

Speaking of QBs Buffalo has released Matt Leinart's available! I thought he was awful in AZ and I think he's just as awful now (see Vince Young), but hey we could sign him and have the starting QBs of the '06 Rose Bowl duke it out again. Wouldn't that be swell guys? I mean truly, the cat's pajamas.

Stroh's picture

Young led a TD drive in the preseason. Remind me how many Harrell led again? Yeah that's right... NONE!

Longshanks's picture

Sounds like the Packers read what I said. They cut Vince Young. For all the people that commented to me about Young, take that!!

John's picture

Harrel sucked and had a couple of years to learn our system and still sucked. Man did you watch his last game at all??

dawg's picture

Datko, could become MVP of the year if given the chance!
Campen again, has whipped this OL into an all-pro machine.
TT says --Get over it!

Lars's picture

Datko has been given every chance. He just sucks and you and his other boosters were wrong about his potential. TT was a bit flip in that comment, but what does he care?

I bleed Green More's picture

What did we learn last night, seconds not so good and QB darn bad.

PacMan's picture

Since when do you get a blue chip for catching a ball thrown right to you (Tramon)?
I guess you had to pick somebody as this second team isn't very pretty.

Lars's picture

First, it wasn't thrown right to him like an AJ Hawk gimme int. He had to anticipate and have position, then go up and get it, falling on his back. Not an easy int.

Andrew Hetzel's picture

Week 1: SF 38 - GB 21. I am not terribly concerned about the offense (outside of shaky Oline) but the Packers' defense scares the sh** out of me. Datone Jones will likely be fighting that ankle all year and Heyward probably won't start until week 2 at best. Where else did the Defense get ANY better?! It's nice to have Perry back but he is a one-trick pony - bull rush...he's got to get more pass rush moves.

packsmack25's picture


gbslapshot's picture

You all need to have a couple of beers and relax. The team we have been watching is not the team that will be playing when the game is kicked off for real next week.

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