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Adams' 2016 turnaround signals big things on the horizon

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Adams' 2016 turnaround signals big things on the horizon

Davante Adams is poised for bigger and better things. If indeed he finishes the 2017 season as the Packers’ leading receiver, no one should come away truly surprised. 
It’s astonishing to make that statement absent incredulity. What a difference a year can make.  
Adams’ 2015 season, his second as a pro, was ruinous. Beset by ankle and knee injuries, Adams struggled to make an impact and finished the season with a paltry 50 catches for 483 yards (only 9.7 yards per reception) and a lone touchdown. To make matters worse, Adams suffered from confidence killing drops. This was a former second-round pick on a go route to bust territory. 
The jury was out, if prematurely, and the general consensus was thus: Adams wasn’t fast, couldn’t separate, didn’t appear to be a crisp route runner and suffered from inconsistent hands. 
It turns out that’s not the case. 
In 2016, Adams tripled his career touchdown total — tying for second in the league with 12 — and increased his yards per catch to 13.3 and finished just three yards short of 1,000 total. His short-area burst and footwork at the line of scrimmage made him a bonafide deep threat, despite lacking great straight-line speed. Adams regained his confidence — and perhaps most importantly, he gained the confidence of his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. 
Adams’ physical style and niftiness after the catch led to 407 of his 997 yards coming after contact. Few receivers in the league were as dangerous as Adams on slants, a staple of any offense with West Coast underpinnings. 
His breakout 2016 is proof to Adams’ ability — as well as the extent to which nagging injuries can lead players to reach a fraction of their potential. (Here’s hoping that Damarious Randall’s sophomore slump was injury-contingent.) 
Adams continued issues with drops don’t seem to be a physical problem. He had a knack for making seemingly impossible catches last year; his misses often came on easy opportunities. That’s an issue that can be corrected, and the six inches between his ears can likely provide the cure. 
With newly inspired hope of a balanced rushing attack next season, expect increased opportunities for Adams unique abilities to shine. 
Through his first three seasons, Jordy Nelson — in fairness, playing in a more crowded receiving corps — earned less opportunities and netted a total of 100 catches for 1,268 yards and six touchdowns. He exploded in his fourth season with 1,263 yards, an impressive 18.6 YPC and a career-high 15 touchdowns. He was 26-years-old that season. Adams, meanwhile, has compiled 163 catches for 1,926 yards and 16 touchdowns in his first three season. He won’t turn 25 until December. 
The arrow points up for Adams, and the timing couldn’t be better. A clean bill of health this season likely means a fresh slate of big plays and even greater chemistry with Rodgers. 
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Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I loved what this kid did last year, it shows he came to play.

Samson's picture

"lointing up" ??? --- Your 2002 keyboard may need to be dumped, ya think?

Jerry Savage's picture

Based on wht exactly?

Samson's picture

"giod" ???? -- New spelling ??

dnicholson's picture

Much appreciated, but I doubt I'm raising the bar. I'm flattered, but lots of great daily content here.

Ferrari Driver's picture

He lacks deep speed to separate, but is running pretty good routes during the games I viewed. I think he can be a solid number two, but needs a Nelson or Julio Jones type on the other side to take the double team or number one CB on during the games.

I hope he signs a contract with the Packers, but definitely be judicious on the size. I realize I only see him during the games and haven't studied him in the greatest detail, but IMO, he is an upper tier number two at best.

Jerry Savage's picture

He carried the recieving corps with jordy not on the field and even when he cam back.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I have no idea what you are talking about. At no time has Adams carried the receiving corps.

croatpackfan's picture

Ah, Seattle at Green Bay, 3rd snap of the game... Rodgers pass deep to Adams for 66 yards - TD!
Confirmation of your claims!

Packmaniac's picture

Adams is a pretty good receiver -- nothing terrible, nothing special. The guy throwing him the ball is who counts the most.

Lphill's picture

It shows promise when a player is healthy so let's see if the same holds true for Clay , Randall and Rollins before we write them off like many wanted Adams gone .

The TKstinator's picture

Totally agree. Have to at least consider the possibilities. Some players "rebound", some don't. Early on it seemed like Datone Jones's progress was slowed by a nasty ankle situation, but now I think it can be said that he never really "panned out". But Davante's injury/rebound provides hope for Randall and Rollins. Only time will tell. D and D demands patience and that can be very difficult.

Lphill's picture

Speaking of bouncing back from injury Vince Biegel broken foot had surgery today out until training camp maybe.nice start already.

RCPackerFan's picture

I heard that as well. While it definitely will be a setback, if it gets fixed and has no more problems with it, then it will be worth it.

dobber's picture

What I've read is more of the latter--trying to get it fixed once and for all. Still, Ron Wolf used to say that guys you draft hurt tend to stay hurt, so it's still concerning for me.

I don't worry too much about the setback...he'll get plenty of snaps in TC (assuming he's ready) and is a football junkie. He's slated for a rotational role, so I expect he'll do just fine. Go hit the weights, Vince.

RCPackerFan's picture

Adams had I believe 2 dropped TDs on the year. Had he not dropped those he would have led the league in TD receptions. Not bad for a guy most wanted to cut after his 2nd year.

Adams ability to beat CB's at the LOS is impressive. He is a very good route runner and while he does have lapses and dropped passes, he does have really good hands.

I don't know if Adams will put up the same types of numbers, but I think he will be even better next year.

Samson's picture

Last year at this time many 'homers' were predicting that Adams would not even make the 53 man roster.-- Anyone that disagreed were chastised for mentioning his youth and draft status (2nd round). -- Here's the problem, many of the 'uninformed' fall in luv with UDFAs. -- A little knowledge always helps.

Great article, David.

dnicholson's picture

Thank you. Adams has flashed some special qualities. I think the key for him is, if he suffers from an injury that takes away his short area burst/footwork then he's done for. But his ability, when healthy, to win at the first move is great. He's never going to be a burner, but Adams is quite shifty and if he's on a bum ankle/knee that quality is lost.

RCPackerFan's picture

A perfect example of Adams abilities taken away when he has an injury. Last year during the postseason he played the first 2 games and was good. Although he did get hurt in the 2nd game.
The third game he tried to play and basically was a nonfactor. A big reason why the offense suffered against Atlanta.

Against the Giants he caught 8 passes for 125 yards (15.6 ypc) with a long of 31 yards.
Against the Cowboys he caught 5 passes for 76 yards (15.2 ypc) with a long of 32 yards.
Against the Falcons he caught 3 passes for 16 yards (5.3 ypc) with a long of 8 yards.

This just illustrates the difference Adams makes when he is healthy vs injured.

croatpackfan's picture

I remember this comment section last year, same time...
80% of you wanted Davante Adams to be cut.
Now many of those writing glorification posts about him.
I predict next year same time we will reading glorifications about Randall and Rollins and shouting how we need to cut "put your name of injured player in his 2nd season here" because he is huge bust!
Short memory?

Nick Perry's picture

I think 80% is pretty high Croat. I remember a lot of folks being down on Adams but 80% is a stretch. I can count on one hand the number of people who think Rollins might be cut but can't recall any saying Randall would be.

Calling a player a "Bust" and cutting him aren't the same thing. Because the Packers build through the draft 99% of TT 1st and 2nd round picks will get 4 years to earn another contract with GB. Normally it's because of an injury (Sherrod, Worthy) a player might not get the full 4 years who was drafted in in the 1st or 2nd.

Randall and Rollins will be given every opportunity to prove themselves. Personally I'd love for Randall to come through and be a solid CB for the Packers, I just have a lot of doubt whether he can or not.

croatpackfan's picture

I admit I am little hard on some fans, but they are harder on some players...

BPEARSON21's picture

Adams was so huge in 2016 and it was so fun to watch I was really really happy for him, the way he answered the bell after a down sophomore year. Same guy throwing him the ball this year, and with the confidence he can bring in from his 2016 campaign I like the looks of 2017 Adams.

Quick side note, does anyone else really like Trevor Davis..? I quietly think he can be really good for the Pack. (I get it he dropped a few punts). It felt like he was on a pretty short leash last season. I think he can be really good. Anyone else?

JohnnyLogan's picture


dnicholson's picture

One knock on Davis coming out was rounded route running and not being able to quickly break on cuts in and out of routes.

This is baffling considering his 4.42 speed came with a 6.60 time in the 3-cone. In that agility test he figures to have excellent agility.

May come down to an issue of technique/fundamentals, because the physical skills are there.

BPEARSON21's picture

I agree, I also really really like Dupree and Yancey. The emergence of Geronimo doesn't help Trevor's situation either.

I just always had this image of him in my head as a speedy slot receiver. Almost a Randall Cobb hybrid type receiver. His game against the Falcons he looked okay and had a nice TD pass. But then again Janis has basically showed us how effective an extremely fast WR who can't do much else can be in the NFL... not too effective.

dobber's picture

I actually still hold out a little more hope that Janis will "get it" than I do that Davis will turn into a quality contributor...

Finwiz's picture

I don't know how a guy like Janis can have such a high Wonderlic and still not get the offensive concept to this point. If he hasn't got it by now, the hope is fading fast that he ever will. I'm sure they see the tremendous physical talent, but he can't consistently translate the playbook into production on the field. If I doesn't get it this year, I suspect it will be his last in GB.

dobber's picture

I really only go by the Bill Schroeder took him 6 years to really become a productive WR after college on the D-III level (UW-LaX, I think). I tend to agree: we've likely seen all that we're ever going to see out of him, but if you can just get him the ball with room to run...

ironman3169's picture

I am in the wishing category on Janis. All we seem to acquire are slot guys when we desperately need Jordy's replacement. Maybe Adams undergoes further development but likely not. Here's wishing on Janis!

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